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MayorGood morning, ladies and gentlemen.
This year is not a normal year but the rainy season is fast and the summer heat has been on and on, it was a very long and hot summer, but the heat finally settled down and it became cooler in the morning and the evening. In the fall of fruit, Inaho also dropped his head and gradually began to change its color to golden color (kokaneiro).
Today, I summoned the regular meeting of Seiya Town Council in September, and I am gratefully appreciating from the bottom of my heart that I am very busy, I am able to attend the meeting with the participation of all members of the Diet.

【7 moon · 8 heavy rain in the moon】
By the way, "Heisei 30 July Heavy Rain" caused serious damage mainly in West Japan. I would like to express my condolences and condolences to those who died beyond the 220 name and to many people who suffered from the disaster, and I wish for a quick restoration as soon as possible.
Even in Changwa Town, due to the localized heavy rain, etc., 15 millimeter rainfall was observed in one hour on July 100 day and "Recording short time heavy rain information" was announced. "Sediment-related disaster warning information" was announced seven times in July and August. In each case, we gather information and check the worksite together with the firefighting team, and launch disaster countermeasures headquarters and disaster warning headquarters as necessary and take vigilance We have been dealing with correspondence.
It is the damage caused by these torrential rains, but fortunately there were no human injuries. In addition, although there were power collisions in some areas, sediment collapse and fallen trees in some national highways and forest roads, we responded promptly to the fire department and other related organizations, etc. and restored it. We received support and cooperation, such as voluntarily responding to our local residents and having them work. I would like to express my gratitude to you on this occasion. Thank you very much.

【Youth overseas dispatch business】
Youth overseas dispatch exchanges were held for nine days from July 28 to August 5, and eight high school students from Amagi, Yasuwa Town Youth Black Yao Stone, went to Setford, United Kingdom.
The main purpose of this visit was the implementation of a homestay which will be the first town as well as a stoneware workshop at the Flint Festival held at Grimes Graves.
The stoneware manufacturing workshop was conducted in cooperation with the high school student of Ancient House Museum · Teenage · History Club. It rained on the day but it became unfortunately weather, but there were participants of about 80 name and it was a fulfilling workshop.
With respect to homestay, we were able to experience the lives of ordinary households in the UK directly, and seems to have received warm hospitality in both families.
Through homestay, I think that ambassadors got a lot of things. I hope to make use of this valuable experience in future life and to become a center talent for international exchange in Nagato Town in the future.

【Abe Prefectural Government in the 3 period started】
In fact, in the Nagano prefectural governorate election held on August 5, Mr. Moriichi Abe was reelected.
Regarding Governor Abe, I am one of supporters from the first term, but even in this election, I was supposed to be supportive, although it is very powerful as Head of Selection Headquarters.
Governor Abe said that today is the first tournament in the third term, the steering of the prefectural government of the third term will begin, but I am expecting to continue to make a great success for the prefectural people's happiness and safety and security Yes.

