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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In the "NAGAWA Home Page", based on the "NAGAWA personal protection ordinance", aims to ensure the protection of personal information, we are working to website development that you are able to use with confidence to everyone.
When you are using the "NAGAWA Home Page", you may be asked to provide personal information such as everyone's name and e-mail address in your inquiry, etc. to NAGAWA.
The collected personal information, except when there is a case and the person of the permit to the provisions of a "NAGAWA personal protection ordinance", used only within the scope of the reply of e-mail purposes, in addition to these purposes do not use at all.

For information disclosure and personal information protection

○ information disclosure

Townsman of you, when you want to know the information you have of the town, is a system to publish the information on the basis of the claim of everyone.
In addition, in the town, information stands in the spirit of the principle public, through public relations magazine and website, etc., will continue to actively provide information that you need townsmen.
Information published, fill out the given invoice, please request.

○ personal information protection system

Advanced information with the progress of society, even in the field and the private business activities of the government, information that has been digitized is now circulating in large quantities and quickly.
Although this is to bring a lot of convenience to our lives, such as personal information in a place where he does not know is available, depending on its handling, also it has occurred problems such as personal privacy will be violated.
So, to prevent such things, the rights of the individual, as a system in order to protect the interests, personal information protection ordinance has been enacted.

◇ in order to handle personal information properly, collect personal information, management, use, you have specific rules in the case of performing such as the provision.

◇ everyone of townspeople, for the personal information of the self that the town owns, disclosure, correction, we have established the right to seek a remedy.