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Trail Hike

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 35 minutes

To experience the nature of the four seasons on the body full
Kirigamine-Utsukushigahara central watershed Trail

Sea of ​​Japan side and one is a watershed that divide the water of the "central watershed" in the Pacific Ocean side, the central plateau of Nagano Prefecture, trail course to walk the Kirigamine-Utsukushigahara plateau. Heisei 20 course which was opened a year, Kirigamine from Nagato ranch, will be the total length of about 38Km leading to Utsukushigahara plateau through the Wadatoge. Mount Asama from the north to the east, Yatsugatake mountain range and Mount Fuji. Minami Alps was an apex Kitadake to the south. Central Alps and Ontakesan in the southwest. Walk the ridge taste Northern Alps and the Shuho typified by Yarigatake to the north from the west.
Kirigamine rich natural represented by plateau show the expression of the four seasons, you can enjoy the encounter with a variety of flora and fauna, such as highland pastures and wild birds. You can walk many people from children to adults from that altitude 1,400 ~ 2,000m and the height difference is small. In the town tourism association, it has been held Disrupt tour was divided into all 6 times between 10 month ~ 5 month, we are enjoying the trail each year many of the participants.
01. Under eyes to aim the Yashima marshland the Venus line
02. Trail goal point, the beauty of building
03. Seasonal grass can enjoy
04. Autumn leaves of vivid time trail


Flame race of the country's leading defying harsh naturally
Utsukushigahara trail run & walk in Nagawa

It was a course of "Kirigamine-Utsukushigahara central watershed trail" to the axis, proud of the degree of difficulty of the country's leading, mountain marathon. Course is the 80 course and a walk of 14km from the longest 3km been set a total of 8 course of 4km was the event.
Start Planches alpine ski resort in the early morning, Utsukushigahara plateau, Wada inn, Nagato ranch
, And the course that goal and to the ski slopes cumulative height difference is there is more than 3000m, we stimulate the fighting spirit of the runner more than a year 1000 name. After a harsh race, please enjoy your Yomatsuri.
01. Start runner to signal the signal gun at the time of the early morning 4
02. Run through the history Road Wada inn



Scenery to meet the new in the Silver of the world
Snow Haiku in NAGAWA

Activities to enjoy the winter of central watershed trails, hiking tour with snowshoes. The humidity is low, walking slowly snow of the best of the powder quality, taste the extraordinary space. Every year in the city tourism association, held a snowshoe tour, we visited many tourists NAGAWA.
Himekidaira hiking trails and Utsukushigahara plateau, such as echo ridge, in the town there are a lot of fields that are suitable for snowshoeing.
01. Utsukushigahara snowshoe tour in Plateau
02. Winter unique expression of Yumeka mountain
03. Forest hike wrapped in silence
04. Deprived of mind to winter scenery clear the air


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