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Good morning.

Entered in March from today, very cold weather that has not been in the usual year has continued, but as soon as I came here, the coldness was relieved and the arrival of spring came to be felt.

Thank you very much for attending the March regular meeting here today, thank you very much for your participation by all the lawmakers.

【Pyeongchang Olympics】

First of all, at the Pyeongchang Olympics which had been held until the other day, the success of the Japanese who surpassed the former Nagano Olympics was prominent.

Especially for my Changwa Town, Yuka Fujimori from the local Princess Himpei has achieved a fantastic achievement of the fourth Olympic appearance. In addition, in Big Air, I went through second in qualifying and in the final it won a remarkable record of 7th prize.

There was explanation that it was from Nagawa-machi, Nagano prefecture also in television broadcasting and reporting, and also contributed greatly to PR of the town.

As a result of evaluating this achievement and holding the Nagato cho commendation committee, we decided to give Yuka Fujimori a chapter of the townspeople 's honor.

It will be the last Olympic Games this time, but I'd like to put the word of envy as "Yuka was a hard worker" to send great applause to Yuka Fujimori's good fight.

【Shinwada tunnel · Samsyama tunnel】

Well, in the representative question of the Nagano prefectural assembly that was done the other day, Governor Abe said about Nagano Prefecture Road Public Corporation administrated and operated Mikuyama Tunnel and Shinwa Tunnel free of charge Mikuyama Tunnel was around the summer of 2020, About Shinwada tunnel I announced a policy of freeing it each around the summer of 2021 year.

Along with this freezing, the burden of residents is reduced as our town and the economic effect with Suwa and Matsumoto is greatly expected.

It has been a long time since I have requested the prefecture and parliament for freeization at the town and the Hatsumai alliance, but I am wondering if I finally got a fruit.

Well then, I would like to explain sequentially about 9 ordinance projects, 30 budget plan for Heisei 11 year, 29 proposal for supplementary budget for Heisei 11 year, other town road certification relation etc. that we proposed to Congress now I will.

[Ordinance projects]

Introduction This is the proposal No. 1 "About the establishment of a regulation that revises a part of ordinances concerning part-time workers and non-part-time workers in Nagato-cho Special Officials". With regard to this revision, as part of the revision of the law on the organization and management of local educational administration, it was decided to place a new education chief with unification of education chairperson and education chief, and therefore, as compensation for the board of education committee We will revise this part.

Next is the proposal No. 2 "Establishment of ordinance concerning the establishment and management of Nagatocho country life life experiencing housing", but it was completed on December 27, 2010, Establishment of Nagato machi living life experiences housing And to establish necessary matters concerning management.

Next is the proposal No. 3 "Establishment of a regulation that revises a part of the Nagato Town National Health Insurance Tax Ordinance", but from April, 1990, from April, 1990, the National Health Insurance Act revised the citizen It is an amendment for Nagano prefecture to be the financial management entity responsible for health insurance.

Next is the proposal No. 4 "Establishment of ordinance to amend part of Nagato Town National Health Insurance Ordinance". Regarding this amendment as well, due to amendment of the National Health Insurance Law, amendment will be made so that the administrator of National Health Insurance will be Nagano Prefecture.

Next, it is about the proposal No. 5 "Establishment of ordinance revising a part of ordinance concerning latter-stage elderly medical care in Changwa Town". With regard to this amendment, in accordance with the enforcement of the Act to Partially Amend the National Health Insurance Law to Establish a Sustainable Medical Insurance System in April, 1990, the "Special Regional Address" was reviewed and required The amendment is required because it is necessary to amend the law.

Next, it is about the proposal No. 6 "Establishment of a regulation that amends part of the ordinance concerning the workers and the standards of operation of projects such as Designated In-Home Long-Term Care Support based on the Long-Term Care Insurance Act", but in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare , Designated in-home nursing care support, etc., the standards to be followed within the framework and the standards to be taken into consideration are indicated, thereby revising the ordinance.

Next is the proposal No. 7 "Establishment of ordinance concerning the establishment and management of the Changwa Town sludge recycling processing center", but Nagatacho sludge recycling processing center, which conducts the project in cooperation with Aoki village, In response to commencement of service in April 1930, we will establish ordinance to set necessary matters concerning the establishment and management of said facilities.

Next, it is about proposal No. 8 "Establishment of ordinance revising part of Nagato-cho water supply ordinance", but with regard to the abolition of the pause system, part of the ordinance is submitted based on the report of the Chamber of Commerce and Water Supply Council It is to revise.

