First Year of the Year of the Year 12 Monthly Assembly Mayor Proposal Reason Explanation

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  • Date: Saturday, January 25
  • Time: XNUMX am to noon

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The retirement year is about a month away, and the cold has further increased. On the 2nd of the week at 12, there will be a safety prayer for the Blanche Takayama Ski Area. This season, we are praying that the ski area will be blessed with snowfall and a wonderful season. There is.
Thank you very much for the attendance of the Nagawa Town Council 12 monthly meeting here today, and the opening of the meeting with the attendance of all members of the parliament.

[Typhoon 19 disaster]
Now, from the 10 day of 12 to the next day, the typhoon 19, which has left a big catch in Nagano, East Japan, and the Tohoku region, brought a lot of rainfall and strong winds to our town. The maximum hourly rainfall is 30 millimeters in Nagakubo, the cumulative rainfall is about 350 millimeters in Nagato Ranch, the maximum instantaneous wind speed has reached 26.7m, and it has been severely affected by townspeople's lives and economic activities such as power outages and water outages .
As for the damage to the town, there are currently 26 houses underwater inundation of houses, one destroyed house in offices, 1 houses on the floor of offices, and public civil engineering facilities such as roads are small-scale projects that are independent businesses. 74 locations, including farmland and farm roads and irrigation canals, as well as small-scale agricultural facilities such as 109 locations and forest roads, where 48 routes are damaged. The amount of damage is expected to be around the yen. In addition to this, including damage to the prefecture-controlled country / prefectural roads, river facilities, etc., we believe that they were severely damaged.
Under these circumstances, residents of more than 500 people have been evacuated by the swift action of the residents, and many people concerned including fire brigades, parliamentarians, residents' associations and voluntary disaster management Through cooperation, we were able to prevent human damage. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who cooperated in each position, and I would like to express my sincere condolences to those who have been damaged.
Regarding the restoration of the national road 152 collapse site, which has a great impact on the lives of everyone in the area, among the damaged parts, we originally planned to recover temporarily in the middle of the 12 month. Thanks to the efforts of the people concerned, one-way traffic will be possible from 3 in the afternoon today. I think that it can be relieved for tourism in areas such as local life and ski resorts before full-scale winter. In the prefecture, it is said that we will continue to proceed with this restoration, so we would like to continue to cooperate in the early restoration of the town.
Regarding the restoration of damaged parts in the town, disaster assessments will be carried out sequentially from the next day of 9, so the proposal for the subsidy related to the national treasury subsidy and the independent project was made with the supplementary budget of the Congress, and the progress of the disaster assessment Will propose an additional supplementary budget in the future.
With regard to this disaster recovery, on this 25 day, appeal was made to revitalize residents, volunteers, governments, etc. by bringing together the power of “One Nagano” in 5 organizations such as the prefectural, mayoral, and village associations. I have just done it. From now on, I think that a long-term effort is necessary for recovery and reconstruction together with the power of related parties.
Since this disaster has been designated as a catastrophic disaster, the government subsidy rate, which will be the source of funds, the appropriation rate of bonds, and the allocation tax entry rate in the following year will also increase. The challenge for the time being is to make full use of this support, and even for the town, especially for agricultural facilities, we will make efforts to restore as soon as possible while considering priorities in time for planting next year. We believe.

[Internal and external circumstances]
Looking at the situation in Japan, the 9 month 11 day, the second 4 Abe remodeling cabinet was established, and from 10 month 1 day, the consumption tax was increased from 8% to 10%.
In the monthly economic report of 11 month, the Cabinet Office stated that “the economy is recovering moderately.” However, there was a concern about the economic trend before the consumption tax increase. I am worried about the slowdown in the economy that has been supported by the rush in demand to raise the consumption tax rate, the Tokyo Olympics that will open next year in 9, and the construction demand for the Paralympic Games. . In addition, external factors such as the UK's withdrawal from the EU and the slowdown of the Chinese economy due to the confrontation between the United States and China are thought to increase the uncertainty of the economy.
In addition, this fall alone is experiencing major disasters such as typhoon 15 and 19 and the subsequent heavy rains, and the government is also in disaster management to ensure safety and security in terms of economic management. We want to have you cope well.