[Heisei 29 year business track record, etc.]
Congress is now a congressional party who gets certified for the Heisei 29 fiscal year settlement, but I would like to mention once in my belief based on the achievements of each business in Heisei 29.
First of all, in the part related to 【General Affairs Division】, the number of staff as of April 1 this year is 94 name. It increased by 2 from last year's 92 name, but it is a decrease of 27 people compared with the merger, and we are working on suppressing staff personnel expenses.
Regarding securing public transportation, we are making efforts to secure the means of transport especially for children and elderly people, but consideration by the public transportation council began toward the construction of a public transportation network which is easy for vulnerable people to use It was.
In relation to crisis management, we also revised the regulations from the retirement system to the constant system in order to secure firefighters. In addition, the "voluntary disaster prevention organization" which began organizing efforts from the Heisei 26 year has launched an organization in eight districts. In the future we will continue to promote awareness of disasters among residents in the process of promoting proactively.
Although it is a town tax relationship, the tax revenue for Heisei 29 year is 700 million 1300 ten thousand yen. Also, in terms of storage rate, we consider 97.9% as a whole and 0.3 points up from the previous year, we believe that elimination of delinquency is progressing.
Next, concerning [Planning Finance Division], the settlement amount of Heisei 29 fiscal general account of the town was approximately 64 billion yen, and it became surplus in the surplus of 70 million yen in real balance. However, in order to respond to the decline of local allocation tax etc., it is the result of reclaiming the fiscal adjustment fund etc. exceeding 500 million yen and using it for the implementation of the project, and together with the accumulation of the accounts, the total is approximately 5200 ten thousand yen Although we are going to fund the fund, it is the current situation that the fund has decreased for the second consecutive year. As we continue to expect a decline due to the calculation of one ordinary allocation tax, it seems that very difficult financial management will continue.
Country Living Experience HousingFor Wada Awara-ku, "Improving Country Living Experience Housing", we believe that it is important for you to feel the charm of this area with your skin and lead it to migration. We intend to enhance the experience housing and the vacancy bank system, invite the migrants, increase the number of settlers by appropriately managing the town-owned housing and residential land sales, and hope to stop the population decline.
In addition, we intend to pursue business based on "long-term comprehensive plan" and "comprehensive plan of town · person · sogei creation" to revitalize Changwa-machi.
Next, in the relationship of [Information Public Relations Division], it was established with the objective of reducing consignment expenses and standardization of procedures, etc. 14 towns and villages system joint use is entrusted to BSN iNet Inc., We will.
Along with the improvement of information infrastructure such as measures to strengthen the security of the country and connection to the prefectural security cloud, in the town we hold seminars and the like aiming at skill improvement of each employee corresponding.
Last year, we installed new emergency power generators at the information center, and it was possible to immediately secure the power supply even in case of power failure. By doing this, stable information provision can be provided to town residents even in emergency.
Next, concerning [town welfare department], as window teller, a family registering office that notarizes individuals 'identity, residents' basic residential affairs such as notarization of residence's residential relations, individual number by introducing a personal number system Card issuing office etc, we are always serving proper office work.
In addition to each of the town welfare welfare sections, we conduct various kinds of projects directly related to the lives of the residents, including consultation and various projects from the elderly, disabled people and their families, so that the familiar area, Nagato cho We are acting as a safe and secure living.
We will continue to improve various businesses while grasping changes in social situation and regional issues.
Next, though it is a part related to 【Child · Health Promotion Division】, for the nursery school integrated, we are celebrating the fourth year, and at the end of 29 year, the child of 114 name gets a healthy garden life .
In addition, completion of environment improvement projects such as plaza dedicated to child rearing support center, playground equipment, installation of azumaya, etc. are completed and very popular from small children to guardians. When looking at the usage situation in Heisei 29 year, it is almost the same number as the previous year, and we are getting use of many people.
Wada clinicIn relation to health promotion, we carried out renovation work to relocate the aged Wada clinic and Wada dental clinic to the former Wada government building 1st floor. Both clinics have started clinical practice in an environment that has been in place since April. We are thinking that you can use it by all means in the community as a familiar clinic.
Next, although it is [Industry Promotion Division], we decided to develop a large-scale agricultural and livestock products direct selling place that could serve as a road station and a regional base, and established "Road Station Area Activation Promotion Committee" , Formulated an activation business basic plan and began preparation for project implementation. In addition, as a member of the Chikumagawa Wine Valley Special Zone, we decided to work on wine related business even in Changwa Town, and in April of last year we launched the Kuroyoho Wine Grape Project Committee and we continue to do business.
In the commerce and industry sightseeing relationship, the 7th Mie Mihara Trail Run competition held in July was held. There was about 1,400 name entries as same as the previous year. Also in August, the 7th "Whiskey & Via Camp" was also held at the Blanche Takayama Ski Resort, which was also the same event as last year. In future, I would like to close up and cooperate closely with the relevant organizations and other related organizations so that we can connect with the publicity of the town, and excite the event project.
Next, concerning [Construction Water Supply Division], in the Heisei 29 year, eight projects including road improvement and pavement change etc., including carry-over business, by the social capital development integrated grant project which is the national grant project In addition to the construction of a town alone, we have been pushing up road pavement repair and waterway repair work sequentially.

