Heisei 30 New Year Greetings

Published 2018 years 03 month 09 Date

Last updated 2018 years 03 month 09 Date

MayorHappy New Year.

Heisei We would like to thank you and congratulations of 30 year refreshing welcome the New Year in.

Understanding from peacetime to the promotion of the town administration, cooperation, I would like to thank look forward to your support.

Since "Nagatacho" was born, 12 years passed and entered the 13 year.

In last year's 10 month 29 day, the election of the town mayor and the town council members was executed, and the face of politics of the town was decided. I was able to fulfill my fourth prize by being supported by many people.

In addition, for the town council members who reduced membership constants by 12 from parliamentary reform, elected Takahiro Tamura and Vice Chairman Haneda Kimio at the extraordinary parliament after the reelection, committee chairpersons of various committees also decided Then, a new organization was launched.

The general election of the House of Representatives took place on the 10 month 22 day one week before the mayoral election and the town councilor election, and the Liberal Democratic Party won the 284 seats and the Komeito party won the 29 seats. . This seat is more than two-thirds of the seats in the House of Representatives.

Looking at the opposition party, the constitutional Millennium Democratic Party, the hope party, the Communist Party and Japan Revival Association only secured 55 seats, 50 seats, 12 seats and 11 seats, and the entire acquired seats were independent 152 seats including independent .

In this way, the Abe administration received a certain evaluation, in terms of diplomacy and security, under the President Obama and Trump both governments, while strengthening the Japan-U.S. Relations, has achieved a record of agreement on the framework of the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement On the economic side, we have not only succeeded in eliminating the deflationary situation, but also due to the fact that we have kept track record of power liberalization, corporate governance reform, corporate tax reduction tax, increase in visitors to foreign countries, lifting of private houses from this year It is said that it is.

In such political situation, Nagato cho celebrated in Heisei 30 years.

Looking at the financial situation of the town, it is the allocation tax which accounts for nearly half of the general account budget revenue of the town, but the merger revaluation change which had been preferential treatment of 10 to the merger municipalities ended in FY2013, Heisei 33 We will gradually be reduced to calculate one without preferential treatment starting from the fiscal year. (In the actual result in FY2008, 21% of the difference was reduced by 21 million yen.) The reduction rate increases year by year. In our town which scarcely has voluntary financial resources, the measures corresponding to the reduction of local allocation tax are based on reduction of ordinary expenses such as property expenses, contributions and subsidies, reconsideration of ordinary construction project cost, according to the times We have to seek administrative projects and shift to a fiscal scale commensurate with the size of revenue.

The declining birthrate, the aging population, and the declining population are urgent issues that each local government has today. A drastic measure is necessary. As a town promoting "Child-raising in Nagato-cho", although it is financially extremely tough, as part of measures to reduce the economic burden of the child-rearing generation by hitting the bottom of the wallet, We will make school lunch fee for elementary and junior high school students free from April this year.

We are expecting that this project will halt the declining birthrate, the aging population, and the declining population.

10 Moon 23 day, landed in the vicinity of Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Typhoon 21 has since fallen to the northeast with a wide storm area, there were fallen trees around the town in Nagato Town as well due to windstorms. Especially, damage caused by damaging part of the company office was caused, as Sawara and the cedar big trees falling in the precincts of Furutamo Toyotake Uedajinjyu where geeks and festivals are held collapsed and all the branches were destroyed.

Nagatomachi is a town with few disasters, but once again I realized again the fear of natural disasters as to whether there is such damage as well. Fortunately there were no human injuries. The worried geeks and festivals are relieved that they can hold first aid and be held.

I do not know when and where disasters and disasters will occur, I wish you a good year, Heisei 30 year will be a good year for town residents and Changwa town, I wish you a greetings of the year.


Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Hata

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