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Heisei 30 year 12 monthly assembly town mayor Proposal reason explanation

Published 2019 years 01 month 11 Date

Last updated 2019 years 01 month 11 Date

Mayor [Introduction]
 Good morning everybody.
It is cheerful and somewhat crowded, somewhat confusing, this year is a relatively warm day so far, but from now on it has become more time to feel more cold and a full-fledged winter visit.
Today, I summoned the Nagato Town Council 12 monthly regular meeting, and I am gratefully appreciating from the bottom of my heart that I am able to attend the meeting with the participation of all the members of the Diet.

【Domestic situation】
 By the way, recently, every event is said to be "the last thing in Heisei", but it is less than five months before the abdication of the current Emperor and the coronation of the new Emperor.At the end of the last year of Heisei, as we approach the milestone of the New Year, we would like to work even harder.
 In addition, it is less than two years before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are held, and the Olympic and Paralympic mood is increasing.
And, the other day (11 month 24 day), it was decided that a large international exposition (Expo) will be held in Osaka in 2025 year. In Osaka it will be held for the second time in 55 for the first time, but with the theme of "design of future life shining bright future society", it is done with the aim to contribute technology to health and medical care. There is an estimate that the economic ripple effect to the whole country will reach 2 trillion yen scale, and expectation is rising as a role of the Japanese economy. We will also pay attention to future trends in the budget of the country.

