To Yuuka Fujimori Players in Chief of the Chamber Orchestra!

Published 2018 years 09 month 05 Date

Last updated 2018 years 09 month 05 Date

Yuka FujimoriCherry blossoms began to bloom. I am trying to greet the spring moment.

Today, I am very pleased to take the ceremonial honor chapter of Nagato Town with everyone to give Yuka Fujimori a ceremony.

The success of Yuka Fujimori at the Pyeongchang Olympics was wonderful. Switching from snowboard cross to slope style and big air, it was a challenge as the last Olympics. Yuka is impressed.

The sloping style which was the first competition was stopped for qualifying due to the strong wind, and the start of the final day of the next day's race was bad weather as well. Yuka worked hard in such a bad condition of such a strong wind. Amid fallen because of the strong winds, the rider has entered the highest 4 position in the 9 Japanese forces with abundant experience and calm judgment.

In another competition, Big Air, we decided to advance to the finals in qualifying 94.25 place at 2 points. The final is a competition that sums up the highest points of the two different techniques out of the 3 times performances, and Yuka has decided the quarter-round two-and-a-half turn "backside900(Nine Hundred)Succeeded, marked 82.25 points, it got it 3rd in the first time. Already at this time, everyone who is cheering is really excited by the cheering crowd that the venue is shaking. After that, second and third times I regretly overturned and I could not extend my score, but I left a brilliant grade of 7 prize.

Both competitions sent public crowds with a lot of colleagues and cheers from Princess to Pyeongchang 's "Publicly delivered to Yuka" in public viewing, watching TV broadcasting while sweating in the hands. I know that there is no "bamboo" in the world of sports, but it was a very regret competition that "gold medal" was not a dream even if "standing." Everybody felt that clapping did not stop ringing for a while after the performance.

Trico (Italy) of 2006 year, Vancouver (Canada) of 2010 year, Sochi (Russia) of 2014 year, and Pyeongchang (Korea) of this year are not able to achieve by the extraordinary efforts . In the competitive world of sports, keeping active as a first-class athlete is a really difficult thing, both mentally and physically superior power are necessary. Yuka 's so hard appearance gave inspiration, dreams and hope to many townspeople.

Every time Yuuka Fujimori participated in the Olympic Games, it was introduced as "Nagano Prefecture Nagatacho-ni", and I informed the name of "Chowa-cho" throughout the world in Japan. I am praising that achievement and I gave a townspeople 's honorary chapter. Yuka Fujimori is the second town honorary chapter since it was awarded the townspeople honor chapter by the achievement of 7th place in the snowboard cross in Turin of 2006 which first participated in the winter Olympics but as Changwa Town the townspeople By giving an honorary chapter, I would like to shine Yuka, who showed me the performance of the symposium. I'm really thankful to you.

Does the feeling that the last Olympics have changed?

Although it is still very young, there are also "regretful" feelings, but from now on, I am wondering about the desire to do activities to convey the charm of snowboarding.

Since it is a fierce sport, I prayed for your continued success and will greet more and more from now on.

Yuka, I'm really thank you for a long time. And thank you for the impression!


Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Hata

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