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Reiwa September XNUMXrd regular assembly Explanation of reasons for the mayor's proposal

Published 2021 years 08 month 31 Date

Last updated 2021 years 08 month 31 Date


 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
 We have convened the September regular meeting of the Nagawa Town Council here today, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members of the Diet (to all of you) for attending the meeting while we are very busy.
 By the way, this year's Obon festival suffered heavy rain nationwide due to the stagnant front, and even in Okaya city, three mothers and children were caught in a debris flow and suffered a tragic disaster that they died.Even in Japan, multiple deaths have occurred, mainly in the Kyushu region, and it has become a serious disaster.We would like to express our deepest sympathies to all the victims and hope for an early recovery.
 Even in Nagawa Town, it rained a lot over several days, and the amount of rainfall exceeded that of Typhoon No. XNUMX, which caused enormous damage two years ago.
 The town also set up a disaster response headquarters and responded, but with the cooperation of the residents, the fire brigade, members of the Diet, residents' associations, voluntary disaster prevention, and many other stakeholders. We were able to prevent human damage and damage to houses such as houses.We would like to thank everyone who cooperated in each position.
 It will be a typhoon season from now on.We will continue to prepare for corona countermeasures in preparation for heavy rain disasters.

[Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics]

 As the infection with the new coronavirus spreads again, the Tokyo Olympic Games, which began on July XNUMX, ended on August XNUMX after the XNUMX-day tournament period ended.The Tokyo Paralympics will be held from the XNUMXth of this month, and a fierce battle is still underway.
 The tournament, which was postponed for the first time in history for one year, was forced to be held under a state of emergency, but in the five years since the last time, most of the venues were in an unusual situation with no spectators, but we overcame that. The hard play that the players showed was something that moved me.At the Tokyo Olympics, Japan won XNUMX gold medals, the highest number in history, and the total number of XNUMX gold medals, including XNUMX silver and XNUMX bronze, was the highest ever.
 However, on the other hand, the number of infected people is increasing day by day, and the situation where the "fifth wave" is not stopped continues, and now the number of infected people is explosively increasing.There are pros and cons to the Olympics that were held hard at various sacrifices, and I wonder if the original idea of ​​the "Reconstruction Olympics" could be disseminated, but among them, many athletes were saved. In a post-match interview, he said that he was grateful for the event and that he played close to the hearts of the people who supported him.I think this has been imprinted in the hearts of many people as a great value of sports.

[Coronavirus infection countermeasures]

 The situation of positives for the new coronavirus infection in the Ueda area remained calm until early July, but from around mid-July, the trend of re-expansion began to appear, and the "No. 7" In late July, the spread of infection spread at an unprecedented rate so as to keep pace with infected people nationwide called "Five Waves", and after that, it was replaced by the more infectious "Delta strain". By the time it passed the Obon in August, it had become an explosive infection.
 Following the third state of emergency, expansion of the declared area, extension of the period, and explosive spread of infection, we recognize that the prefecture and town are currently in an extremely difficult economic situation, especially in the food and beverage and tourism-related industries. Doing.Last year, the government used two supplementary budgets to prevent the spread of infection and support the economy, and in response to this, we have taken measures.
 We believe that the difficult phase of revitalizing the economy while preventing the spread of infection will continue for the time being.Expecting the prompt implementation of the national policy, we would like to take necessary measures in a timely manner while paying close attention to the infection situation in the whole country and the response of the national and prefectural governments.
 Vaccination, which is said to be the trump card for infection control, is progressing smoothly, and the mass inoculation of townspeople aged 65 and over will be completed by the end of July, and from August 18th, the townspeople aged 16 and over will be vaccinated. Targeted vaccine mass inoculation has begun. September 19th will be the final day of the second vaccination, and the mass vaccination will be completed.In the future, we will continue to inoculate everyone from XNUMX to XNUMX years old.Although there was a lot of noise such as lack of vaccine, we were able to receive the vaccine as planned in our town, and we would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who cooperated.
 In response to the explosive spread of infection, the infection alert level in the Ueda area has become a special warning II at level XNUMX, and a medical special warning is also issued in the prefecture.In August, three infections have been confirmed in the town.We ask the townspeople to continue to implement basic infection control measures, refrain from going out unnecessarily, minimize contact with people, and protect their precious lives. increase.
 In addition, concerns about the spread of infectious diseases include prejudice against infected people, their families, and medical personnel who deal with them at the forefront.Such human rights violations are thought to lead to excessive behavior due to excessive anxiety and fear of the new coronavirus infection.The town will continue to strive to raise awareness so that this does not happen, so we ask that each and every one of the townspeople have the correct knowledge and take actions that do not lead to human rights violations.