【International exchange】
10 Month During the 5 days from 18 day to 22 day, everyone in the UK's teenage history club visited Changwa Town.
This visit to this city is to participate in the "Stone Making Workshop" and "International Exchange Children's Summit" which were held as part of the autumn exhibition at the Nagano Prefectural Historical Museum on 10 Monday 20 day.
 High school students of Ambassador Obsidian Obsidian of Nagawa Town are also participating in this event.At the stone tool making workshop, the teenage history club members and the youth ambassador Obsidian cooperated to provide guidance on stone tool making.
Also at the "International Exchange Children's Summit", ambassador to the young people, Yao Yao stated the guidance of the workshop on the making of black stone stone tools and the tea age history club which we did when visiting the UK from July to August this year The presentations on the exchange with others are conducted in Japanese and English, and everyone at the Teenage History Club is announcing about daily club activities. In addition, a discussion exchange meeting was held on the theme of "Thinking about the future of the historic heritage", and the meaning of cooperating across regions and countries and community activities to communicate the historic heritage to the future We exchanged views on trust relationships and other aspects of education.
 The teenage history club members also had the opportunity to stay with the youth ambassador Obsidian during their stay, and I feel that their ties have been further strengthened.
[Award ceremony of the town] 
Next, for many people who have made a great contribution to the development of town administration for many years, I gave a commendation for meritorious contribution at the general cultural festival of the town which was held on 4th of 11.
The winners are four people who have served as parliamentarians of the town for many years, three people who also served as administrators of Wada Property Ward, those who worked hard to promote environmental hygiene of the town, the town Together we have nine people who served as vice mayor of the city. Regarding the development of town administration and the achievement of local autonomy promotion, we are deeply respectful again. Thank you very much.
【Looking back on the 1st year of Next Vision Ⅳ】
Well, one year has elapsed in my 4th term of town development, where the theme of administrative management is "Nagato Town", a town where people are energetic, the town is fine and spirited up!
Here, I will describe this past record for the past year against my next pledge Next Vision IV.
 First of all, regarding "22. Sound financial management that will lead to tomorrow," we have accumulated the settlement surplus (Joyokin) in the financial adjustment fund so that we can maintain sound finances in the future.In addition, when borrowing bonds, we made efforts to utilize advantageous bond issuance with local allocation tax measures, and as a "depopulated bond software business" that has been subject to bond issuance since XNUMX, nursery school bus operation business, welfare medical benefit business, high school We borrowed money for subsidized projects such as going to school to reduce the financial burden.
In "2. Town Planning aiming for Further Raising Children in Japan", we are implementing freeing of school lunch for elementary and junior high school from April this year. In addition, we continue to implement high school school expenses subsidies, which is a measure to reduce the burden of the parents 'guardians' school expenses to students going to high school.
In addition, completion of environment improvement projects such as plaza dedicated to child rearing support center, playground equipment, installation of azumaya, we have received very popular from small children to guardians.
In order to increase the settlement population of the younger generation, Changwa Town Land Development Corporation has developed residential land of 17 section in the Tateiwa district, already 9 houses have been contracted, and houses are being built one after another. Regarding the remaining 8 zones, we will continue to promote sales for young people.
Regarding "3. Elderly people's healthy town planning", "support dementia supporter training course" is regularly held as support to people with dementia and their families, and as a supporter to around 700 people as a supporter in the area We are cooperating in watching over you. In addition, "Nagaga Otasha Supporter Training Course" has been implemented since Heisei 28 year for the purpose of training human resources who are responsible for community care prevention activities, and voluntary activities of supporters began We will.
Regarding nursing care prevention, various classrooms such as "Genki-up classroom" and "Iki Kiki salon" are widely established in the area as you know.
By promoting the above measures, we are promoting the "comprehensive regional care system" in which elderly people cooperate with medical care, nursing care, and prevention, so that they can live their own lives in areas where they are accustomed to wherever possible.
Next, it is "Town development that everyone can live safely and securely", but regarding the reservation of doctors at Yoda Kuboku Hospital, in April this year, Nagano Prefecture Medical Student Fund Lending Doctor was placed I had you. We will make a strong request to the prefecture so that we can continue to arrange it in the future.
In addition to positively organizing voluntary disaster prevention organization as a measure to prepare for unpredictable disasters, we have been studying the public transportation network by "Public Transportation Council" as measures against vulnerable people, and at the end of the current fiscal year I think that the direction can be shown.
"5. Town development where regional industry becomes healthy", regional and regional industries such as Nagato cho promotion public corporation and Nagato ranch are revitalized, such as eliminating idle lands, establishing direct sales facilities, attracting drinking water production plants So we are actively working on various support.
Regarding support for those seeking entrepreneurs including Regional Ocean Cooperation Volunteers, at the end of this 9 month, a cooperating volunteer who is a student of the 1 period finishes the term of office, launched a new company and settled in the town. We will do our utmost to make it a successful example for the original purpose of the Regional Ocean Cooperation Volunteers and we will continue to provide necessary support as a town.
"6. Town development making full use of various tourism resources", regarding this application, the total of 14 municipalities in 8 municipalities in Nagano prefecture and 6 cities in Yamanashi prefecture including Changwa Town is " It is as you all know that it was approved as a Japanese heritage as "the Jomon World". It is said that Japan's oldest brand "Black Yellow Stone" of 30,000 years in Nagato Town was greatly evaluated and attracted. "Konobu Jomon culture dissemination and activation council", which is the center of the Japanese heritage related business, was established and the business will be full-fledged in the future. Even if it is a town, we will receive the subsidies from the prefecture and promote our unique publicity activities. We would like to work as a big opportunity to lead community development utilizing historical heritage that Nagato cho has been working for many years to regional promotion.
We are also proactively promoting the opening of various events aiming at revitalizing the town and attracting guests and advertisement utilizing Ginza NAGANO.
In addition, regarding the formulation of the town villa master plan, the consulting company is decided on 10 month, we will conduct a questionnaire survey as necessary, and we will proceed while taking the results.
Next, "7. Children entrusting the future of Nagatacho Town is a cheerful city development", but for international exchange, we conducted a "Youth Overseas Dispatch Exchange Project", and a high school student of Changwa Town Ambassador Kuroyangai Eight people have gone to Setford, England. In addition to the stone tool making workshop this time, we also hosted a homestay which will be the first time as a town. Regarding homestay, I was able to experience the lives of ordinary households in England directly, I received warm hospitality in every home, I think that the ambassadors got a lot of things.
"8. Town development that creates new energy," but in relation to the former Wada Government building, the Wada clinic and Wada dental clinic, which had become obsolete in April this year, moved to the first floor where the old government building was refurbished Then I started medical examination. Currently, we are renovating to make the 3 rd floor a community space.
Regarding former Wada Junior High School, we have set up an examination committee on the use of facilities at the former Wada Junior High School in 29 month of Heisei 8, and we are considering it. Until now, we did interviews with facilities that utilize schools that were discontinued in the prefecture, and we heard from those who have the idea of ​​utilization, and we decided to invite widely ideas from inside and outside the townspeople including townsmen, It is where we are folding in and posting a public offering on the town homepage.
 Regarding measures for vacant houses and emigration, we are proceeding with a survey of registered properties and are continuing to improve the vacant house bank, and some have reached a contract.In addition, the "country life experience housing" maintained in the Aohara cadastral has also been used by 12 people in 95 groups, which exceeds expectations.We will continue to strive to stop the population decline.

