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Learn about obsidian

Published 2016 years 03 month 04 Date 13 when 33 minutes

Honshu's largest Black Yellow stone origin

Black 耀石 of natural glass that has been created by volcanic activity, from the Paleolithic, Jomon period of more than 3 million years, has been distributed as a raw material of stone tools that support the life of the archipelago of the human race. Around the Wadatoge and Hoshikusotoge famous NAGAWA as place of origin of Honshu maximum scale, men and women hold ruins of the Old Stone Age, large-scale ruins, such as the stone factory, including Takayama Ruins is dense and, in the Hoshikusotoge, Jomon people have been discovered mine remains had been dug up black 耀石 as underground resources.

Country historic sites Hoshikusotoge black 耀石 Origin ruins

Old people, was called and came down from the sky sparkling 耀Ru black 耀石 as a shooting star "Hoshikuso". The name is the star shit Pass, the discovery of black 耀石 mine traces of the rare Jomon era in the world, has been designated as a national historic site. Countless dent contiguous with stepped in the mine ruins spread in a quiet forest, we can state that the Jomon people were mining the black 耀石 know ask from the ground surface of the local. It also has been developed commentary version to introduce that was found in the promenade and excavation as Historical Park.
Open 5 month 1 Date ~ 10 month 31 Date
Question black 耀石 experience Museum

Black 耀石 experience Museum

In the foothills of the Hoshikusotoge, along with Meiji black 耀石 research center to promote international research of black 耀石, Museum of Municipal to introduce the history of the black 耀石 was opened in March 16 year. In this museum, in conjunction with the exhibition tour of the discovered material from the ruins, through the experience of making stone tools and accessories that were using the black 耀石, you can learn fun and the history of the Paleolithic and Jomon period. Experience menu is rich and 20 kind, is popular as the nation's leading hands-on museum. Every year 8 month, such as barbecue and excavation experience of Palaeolithic-Jomon period, will also be held hometown festival of black 耀石 the outdoor experience can be.
Closed on Mondays Date year-round opening except for the (next Tuesday if a national holiday), 8 moon days a week
Yubinbango386-0601 chiisagata district NAGAWA Daimon 3670-3
TEL 0268-41-8050 / FAX 0268-41-8052

Primitive, ancient Roman Experience Hall

On a black background 耀石 origin and rich forest resources, spread the unevenness of many of the Jomon period is under Nagano Prefecture, Japan archipelago own traditional culture flourished represented by Jomon pottery. Jomon pottery of NAGAWA excavated in the primitive, ancient Roman Experience Hall to showcase, you can challenge the artistic pottery making while watching the real thing. The hotel is at the museum, which opened in March 4 year as a predecessor of the black 耀石 experience museum, is a little-known spot existence slowly experience can be in a quiet environment.
Year-round opening except Monday Closed
Yubinbango386-0601 Chiisagata group NAGAWA Daimon 1581
TEL 0268-68-4339

Water plaza of men and women Kurakuro 耀石

Men and women warehouse district, in the area that joins the river that flows from the mountains of the surrounding black 耀石, the discovery of men and women hold the ruins group to be and distribution base of black 耀石 is famous as the origin of the black 耀石 research of today. Installation black water Square 耀石 is now visited by a lot of people as a popular spot that you can use the spring water from the vast water source protection forest, also commentary version of the parking lot to introduce men and women hold Ruins It has been.


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