Next, concerning the proposal No. 9 "About the establishment of the ordinance revising a part of the regulations concerning the capacity, appointment and dismissal, appointment and disbursement, salary, service, etc. of Nagatocho fire brigade team", but in order to secure the personnel necessary for firefighting activities, It is an amendment to abolish the retirement system of the Nagato Town fire brigade team and to shift to the constant system.

[Budget policy]

Next, I will explain the budget relation, but first, I will mention the basic policy of Heisei 30 fiscal year budget formation.

With regard to the Heisei 30 fiscal year budget in the country, in order to accelerate integration reform of the economy and fiscal and aim to achieve fiscal consolidation goal, under the policy of "There is no fiscal consolidation without economic revival", deflation, economic revival, We will steadily advance "reform of 3" of expenditure reform and revenue reform, strengthen full-fledged expenditure reform efforts without relaxing hands over expenditure as well as refining the priority order of measures, waste While thoroughly eliminating, we are boldly emphasizing the content of the budget.

In local finance, in order to respond appropriately to working way reform, human resource investment, child child rearing support, etc., it is possible to promote regional creation etc. by fully demonstrating independence and independence according to the actual circumstances of the region , We will ensure a stable fiscal foundation.

Based on the trend of the local fiscal measures in the country, we also set the basis for administrative management to protect the development of the area and the lives of the residents based on the basic physical strength that we have cultivated up to now, Town of Changwa Town with Energy, Energies "is the basic philosophy of community development

"Collaborative city of residents and administration"

"A city that protects rich nature, history and culture, is kind and gentle"

"Town utilizing the characteristics of the area, vitality and charm"

Based on the "Nagawa Next Vision 4" various administrative projects, we strive to promote measures to establish a sustainable stable Nagato cho in the future based on the basic budget policy.

【Outline of Heisei 30 year budget】

Regarding the initial budget amount for the Heisei 30 year, the general account is 59 billion yen, the total of the special account 8 accounts is XNUM X billion X NUMX Ten thousand yen, and the total amount is XNUM X billion X NUMX Ten thousand yen.

Regarding general accounts, when compared with the initial budget amount for Heisei 29 year, it was reduced by 1 billion 2,000 ten thousand yen, the rate was reduced by 1.99%. When comparing the special account with the initial budget amount for Heisei 29 year, it is reduced by 3 billion 2,292 ten thousand yen, the rate is reduced by 12.69%.

Regarding the reason why the special account budget amount was reduced largely, the prefecture area in the National Health Insurance Special Account and the insurance benefit expense in the Long-Term Care Insurance Special Account were reduced

It is due to that.

First of all, we will explain the main contents of bill 10 Heisei 30 year Nagato cho General account budget.

First of all, as a budget for matters raised in my pledge, in order to take over the valuable smiles of the people of Nagato Town to the future, children are hope of the town, irreplaceable existence, treasure . As one of the nuclear measures of town planning aiming for further child rearing in Japan, we have reflected in the budget so that school lunch fee for elementary and junior high school is free. In addition, in relation to parenting support, we will continue to enrich the operation of the child rearing support center, and in addition to relating it to local creation projects, we will allocate a budget for "child rearing support benefits" that will provide support when entering elementary school and junior high school We will continue to record and further reduce the burden on the child-rearing generation, we will further enhance child-rearing support. In addition, we will continue to conduct free medical expenses under the age of 18, which we have been doing in the past, and subsidies for high school school expenses.

Regarding "Measures to halt the declining population", as a regional creation related project, we will fully utilize the utilization and PR of rural living experience houses completed in the Aōwara district, and will take them on track , In order to make effective use of vacant houses, we posted the budget etc. for promotion of activities such as 'vacant house utilization migration promotion project' etc.

Regarding the aspect of commerce and tourism, we hold "town planning utilizing versatile tourism resources" to the town sightseeing association which is the main body of the event, such as organizing events such as trail run, whiskey and beer camp, and quince Malmelo I will do such assistance.

In addition, we will post a budget related to the Tanayama ski resort Toshima Blanche and aim to "Promote sightseeing that utilizes nature, hot springs and ski resort".

In addition, as "Measures to revitalize industries in the town", we will discuss "Regional resource-based agriculture creation projects", "Wine industry project projects", "Development projects of" earnings of agriculture "" Regional creation promotion delivery We will make use of, for example, money.