[Reiwa XNUMX business results, etc.]

 Since the assembly is also the assembly that approves the settlement of accounts for the second year of Reiwa, I would like to make a statement based on the results of each business last year.
 First, in the business related to the [General Affairs Division], regarding the securing of public transportation, we will proceed with coordination with related organizations on a new transportation system based on the report of the Public Transportation Council, and will use a special merger grant to provide five patrol wagons. We purchased it and started operation under the new public transportation system from October XNUMXst last year.We will continue to strive for easier operation.In addition, the nickname of the patrol bus is "Nagawagon", and we asked the students of Joshibi University of Art and Design to devise a wrapping design and logo mark that are unique to Nagawa Town, and wrap it so that they can have attachment and familiarity. It is in service.
 Regarding disaster prevention measures, there are 26 groups and XNUMX wards of "voluntary disaster prevention organizations" that started to improve the fire brigade and equipment and materials and organize in XNUMX, but we will continue to train disaster prevention personnel. We will actively promote it through such means as raising awareness of disasters among residents.
 Regarding the town tax, the amount of town tax revenue in the second year of Reiwa was about 7 million yen, a decrease of 5300% from the previous year.In terms of storage rate, the overall storage rate was 0.8%, a decrease of 97.6% from the previous year, a slight decrease, but we will continue to strive for proper storage.
 Next, regarding the part related to the [Planning and Finance Division], the amount of general account expenditures for the second year of the town's Reiwa was approximately 73 million yen (9,900 billion yen), and the real balance was 74 million yen. It was a surplus in the black.However, this is the result of reversing the fiscal adjustment fund, etc., which exceeds 1 million yen, and allocating it to the implementation of the project. However, due to the declining birthrate and aging population, as well as changes in the social situation due to the new coronavirus infection, it is expected that extremely severe financial management will continue in the future, and we will strive for even more creative efforts. I would like to visit you.
 Regarding emigration, we hope that we will further enhance the vacant house bank system and utilize the "country life experience housing" where the number of users who stay for a long time is increasing, to disseminate the charm of the town and lead to emigration. However, the number of users has decreased due to the suspension of use due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection.In addition, we would like to stop the population decline by increasing the number of permanent residents by properly managing municipal housing and selling residential land.
 In addition, we will strive to revitalize Nagawa Town by promoting more effective businesses based on the "City, People, and Work Creation Comprehensive Strategy."
 Next, regarding the [Information and Public Relations Division], regarding the cable TV network optical promotion project that has been underway since 2, the optical fiber cable laying of the transmission line trunk network throughout the town and the TV transmission / reception center Installation of equipment, laying of service lines to each household, and switching work were completed in the second year of Reiwa.
 As a result, the foundation for providing high-quality broadcasting such as BSXNUMXK broadcasting and stable Internet services has been established.
 In relation to the [Citizens' Welfare Division], each person in charge carried out the project properly in cooperation with related organizations.Among them, the counter clerk has always performed proper paperwork regarding family register and other clerical work.
 The welfare section has promoted welfare for persons with disabilities, community welfare, etc. in line with the "Nagawa Town Community Welfare Plan" that includes the basic direction of community welfare in the town.In addition, as a project related to measures against new coronavirus infection, "special fixed amount benefit" will be implemented, and "business benefit" and "business benefit" will be provided to support local welfare establishments by utilizing local temporary grants for new coronavirus infection. We carried out "business office supplies procurement subsidy".
 The Elderly Support Section, as a general consultation desk for the elderly, responded to a wide range of consultations from the elderly.In addition, due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, many elderly-related businesses have been canceled, and as a countermeasure against the elderly's withdrawal and health deterioration due to inactivity, we have created visiting activities, long-term care prevention programs, etc. We worked on understanding issues for the elderly and preventing long-term care, even if they were suffering from coronavirus.
 The insurance clerk, while properly managing the four special accounts, with the cooperation of the parties concerned, formulates the "XNUMXth long-term care insurance business plan" for long-term care insurance, and prefectural unified insurance tax for national health insurance. We have revised the insurance tax with an eye on it.
In the future, we will continue to live safely and securely in the familiar area of ​​Nagawa Town through consultations and requests from residents, the elderly, people with disabilities and their families, and through each business directly related to the lives of residents. I will do my best to do it.