In the future, we plan to continue to check and repair road facilities on a planned basis, and at the same time we would like to seek to improve the road by making effective use of supplementary projects.
In addition to this, in the water service, we integrated nine simple water supply projects and shifted to corporate accounting to which the local municipal corporate law is applied.
Regarding villa relationships, we are working on reforms including leveling management expenses of scholarly villa villa areas, and for fallen trees of typhoon 21, we will work on restoration work with the cooperation of both Furuicho and Nagakubo property zones I have been to go.
Next, concerning 【Education Division】, firstly, because of junior high school relationship, Wada Junior High School and Yoda Kubo South Junior High School merged in Heisei 29 year, and one year has passed since the establishment of Shinsei Yoda Kubo South Junior High School. Even after the integration, the students seemed calm and it seemed that they were able to send daily life brightly.
In the relation of cultural property, we started designing business from Heisei 29 year for the construction of outdoor exhibition facilities scheduled to be maintained in the site of the Star Guku Pass Obsidian Origin site. This project will be implemented as a continuation project for 4 years up to the 2020 year.

Based on the achievements of the implementation projects of each division in the Heisei 29 year, I made the statement.

[For fiscal management and financial indicators of the town]
Continued, I will explain the financial indicators of the town in Heisei 29 fiscal year settlement of accounts.
Firstly, although it is "current balance ratio", it became 29% in the 91.8 year, 91.0% in the previous year, so it increased by 0.8 points.
Next, although it is a relation of soundness judgment ratio, it is 4 index, which is related to "real deficit ratio", "consolidated real deficit ratio", "real debt cost ratio", "future burden ratio" It is.
First of all, regarding the real deficit ratio and consolidated real deficit ratio, it is healthy because it is not in the red.

Both the real public debt cost ratio and the future burden ratio have risen compared to the previous year, but since it is lower than the criteria for fiscal consolidation, the situation of fiscal consolidation in the Heisei 29 fiscal year settlement is all sound It can be said that it is in.
Finally, although it is the fund shortage ratio, this shows the severity of the management situation of public enterprises, but in public enterprise accounting in our town there is no shortage of funds.
The soundness judgment ratio and the fund shortage ratio are submitted to the Congress as a report case. Later, we will let you explain from the section manager, so please take care.
Next, I will explain sequentially 3 ordinance revision proposals and 10 supplementary budget proposals I proposed to Congress in order.

[Ordinance projects]
First, although it is a matter related to the ordinance, I will explain the enactment of agenda No. 63 "Ordinance revising part of Nagatomachi personal information protection ordinance".
Along with the revision of the National Personal Information Protection Law etc, we ask you to revise the ordinance conforming to it. Regarding the content, we defined the definition of "personal information" and defined "personal information such as race, creed and medical history" that requires special attention, as well-considered personal information.
Next, with regard to the enactment of bill 64 "Ordinance revising part of the constant regulations of members of the agricultural committee of Changwa-machi", the proposal No. 65 "One of the constant ordinances of the Chairperson of Nagano-cho Agricultural Land Utilization Promotion Committee We will explain the establishment of the ordinance to revise the department ".
In the next election of farmers committee members and agricultural land optimization promotion committee in April next year, it is necessary to revise the staff members such as agricultural committee, etc. to change the constant, aiming to prevent and eliminate the idle landslides It is.