[Public hospital reorganization issue]
In terms of ensuring the safety and security of the region, at the end of 9, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare suddenly raised the name of the hospital, and there was a report that there was a need to discuss reorganization and integration of public hospitals. I think that being positioned as a target hospital is a serious problem.
The National Association of Towns and Villages has expressed an opinion that “It is extremely dangerous because it may cause excessive uneasiness to related residents”.
Because these reports were suddenly released without any prior notice, and there are cases where the actual situation of the region that plays a different role for each hospital as a reason for selection and the course of establishment of the hospital are not considered at all. In the future, I would like to appeal to the country whenever there is an opportunity as a mayor, and as a chairman of the town and village of Nagano, as a public hospital is necessary because it is a community medicine that cannot be measured by profit.

[Progress of large business]
This year we are proceeding with the understanding and cooperation of the members of the Parliament. The large-scale agricultural and livestock products direct sales place construction project under construction at the roadside station and the Yamanoko Gakuen, which is being promoted by the Kashiwagi Welfare Society I would like to say the current situation regarding Furumachi community facility maintenance related to the new construction.
First, the direct sales office construction business, but since the start of construction in May of this year, all of the building main body, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and footbath facilities are proceeding smoothly. In addition, we are still in the process of preparing and discussing the shipper organization and the management organization.
The direct sales office is set up in the town to revitalize the town, and its management is requested by the private sector. We think that some kind of support is necessary as the responsibility of the installer, where unexpected problems and difficulties are expected before the operation goes on track. In the future, we are planning a round-table conference between the management company and the members of the parliament. I would like to reflect on this and consult with the Congress.
Furumachi community facilities will be integrated with the community facilities. In addition to the support facilities for persons with disabilities at Yamanoko Gakuen, various requirements for facility construction, such as the scale and content of the facilities, and methods for integration. We had a meeting with Yamanoko Gakuen.
Recently, these requirements have been finalized. In order to proceed with the selection of designers, the chairman, the Chairman of the Social Culture Education Committee, the Chairman of Furumachi Property District, the local self-government chairperson, and the Kashiwagi Welfare Association The design competition will be held with the participation of relevant parties. Once the design contractor has been decided, we will move on to the stage of implementation design, but we will hold a briefing session for residents in the Furumachi district and ask local residents for their opinions while showing drawings etc. We want to make use of it in the implementation design.

【Award ceremony in town】
Next, I would like to introduce the two people who have contributed to the development of the town at the general cultural festival held on March 3rd of 11.
First, Kazuo Kobayashi, who served as the director of the Shinshu-Nagawa Tourism Association for 10 years, was instrumental in organizing events such as the Migahara Trail Run and Whiskey & Beer Camp. Together, it became more and more prosperous and made a great contribution to the tourism and industry of the town.
Mr. Takeshi Suzuki, Representative Director of Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd., planted about 152 trees in the town tree “Yamazakura” and the town flower “Azalea” on the Nagakubo Oishi land register along the national highway 520. We had you contribute after having had.
For both names, we would like to express our deepest respect for the achievements of town administration and community development. Thank you very much.

[Visit to Brazil]
I also visited Brazil as chairman of Machimura from this year's 14 day to 21 day, with the main purpose of attending the 60 anniversary ceremony of the Kenjinkai in Brazil. Governor Abe and Mayor Kato Nagano, the mayor of the mayor, were suddenly absent due to the damage caused by the typhoon 19, but we would like to celebrate the 60 anniversary with Vice Governor Koiwa, Chairman Kiyosawa and many other invitees. It was.
The Brazilian Kenjinkai were also very interested in the disaster in the hometown of Nagano Prefecture, and we were surprised that we knew the damage situation in the same way as we did. The story of raising the donation is in progress, and I was grateful for my feelings about my hometown. Also, I was able to meet people from Nagawa Town, and I feel that it was a very meaningful visit.

Then, I will explain sequentially the 4 ordinance revision plans, the 1 ordinance plan to be abolished, the supplementary budget plan 7 and the personnel affairs 1 that we have proposed to the Congress.

