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Eight commitments

12 year has passed since Changwa Town was born. In the last 10 month 29 day the election of the Mayor of Nagato was executed, and I will continue to be responsible for the town administration. Although there are criticisms that the fourth term is a long criticism, I think that criticism is criticism as criticism and I want to start returning to the beginning and to start the fourth term.
I was born and brought up and grew up in the green mountains of this town, clear air, rich water, ruins of Kuroya stone, Nakamichi Nagakubo inn and Wada Yado, "Nagato cho" where the scent of nature, history and culture drifts love. And I love everyone who lives there. The starting point of my administrative management is here. With the aim of becoming Changwa Town where everyone can grow and learn with confidence, learn, work and live well, with the mind that town people are the leading role, keeping in mind the importance of each person, we want to promote town planning As we are thinking, we would like to thank you for your continued support and cooperation from the townspeople.

In running the candidate for the Mayor's election, I will make the next 8 commitment to create "Town of Genki-machi! Nagato Town" in order to make Changwa-cho more vigorous, "People are fine and towns are energetic" I raised it.

1. Sound financial management leading to tomorrow
· In the severe financial management, do not reduce the administrative service that has been built, maximize the experience, knowledge and personal connections that we have cultivated over the 3rd and 12th years, planned and efficient fiscal management balanced revenue expenditure .

2. Town development aiming for Japan's best child rearing
· In order to reduce the economic burden of the child-rearing generation, we will make school lunch fee of elementary school and junior high school free.

3. Elderly people are making healthy town
· Provide flexible services by creative ingenuity based on local needs so that everyone in the elderly can continue living safely and securely.
· Promote the "comprehensive comprehensive care system" cooperating with medical care, nursing care and prevention.

4. Town development that anyone can live in peace of mind safely
· We will strive to enhance the medical system at Yoda Kuboku Hospital and securing doctors.
· We will try to improve the public transportation network which anyone without the transportation means including the elderly can use it anytime, anywhere, anytime.

5. Town development that local industry becomes healthy
· We will promote the wine industry by cultivating new wine grapes, and will try to resolve idle and devastated areas and nurture new farmers.
· We will construct a new facility to sell locally agricultural products inside the station of the queen.
· Nagato-cho Promotion Public Corporation, centering on ski resorts, expects self-help efforts and independent management, but we will continue the support that the town has to do according to the rules.

6. Town development making full use of various tourism resources
· Continue to preserve valuable tourism resources rooted in the area, strive for preservation, and promote measures that can be utilized.

7. Town planning where children who entrust the future of Nagatomachi shine
· We will strive to train young people with a global perspective through exchanges with foreign countries

8. Town development that creates new energy
· We will utilize the characteristics of the 4 districts (Daimon, Nagakubo, Furuicho, Wada) to establish a promotion measure for balanced development of the area.

The environment surrounding the town, such as the rapid progress of aging society, population reduction, administrative and fiscal reform, etc., is very severe. Based on these circumstances, we plan to judge the direction in which the town should go, while looking forward to the future of Changwa Town, centered on 8 promises promised to the townspeople.
I would like to further promote town development by Changwa Town as Changwa Town, continuing the smile of everyone to the future, and realizing that I could feel that I lived in town, with the power of collaboration with the townspeople. So we ask for your cooperation and support of everyone.

Mayor mayor banner

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