[Supplementary budget]
Next, I will explain about the proposal concerning the supplementary budget, which we propose to the September regular meeting.
First of all, we will explain the main contents of bill 66 "Heisei 30 General Accounting Correction Budget (No. 2)."
Regarding expenditures, in administrative expenses, in addition to expenses related to information management of specific personal information and cable television broadcasting business, payment to tourism facility business special account related to formulation of villa master plan of Changwa-cho, renovation of Wada branch Implementation of project We posted amendment aimed at construction accompanying design completion.
In terms of household expenses, in addition to payments to the nursing-care insurance special account, expenses related to the purchase expenses of equipment related to the childcare management business and the increase in the number of temporary staff due to an increase in the number of children used, in sanitation costs, In addition to the purchase expenses of the equipment pertaining to this project, we recorded an amendment due to the results of various projects.
Regarding agricultural, forestry and fishery expenses, in addition to the expenses related to each of the Zhongshan area direct payment business, the environmental conservation type agricultural direct payment business, the citizen farm management administration project, respectively, the repair works of waterways and countermeasures against harmful birds and animals by regional requests etc. We will also post amendments.
In the case of civil engineering expenses, expenses related to repair by road improvement work and district demand etc. were posted, besides expenses related to water level gauge sensor exchanges in firefighting expenses, in educational expenses, aiming for improvement in academic ability of primary school students In addition to purchasing expenses for teaching materials, we also posted compensation for subsidies relating to historical landscape formation in Daimon area and Wada district. Besides this, expenses related to the construction of the public hall scheduled for construction in the next fiscal year are also posted.
In disaster restoration expenses, expenses for disaster restoration of civil engineering facilities and agricultural forestry facilities etc. were recorded due to the heavy rain in July.
Besides these, compensation for personnel expenses due to this personnel change in April is also posted.

Next, I will explain the main contents about revenue.
With regard to revenue, although corrections relating to the financial resources of each business, which were recorded in the supplementary budget for expenditure, are the main items, I will explain the main items of other supplementary budget.
Although it is a prefectural subsidy at first, since the subsidy amount of each project has been finalized, amendment was posted.
There was also a change in the project cost for each of the cable television transmission line renovation work, the road improvement work by the social capital development integrated grant project, and the bridge long life renovation repair business. Accordingly, we plan to respond by increasing the town bonds, so we will record amendment for the town bonds related to this.
In addition to receiving confirmation of the allocation amount of ordinary allocation tax, we recorded an increase correction of local allocation tax, and recorded correction of decrease of transfer payment of fiscal adjustment fund, and amendment related to carry forward accompanying Heisei 29 fiscal year settlement We also record.
As mentioned above, we ask for an increase of 7,800 ten thousand yen in general account as a whole, and the total budget after amendment is XNUM X billion X NUMX ten thousand yen.

Continuing, the bill 67 "Heisei 30 year Nagato cho national health insurance special account (business account) supplementary budget (No. 1)" proposal No. 75 "Heisei 30 year Nagato cho Water supply business accounting compensation budget ( I will explain the supplementary budget for special accounts etc. until 1).
With regard to these supplementary budgets, compensation for carry-forwards and personnel expenses accompanying Heisei 29 fiscal year settlement is the main one.
As for the main thing other than carry-over and personnel expenses, in the National Health Insurance Special Account, the amendment accompanying the revision of the National Health Insurance system, etc. In the Special Long-term Medical Special Account for the elderly, as the revenue, the result of the previous fiscal year In the case of the Long-Term Care Insurance Special Account, we recorded amendments to increase deposits from general accounts and increase payments from benefit-relief funds in conjunction with increases in personnel expenses, respectively.
Tourism Facility Business Special Accounting will cover expenses related to the formulation of the villa master plan in Changwa Town, charges from general accounts and other items related to villa management, etc. In waterworks business accounting, it will be required to repair water pipes, etc. We will compensate for purchase expenses of equipment.

【Promotion of depopulated areas self-reliance plan】
Finally, as for the agenda item 76 "About Changes in Changwon Town Depopulated Area Independence Promotion Promotion Plan", in the current plan, a new project such as a road station area activation project based on a large-scale agricultural and livestock product direct sale center As additions and changes need to be made in accordance with the progress of various projects, we are asking Congress to make a partial change in the plan.

The above has outlined the proposal that we proposed to this regular meeting. As for details, we will explain from each person in charge at the time of deliberation, so we ask you to approve the draft and explain the reason for the proposal.

Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Hata

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