Besides this, regarding regional creation related matters, we continue to post budget related to "campaign team" and "special product development team" which was established in Heisei 28 year and push forward the promotion measures concerning town special products I will. Furthermore, as regional creation related projects, we also posted budget related to "special product development project in cooperation with Tokyo agricultural university", "tobacco management project", "visit foreign foreign tour guidance project" etc.

In relation to Kuroya stone, from Heisei 28 year, "We are undertaking the development project of the historical site Star Ku way pass Black Yellow stone Origin site, but also in the Heisei 30 year, including the business that could not be implemented in Heisei 29 year, continue We will carry out related projects and promote town development by Kuroya stone.

In terms of "Elderly people are doing well," we will implement measures that allow elderly people to live with peace of mind. Continue to support "supportive support projects" in collaboration with social welfare councils, "elderly-friendly housing improvement promotion project" to improve the living environment of the elderly, "distribution service business" We will carry out it further in a fulfilling manner. In addition, we carried out "hot spring admission fee discount business" which discounts of hot spring entrance fee in the neighborhood of people with disabilities from Heisei 29 year, but from this fiscal year we will shift to promotion public corporation from the viewpoint of social contribution project We will continue to improve our comprehensive welfare, starting with continuing business.

In connection with the "city planning that everyone can live safely and safely", "elderly cheerful town planning", and "town planning to create new energy", in Winter clinics and dental clinics in Heisei 29 year We have posted the budget to relocate to the former Wada government building, and the maintenance of the medical facilities has been completed. We are promoting the renovation of the former Wada government building so that it can be utilized as a multipurpose facility for improving welfare and health, mainly by improving these medical facilities, mainly by repairing elevators and toilets that have exceeded their useful lives We want to do.

In addition, the medical system of holidays and nighttime conducted as a project related to the management of the Yoda Kuboku Hospital and Yoda Kubo elderly health facilities, the Ueda area wide area association and the Ueda area settlement independence area concept, weekday late night We will budget expenses for expenses related to home doctor, pediatric emergency center etc etc and continue to further enhance medical system.

About two years have elapsed since the new government building was opened, in terms of "Enhancing administrative services and promoting administrative reforms", I would like to provide more substantial administrative services to residents am thinking.

Regarding the personnel evaluation system, we have also introduced a personnel evaluation system from Heisei 28 year and began operation. In the Heisei 30 year as well, we will record system related budgets and we will continue to strive to continuously improve the personnel evaluation system to improve the quality of staff.

Regarding promotion of disaster-resistant town development, we began full-scale self-organizing disaster prevention organization in Heisei 26 year, but we continue to ask residents to form a voluntary disaster prevention organization in Heisei 30 year, We will do maintenance etc. concerning necessary supplies etc. in voluntary disaster prevention organization.

In addition to this, in order to promote the fulfilling activities of each group, we budgeted the purchase of loaded cars and the budget related to construction projects of packages.

Regarding the improvement of the educational environment, we arrange lecturers, town counselors and school counselors, parent training, etc for town costs to elementary and junior high schools to provide fine-grained education to the students and also to enhance the ALT project We will carry out.

Also, for the second time, the international exchange project will be carried out with 8 junior and senior high school students.

As mentioned above, in the expenditure of Heisei 30 fiscal year general budget initial budget, I mentioned about the main business of the items listed in my commitment and the local creation related business, but as a big project, There is an update project. This will update the transmission line which has already experienced a lapse of time and which is causing trouble by introducing auxiliary business of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will work on business to realize Olympic 4K · 8K television broadcasting. Regarding other budget related to office work, it is indispensable for improvement of residents' service. We are committed to pursuing healthy financial management leading to the future without never lowering the administrative services that we have built up so far and aiming to realize that. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Next, I will explain the main items of general account revenue.

Regarding town tax, we anticipated 5.3 billion XNUM X X X X X 1000 X thousand yen, which decreased by 6% from the previous year. With regard to light motor vehicle tax and corporate tax, we anticipate a reduction from the relationship such as an increase due to an increase in corporate tax breaks, etc., a reduction in local taxes and a revaluation of property tax.

