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Whiskey & via camp

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 38 minutes

Liquor must for fans of outdoor events
Whiskey & via camp NAGAWA

2011 year, whiskey critic Mr. Mamoru Tsuchiya welcomed (Scotch Culture Research Institute representative) to the producer, as the nation's first open-air whiskey event, was held at Planches alpine ski resort "Outdoor whiskey festival in NAGAWA" . Fujisaki Hiroyuki Mr. of beer critic (Japan via Journalists Association President) were added from the 2014 year, we power up to "Whisky & via camp NAGAWA". It is very celebration of rare whiskey and craft beer in the country.
Can sample a variety of whiskey in the world, it is also available toll tasting of rare Reabotoru. Craft beer with a focus on Nagano Prefecture, you can enjoy the respective regional features.
Whiskey and craft beer same malt the (barley) as a raw material, a very high affinity for liquor in the plateau of 9 month, taste while enjoying the Shinshu gourmet. Workshop in addition to gourmet with black 耀石, high-quality stage performances by famous artists, such as campfire and BBQ of outdoor events unique, even in the non-whiskey-craft beer fan, even as an event where you can enjoy from child family, until the senior in recent years it has attracted much attention.
01. Early autumn of the plateau is wrapped in a pleasant breeze
02. Is full of smile under the blue sky
03. Enjoy one hand to the artists of the stage a drink
04. One of the fun events original cocktails by professional
05. Campfire is changed to kid

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