 Next is the relationship with the [Children and Health Promotion Division].
 Regarding the number of children in the nursery school, 135 children, including both Nagato and Wada nursery schools, lived well in the nursery school.
Continuing from last year, due to the free childcare system, childcare fees are free for all children aged XNUMX to XNUMX and households aged XNUMX to XNUMX who are exempt from residence tax.In addition, although the supplementary food expenses were not eligible for free of charge, the supplementary food expenses are also free of charge as a child-rearing support measure unique to the town.
 Regarding measures against new coronavirus infections, there was a big impact on the holding of various events, including refraining from going to the kindergarten in April and May, but fortunately there were no cases of infection due to thorough infection control measures.
 Regarding child-rearing support, as with the nursery school, there was an impact on the use of the child-rearing support center and various businesses, but we thoroughly implemented infection control measures and there was no confirmation of infected persons.
 In addition, as a new coronavirus infection-related business, we will provide temporary child-rearing support funds and special special benefits to child-rearing households, as well as equipment such as humidified air purifiers and sanitary goods such as non-contact thermometers to support nursery schools and child-rearing. It was maintained and utilized in the center.
 Regular child-rearing support projects are carried out as usual.
 Regarding health promotion, in addition to the original business, it is necessary to take measures against new coronavirus infections, which has cast a big shadow on various businesses including the number of people undergoing medical examinations.We have made every effort to prevent infections among the townspeople, such as making every effort to take this measure and making every effort to prepare for vaccination.
 In addition, as an initiative unique to the town, we worked to prevent infection by eliminating the burden of influenza vaccines for people aged 65 and over.

 Next is the [Industrial Promotion Division].
 Roadside station large-scale farm and livestock products direct sales place "Marche Kuroya" has been promoted as a project to promote the activation of the roadside station area in Nagawa Town since 29, but it is ancillary facilities such as "Shimoya" and footbath. Together with the facility, it opened on June 2, 6nd year of Reiwa.Both the number of visitors and the amount of sales are steadily increasing.
 In addition, the spread of the new coronavirus infection continues to affect the tourism, restaurant, and related wholesale and retail businesses.
 In response to this situation, we implemented a new coronavirus infectious disease emergency economic countermeasure project by utilizing the temporary grant for regional revitalization.
 Sales declined, including the "Prefectural / Municipal Cooperation New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Cooperation Company Special Support Project" that provides 1 yen per business establishment in collaboration with Nagano Prefecture and municipalities in response to a leave request. In order to support the business continuity of businesses in the town, we carried out the business continuation benefit business twice.
 In addition to this, in order to provide economic measures to stores and businesses in the area, and to support the livelihoods of local residents' households, we will distribute a 10,000 yen Nagawa no Sato area lively ticket per townsman. We carried out projects such as "Wa no Sato Area Lively Ticket Distribution Project" in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
 As the spread of the new coronavirus infection continues to have a serious impact on the economy, we would like to take further measures in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.
 Next is the relationship with the [Construction and Water Services Division].We carried out XNUMX projects such as road improvement and road gutter improvement through the social capital development comprehensive grant project, which is a national grant project.In addition, as an independent project, we have been engaged in road and gutter improvement work in response to local requests.
 Regarding the disaster recovery project, we also carried out 16 locations including the carry-over project of the auxiliary disaster project, and 16 locations of the town-only disaster recovery project.
 In terms of civil engineering facility disaster recovery costs, including the carry-forward allowance of 3 million yen, 2,201 million yen was executed, of which 3 million yen was carried forward to the 9,802rd year of Reiwa, 3 million yen. The accident was carried over.In addition, regarding disaster recovery costs for agricultural facilities, we corrected 7 million yen and added 3,566 yen carried forward in the first year to execute 6,314 yen. Since the amount of work has exceeded the limit and there are many construction sites where bidding is unsuccessful, we have decided to carry forward 8,500 million yen to the fiscal year 11 and 6,629 million yen to carry forward the accident. Since the second year has passed and it will be the third year of the final year of the national treasury subsidy, we will continue to work on ordering construction and construction management with the aim of restoration as soon as possible, so we would like to ask for your continued cooperation.
 Regarding water and sewage, both the water and sewage business are subject to the Public Enterprise Law, so we will work for sound management and strengthen the management base. Thank you for your cooperation.
 In addition, regarding villas, we will continue to strive for proper management and operation of the villas managed by the town, and by issuing a proposal for the "villa master plan" that was a pledge, we will aim for management improvement in line with this. We will proceed with the examination by the "Management Committee".
 Next, regarding the [Education Division], in the second year of Reiwa, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we temporarily closed the school and went to school in a distributed manner.During the school holidays, the teacher took measures such as visiting the home, checking the status of the children, and distributing assignments.As a measure against corona, we reviewed various events at the school, purchased equipment such as air purifiers, and maintained hygiene products.
 In addition, we have introduced terminals to children and teachers at each elementary school in order to support GIGA schools and promote ICT education.We will carry out faculty and staff training, and in the future, we would like to make effective use of it by promoting its use in classes and home study.
 Regarding the Furumachi community facility construction project, we have proceeded with the project while considering the opinions of the residents.In the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa, full-scale construction such as the removal of the Furumachi public hall and the start of construction of the Furumachi community facility will begin, but we are currently proceeding with the excavation of cultural properties at a rapid pace.We would like to continue to explain to the residents and proceed with their understanding.