Regarding local allocation tax, we anticipated 2.1 billion XNUM X X X X X 1000 X thousand yen, which decreased by 24% from the previous year. Regarding ordinary allocation tax, 4,700 ten thousand yen was reduced from the previous fiscal year, and 5% was reduced as a percentage. Transition from the merger calculation change to one calculation started from the last fiscal year and the calculation amount is also decreasing year by year, but in the Heisei 4,628 year, while the reduction, while reviewing the calculation method and the regional creation related business are targeted Because there are also factors of increase such as becoming, I am supposed to reduce 2.0 ten thousand yen by the total amount. With regard to the special allocation tax, we also decided not to take measures such as expenses related to the establishment of the "comprehensive management plan for public facilities, etc.", and declined 30% by 4,628 million 622 thousand yen.

Regarding funds transfer fee, 6 million XNUM X X X X XX X thousand yen from the "Fiscal Coordination Fund", XNUM X Ten thousand yen from the "Public Facilities Improvement Fund", XNUM X Ten thousand yen from the "Furusato Creation Fund", X NUM X 10 thousand from the "Wired Broadcast Refurbishment Fund" We booked 58 thousand yen and so on. Regarding fiscal adjustment funds, 6 million 1,290 thousand yen lower than the previous fiscal year, concerning the transfer of funds for public facility improvement, due to the completion of renovation of garbage disposal facility etc., the decrease of 3,000 10,000 4,526 thousand yen from the previous year, the Home Founding Fund With regard to payment, we have reduced 8 ten thousand yen.

Regarding borrowing of town bonds, we anticipate XNUM X 100 million 2 Ten thousand yen "anti-depopulation business bonds" related to cable television transmission line renewal, road stock construction projects, cultural properties facilities, software business, etc. In addition, we have posted "emergency disaster prevention and mitigation business bonds" 2,400 ten thousand yen as a borrowing concerning purchase of a fire-fighting car and a fire brigade depot. In addition to this, "Temporary fiscal countermeasure bonds" issued as a transfer of local allocation tax is expected to be 2,650 billion XNUM X X X X Y XX thousand yen.

[Special accounting and waterworks business budget]

Next, I will explain about special bill from the agenda No. 11 "Heisei 30 year Nagato cho National Health Insurance special account budget" to bill 19 "Heisei 30 year Nagato cho Wada Property area special account budget" .

First of all, it is "National Health Insurance Special Account", but the initial budget amount is XNUM X billion X NUMX Ten thousand yen less than the previous year by XNUM X billion X NUMX Ten thousand yen reduction.

This project will be converted to prefecture area from this fiscal year. Because the style such as payment changes, each item is a change that became a change each. Out of revenue, the national treasury contribution money and municipal bonds are reduced.

In expenditure, the insurance benefit expenses and joint project contributions etc. are reduced, and the national health insurance fee payment is increased.

Regarding 'National Health Insurance Dental Clinic Business Special Account', it is accounting for medical treatment fee, but it was budget amount of 1,500 ten thousand yen which is the same amount as the previous year.

Regarding "Late-stage Elderly Medical Special Account", the budget amount became 8,200 million, and we have posted a budget that will increase XNUM X ten thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.

Regarding "Long-term Care Insurance Special Account", we have made 1 X 100 million XNUM X million yen less than the previous year's budget amount of XNUM X 100 million X NUMX ten thousand yen. In revenue, we have reduced the premiums, adjustment grants, funds transfer fee etc. Regarding expenditure, regional support project costs related to insurance benefit expenses, visiting type and office type service business, etc. are greatly increased.

Regarding "Dowa District Residential New Fund Loan Special Account", it was 12 ten thousand yen, increased by XNUM X ten thousand yen from the previous year. The main reason is the reduction of loan principal and interest income.

Regarding 'Specific Environmental Conservation Public Sewerage Project Accounting', we have made 3,300 100 million 4 ten thousand yen increase of XNUM X ten thousand yen from the previous year. Nagato Water Treatment Center extended lifespan of electric facility construction as a factor of the increase. Although the current sewerage project is not applicable to public corporation law, it is planned to shift to corporate accounting of "applicable law" from Heisei 6,500 year, we are promoting "fixed asset ledger maintenance" from 31 year .

Regarding "Simple drainage facility special account", it is 1,100 ten thousand yen, which is the same amount as the previous year's budget.

Regarding "Tourism Facility Business Special Account", 354 100 million yen reduction of 1 million yen from the previous year has become 646 billion XNUMX ten thousand yen. Amid decreasing trends in contracts, the main reason for the reduction is the fact that land rental income is to be budgeted for reduction in anticipation of reduction.

In addition, during this special account, we also posted a budget for formulating the master plan aiming at the management of the villa district in the future.