[Ordinance projects]
First, there in the projects related to the ordinance,
I would like to explain the establishment of the bill No. 78 “Ordinance to revise a part of the Ordinance on Remuneration and Cost Compensation for Part-time Staffs in Nagawa Town Special Position”. According to the report of the Special Council for Compensation, etc., we will organize the committees stipulated in the ordinance and amend the compensation per 1 day from 6,600 yen to 7,000 yen with reference to the prefecture's minimum wage.
Explains the establishment of Proposal No. 79, “Ordinances on the Maintenance of Related Ordinances with the Enforcement of Laws Related to the Improvement of Related Laws for the Optimization of Measures Related to the Restriction of Rights of Guardians etc.” The With the enforcement of the law in the title, it is an ordinance that partially revise all relevant ordinances so that they will not be unfairly treated on the grounds of being an adult guardian.
I will explain the establishment of the bill 80 "Ordinance to revise part of the Nagawa Town Tax Ordinance". About reduction of taxes of townsman tax, revision to add reduction of taxes when we suffered from disaster becomes the main thing.
I will explain the establishment of bill No. 81 "Ordinance to revise part of Nagawa-cho Special Products Direct Sales Office Ordinance". Along with the construction of a large-scale agricultural and livestock products direct sales office in the roadside station of Malmello, we will make some revisions to the necessary ordinances.
I would like to explain the establishment of the bill No. 82 “Bylaws to Abolish the Ordinance on Charges for Nagawa Town Designated Home Care Support Projects”. At the beginning of the long-term care insurance system, we conducted a home care support project in the town, but the regulations are now abolished because it is no longer necessary.

[Supplementary budget]
Then, I would like to turn will explain the proposals of the supplementary budget relationship.
First, I would like to explain the main contents of Proposal No. 83 “Decree Year of Nagawa-cho General Account Supplementary Budget (No. 4)”.
Regarding expenditures, in addition to corrections for changes due to business progress, in agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses, we have recorded expenses related to disasters in materials expenses for repairing fences to prevent damage caused by typhoons and firefighting expenses. .
Disaster recovery costs were budgeted separately for agricultural facilities, forestry facilities, and civil engineering facilities. With regard to the amount of money, it may be before the disaster assessment and at the stage of estimation, so we will propose further amendments after further examination.

Then with regard to revenue, we will explain the main contents.
Although it is a national and prefectural contribution and subsidy, we have made an amendment in anticipation of each subsidy and expenditure assistance associated with disasters that we have included in the supplementary budget for expenditures.
In addition, we increased the amount of the fiscal adjustment fund provision in the provisions and increased the amount of disaster recovery business bonds related to disaster recovery in the town bonds.
As mentioned above, we ask for an increase of 9,593 million 1 thousand yen in the general account as a whole, and the revised total budget is 64 billion 4,529 million yen.

Continuing, from bill 84 “Renewal Year Nagato-cho National Health Insurance Special Account (Business Account (Kanjo)) Supplementary Budget (No. 3)” Proposal 89 “Renewal Year Nagato-cho Public Sewerage I will explain the main contents of "Business and Wastewater Treatment Facility Business Accounting Supplementary Budget (No. 2)".
Regarding the National Health Insurance, Late Elderly Care and Long-term Care Insurance Special Account Supplementary Budgets, supplementary budgets according to the actual results are the main ones.
For tourism facilities, the main purpose is to increase expenses related to snowplows.
In waterworks business accounting, public sewerage business and wastewater treatment facility business accounting, the supplementary budget related to disaster recovery costs by Typhoon 19 is the main one.

[Election of Board of Education]
Finally, it is about seeking agreement on appointment of the proposal No. 90 "Chief of the Board of Education Committee".
The term of the Board of Education is four years, but the term of four years will expire on the 2nd of this month, 12. With regard to the appointment of a member who will succeed the Board of Education, we ask for the consent of the Parliament. .

Or more, we were allowed to an overview of the bill that we have proposed in this regular meeting. When the details are concerning your deliberations, so I would like an explanation from each person in charge, and we thank you for the continued approval of the draft, we do as a description of the proposed reasons.

Mayor of NagatoKenichiro Haneda

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