 In terms of cultural properties, the construction work of the "outdoor exhibition facility", which is the core project of the historic site Hoshikuso Pass Kuroyoishi Origin Site Preservation and Maintenance Project, was successfully completed for the opening in the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa, and on July XNUMXth. We held a ceremony to commemorate the completion.
 In addition, regarding the relationship between Japanese heritage sites, which was certified as the "Starry Central Highland Jomon World" in XNUMX, the "Koshin Jomon Culture Dissemination and Revitalization Council" consists of XNUMX municipalities in Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures. In ", various businesses are underway.
 Regarding the relationship with international exchange projects that make use of historical heritage, unfortunately the third term "Nagawa Town Youth Obsidian Ambassador" has been postponed to the UK due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. We are conducting training in preparation for the coming trip to the UK.
 As mentioned above, I have made a statement based on the results of the implementation projects of each section in the second year of Reiwa.

[For fiscal management and financial indicators of the town]

 Next, I would like to explain the financial indicators of the town in the settlement of accounts for the second year of Reiwa.
 First, regarding the “real debt service ratio,” this time it was 11.6%, an increase of 11.1 points from 0.5% in the previous year.Next, regarding the “future burden ratio,” it increased by 73.3 points from 1.5% in the previous year to 74.8%.This is thought to be mainly due to the increase in the current amount of local bonds and the amount of expenditure planned based on debt-bearing acts, and the decrease in the balance of funds that can be used as financial resources.
 However, although both the "real debt service ratio" and the "future burden ratio" have increased compared to the previous year, they are below the standards for fiscal consolidation, so fiscal consolidation in the fiscal year ending March XNUMX, Reiwa. We are reporting that all of the situations in are in good health.
 The soundness judgment ratio and the fund shortage ratio will be submitted to the plenary session as a report.I would like to ask the section chief in charge to explain it later.

[Ordinance projects]

 Next, I would like to explain one ordinance enactment proposal and eight supplementary budget proposals in sequence.
 First, I would like to explain the enactment of bill 56, "Ordinance to abolish the ordinance on solicitation of donations for Nagawa-cho monetary goods, etc."
 More than XNUMX years have passed since the ordinance on solicitation of donations of monetary goods was enacted in the old towns and villages before the merger, and there are currently no cases to judge or investigate, so it is a formal procedure. Since the original purpose has been achieved, we request that it be abolished.Along with that, the administrative fee related to this, which was stipulated in the attached table of the Nagawa Town Fee Ordinance, will be reduced.

[Supplementary budget]

 Next, I would like to explain the supplementary budget-related bills one by one.
 First, I would like to explain the main contents of bill 57, "Reiwa 3rd year Nagawa-cho general account supplementary budget (No. 5).
 Regarding expenditures, the parliamentary expenses will be corrected by reducing the bid difference related to audio equipment, and the general affairs expenses will be corrected by increasing the Daimon Residents' Association subsidy and entrepreneurship support subsidy, in addition to the Nagawa Town Distinguished Service Award souvenir. , Information management fee includes corrections such as Wi-Fi station optical line usage fee.
 Regarding civil welfare expenses, in addition to correction of outpatient support costs for children with disabilities, reduction of medical contributions for the late-stage elderly due to the establishment of project costs, withdrawals from the special account for medical care for the late-stage elderly and payments to the special account for long-term care insurance We have recorded corrections.
 For sanitary expenses, amendments related to expenses related to new coronavirus vaccination, for agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses, amendments to project expenses due to contract results, for forestry expenses, announcements and confirmations of subsidized projects, etc. We have recorded the amendment related to.
 Regarding commercial and industrial expenses, in addition to the amendment of the project cost related to ATMs requested to be installed at the roadside station, the amendment to reclassify the civil engineering expenses of the special merger grant to the Yasuragi-no-Yu facility renovation work, and the business related to the renovation work of Takayama Ski Resort. We have reduced the scale and recorded the amendment.
 Regarding civil engineering costs, we have made amendments to expenses related to road repair work, design consignment of the access road on the west side of the Furumachi public hall by the Furumachi community maintenance project, etc.
 Educational expenses include GIGA school teaching materials, expenses related to measures against coronavirus infectious diseases in elementary schools, cutting of standing trees on the Wadajuku Nagai site, excavation expenses related to Furumachi community facilities, etc. We have recorded an amendment due to the rearrangement of business expenses.
 Regarding disaster recovery costs, amendments to be implemented by utilizing the forest environment transfer tax for survey design, supervision, construction costs, etc. related to newly confirmed disaster areas that are not covered by subsidies, for the rental fee of heavy machinery associated with sediment removal. , The costs of design supervision and construction costs associated with the increase in construction have been recorded respectively.
 In addition to these, we also include corrections for personnel expenses associated with personnel changes in April.

