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Greetings of inauguration

In order to take over the valuable smile of everyone in Nagato Town to the future!

 I am Kenichiro Haneda, who will be responsible for the fourth term as the mayor of "Nagawa Town".

 I have spent 12 terms and XNUMX years since the birth of the town as the mayor of a small town of Nagawa with a population of XNUMX, which was born by the great merger of Heisei.

 The environment surrounding prefectures and municipalities has undergone major and rapid changes such as the progress of decentralization, the rapid progress of the declining birthrate and aging population, the declining population, the expansion of production areas and the diversification of administrative needs, and the critical financial situation. We are doing it.Based on these changes, we must provide high-quality administrative services at our own risk and judgment.There is a need for more appropriate and rational administrative management and establishment of an administrative system than ever before.

 I love the rich nature, history, and culture of the green mountains of Nagawa, where I was born and raised, the clear air, the abundant water, the ruins of obsidian, and the Nagakubo-juku and Wada-shuku on the Nakayama road.And I love everyone who lives there.The origin of my administrative management is here.No matter how the society changes, we aim to be a town of Nagawa where everyone can grow up, learn, work, and live with peace of mind, and we will manage the administration with the townspeople as the leading role and valuing each and every one of them. We will proceed.

 Nagawa Town will continue to shine as Nagawa Town, and we will continue to carry on the smiles of the townspeople to the future and further promote the creation of a living area where you can feel that you are happy to live by working with the townspeople. Thank you for your guidance and cooperation.

Mayor mayor banner

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