Regarding "Wada Property Area Special Account", it is a budget of XNUM X X X X X X X 1000 thousand yen, which is an increase of XNUM X 10 thousand X NUMX thousand yen from the previous year. In revenue, revenue from production of thinned timber and other products is the main factor of increase.

Next, as for bill 20 "Changwa-machi water supply business accounting budget", we have started as "new water supply business" newly because it shifted from Heisei 29 year to accounting for applying the Public Enterprise Law. As a corporate accounting budget, it differs greatly from the budget form of the budget form, such as the form and appearance of the budget, general accounts and special accounts. In the Heisei 30 year, we will conduct renovation work of the water distribution pond in Wada district and consideration for revising the water rate, but we will continue to strive to continue sound business management in the future.

As mentioned above, the fiscal situation of the town will be put under more severe circumstances, such as starting the calculation of one ordinary allocation tax from Heisei 28 year, raising the consumption tax rate from Heisei 31 year, but in the future, Based on the fundamental physical strength that I have been doing, I would like to continue to be a year of a new step for Nagato Town to further continue to shine and develop as Changwa Town.

Also, while accurately grasping the trends of the times, it is necessary for all staff members to cooperate to promote town administration.

For the residents, I think that it is necessary to strive to make the town administration the most familiar presence, to show the way to residents' desire and to fulfill the role to live safely.

By doing so, I'm confident that we will step forward, steadily and steadily forward to the realization of "Town of Genki!

[Supplementary budget]

Then, I would like to turn will explain the proposals of the supplementary budget relationship.

First, I will explain the agenda item 21 "Nagato cho general accounting supplementary budget (No. 4 issue)".

The main supplementary budget for this time is the compensation budget for expenses related to core system cooperation burden. This is related to system customization etc.

Regarding the budget for the Regional Ocean Cooperation Volunteers, we estimated the expenses for 5 person in the current budget, but since the cooperating voluntee we are currently asking is 4 name, we will make a supplementary budget to reduce the related budget We booked it.

Regarding the food distribution service, we have posted a supplementary budget for service expenses that will become short.

In addition, since the snow removal expenses are increasing due to the snowfall in this winter, as a supplementary budget to increase the related expenses required for snow removal, as a withdrawal to special account, the National Health Insurance Special Account shall bear the fundamental stability contribution We have posted a supplementary budget etc. to be paid out as.

Regarding other expenditure supplementary budgets, corrections due to liquidation of already completed projects and corrections due to liquidation projections such as ordinary expenses are mainly made.

In the general account as a whole, we ask you to reduce the amount of 7,970 ten thousand yen, the total amount after amendment is XNUM X 100 million X NUM X ten thousand yen.

Also, in addition to asking for the business described in the "Amount of carried forwards in the 30 table" of the supplementary budget for the carry-forward business to the Heisei 3 year, we will ask the project "Historic site star fecal pass Black Yellow stone origin ruins development project" Regarding the continuing expenses pertaining to the project, we also request an amendment due to changes in the project cost.

Regarding the supplementary budget for special accounts and water supply business accounting from bill 22 to bill 31, the main content is compensation accompanying completion of project and expected result.

Among them, concerning National Health Insurance Special Account, we have posted a deposit from general account related to stabilization of infrastructure.

【そ の 他】

Next is bill No. 32 "About town road road certification", but we certify the two routes in the Tateiwa Ochiai housing complex that we have created in FY2007 as a town road.

Next, as for bill No. 33 "Regarding the change of cooperation agreement of the Nagano prefecture municipal equity committee", Hakuba Mt. Fuji Environment Facility Association is a change of the contract due to name change to Hakuba mountain footwear affiliated union.

Next, it is about the proposal No. 34 "Abandonment of part of the rights relating to the Ueda region wide area coalition hometown fund", but this time it is related to the Nagano Prefecture Medical Small Medical Area Region Medical Rehabilitation Plan implemented in FY1990 We will reclaim and use the fund to apply for continuing operations.

Finally, though it is a proposal No. 35 "About seeking consent for the election of the members of the management committee of Wadawa Town Wada Property Ward", the term of office of the management committee of Wadawa Town Ward Property Area will be March 31 We will ask Congress to agree on the appointment of the committee as it will expire on the date.

Although I mentioned the outline of the reasons for the proposal above, I will explain from the person in charge at the time of deliberation, so I will tell you to approve after we deliberately deliberate on your proposal and will make it a proposal for the proposal.


Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Hata

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