 Then with regard to revenue, we will explain the main contents.
 In response to the finalization of the amount of local special grants and ordinary allocation tax, we have recorded an increase correction and a reduction correction of the financial adjustment fund transfer, and we have recorded it in the supplementary budget of expenditures for national and prefectural subsidies. Due to the project cost of each business, we have added an amendment.
 In addition, the amendment related to the carry-forward amount due to the settlement of accounts for the second fiscal year of Reiwa, the increase amendment following the confirmation of the issuance amount of the extraordinary financial measures bonds, and the increase of the subsidy disaster recovery business bonds are also recorded.
 As mentioned above, we ask for an increase of 1,704 million 2 thousand yen in the general account as a whole, and the revised total budget is 62 billion 9,000 million yen.

 Next, from bill 58 "Reiwa 1rd year Nagawa-cho National Health Insurance special account (business account) supplementary budget (No. 64)" to bill 3th "Reiwa 1rd year Nagawa-cho specific environmental conservation public sewerage" I would like to explain the supplementary budget for special accounts, etc. up to the supplementary budget for business accounting (No. XNUMX).
 Regarding these supplementary budgets, the correction of the carry-forward amount associated with the settlement of accounts for the second fiscal year of Reiwa is common.
 The main amendments are, in the National Health Insurance Special Account, amendments based on the determination of miscellaneous payments and redemptions associated with the settlement of ordinary grants in the second year of the Ordinance, medical benefits, support for the elderly, and long-term care payments. In the special account for medical care for the elderly aged 2 or over, the amendment of insurance premiums and wide-area federation payments, in the special account for long-term care insurance, amendments based on the decisions of the national treasury and payment fund regarding insurance premiums and insurance benefits, and the results for the second year of the Ordinance. In the amendment of redemption money to the national / prefectural / payment fund by the government, and in the supplementary budget for public sewerage business and wastewater treatment facility business accounting, we have included amendments due to personnel expenses.

[Plans, contracts]

 Next, I would like to explain Proposal No. 65, "Nagawa Town Depopulated Area Sustainable Development Plan."
 This is a matter that was recently discussed at the Council of All Members of Parliament, but as you can see, the former Depopulation Law "Special Measures Law for Promotion of Independence in Depopulated Areas" was enforced in April 12. Has expired in March, and the new philosophy is "sustainable development of depopulated areas" with the idea of ​​forming sustainable local communities in depopulated areas and further improving regional vitality by utilizing local resources. The Act on Special Measures Concerning Support for the People's Republic of China was passed and enacted by the legislature of a member of the Diet in March of 4rd year of Reiwa, and came into effect in April of this year.I have been involved as the chairman of the prefecture's municipalities and as a director of the National Depopulation Federation, but when the Special Measures Law was enacted, I was relieved to feel at ease.In response to this, the town has met the requirements for depopulated areas, as in the case of the Act on Special Measures for Promotion of Independence in Depopulated Areas, so it created a draft "Nagawa Town Depopulated Area Sustainable Development Plan" and made public comments. We have received consent after soliciting opinions from residents, prior consultation with the prefecture, and formal consultation, so we will submit this plan to the parliament for consultation.

 Next, regarding bill 2, "Regarding the conclusion of the Sawada / Sawada XNUMX construction work contract contract for the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa typhoon typhoon No. XNUMX heavy rain disaster recovery project", we request the resolution of the assembly according to the provisions of the Local Autonomy Law, etc. It is a thing.

 Or more, we were allowed to an overview of the bill that we have proposed in this regular meeting. When the details are concerning your deliberations, so I would like an explanation from each person in charge, and we thank you for the continued approval of the draft, we do as a description of the proposed reasons.


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