Next, I will explain sequentially about 1 proposal disposition, 2 proposal revision plans, 8 supplementary budget proposals, etc. which I proposed to Congress now.

【Exclusive decision】
First, I will explain approval No. 8 "Approval of Heisei 30 Nagato Town General Accounting Compensation Budget (No. 3)" which was exclusively discarded.
Regarding this supplementary budget, as explained earlier (11 month 20 days) by the Council of All Councils, the cost of removing the dangerous block walls of the group home Wada and PR of the Japanese heritage related to Kuroya Stone We have exclusively dispose of related project costs and subsidies since the project concerning prefectural spirit development support was covered.

[Ordinance projects]
Next, although it is a matter concerning the ordinance,
First of all, I will explain the proposal No. 78 "Establishment of ordinance to revise part of Nagato-cho Nursing Care Insurance Ordinance".
 In the current ordinance, the amount after the reduction of low-income insurance premiums was stated, but the prefecture has instructed to specify the amount before the reduction, and both amounts are specified.
Next, concerning the proposal No. 79 "Establishment of ordinance revising a part of Nagato-cho water supply ordinance", as mentioned in the previous council of all parliaments of the preceding paragraph, from Nagatocho Water Supply and Sewerage Council We will continue to revise the current water charge in order to supply stable water safely to the residents of the townspeople and we request a price increase of 12.6% on average on April 1, Heisei 31 In doing so, we will revise necessary ordinances.

[Supplementary budget]
Then, I would like to turn will explain the proposals of the supplementary budget relationship.
First, I will outline the proposal No. 80 "Heisei 30 year Nagato cho general accounting correction budget (No. 4)".
Regarding expenditure,
First of all, with regard to general affairs expenses, we have included supplementary budget for facility repair expenses of Nagakubo Branch, cable TV copyright royalties, etc., including household expenses, sanitation expenses, agriculture, forestry and fisheries costs, commerce and engineering expenses, civil engineering expenses, educational expenses, disaster recovery expenses With regard to business progress, we will record an amendment.

Regarding revenues, main revisions are mainly related to revenue from financial assets, deposits, town bonds, and corrections relating to the financial resources of each business, which was recorded in the supplementary expenditure budget.
As mentioned above, we request total correction of 76 million yen in the general account as a whole, and the total budget after the amendment is 6,070 million yen.

Continuing, from bill 81 "Heisei 30 fiscal year Nagato-cho National Health Insurance special account (business account (Kanjo)) revised budget (2)" bill No. 87 "Heisei 30 fiscal year Nagato-cho waterworks business accounting amendment" I will explain the main contents of "Budget (No. 2)".
Regarding the National Health Insurance and Long-term Care Insurance Special Account Compensation Budget, the supplementary budget corresponding to each actual result is the main one.
Regarding special accounts for lending of Dowa district residential new construction funds, it is an amendment of an increase in carryforward.
Specific Environmental Conservation In the Public Sewerage Business Special Account, the supplementary budget for system renovation accompanying the transition to corporate accounting is the main budget.
For the simple drainage facility special accounting, the supplementary budget for simplified drainage facility management is the main one.
For tourism facilities special accounts, the supplementary budget for the renovation of the villa management system is the main one.
 In the water supply business accounting, the supplementary budget for recovery costs due to typhoon damage in July and purchase of equipment for disaster recovery is the main one.

[Designated management]
Next is the agenda item 88 "About designation of designated administrator".
Heisei 31 year 3 month The designation management period will expire on 31 days It is content that we would like to ask the Wada Koso station tourism agricultural forestry promotion association to continue on management of Chofu-cho special product direct sale place (Wada Inn station) .

[Election of Board of Education]
Finally, it is about seeking agreement on appointment of the proposal No. 89 "Chief of the Board of Education Committee".
The term of office of the board of education is four years but as for the appointment of one member of the board of education whose term of office has expired for four years on December 2, we ask that Congress agree Yes.

Or more, we were allowed to an overview of the bill that we have proposed in this regular meeting. When the details are concerning your deliberations, so I would like an explanation from each person in charge, and we thank you for the continued approval of the draft, we do as a description of the proposed reasons.

Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Hata

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