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Inaugural Greeting

Published 2005 years 11 month 14 Date

Last updated 2017 years 11 month 22 Date

Welcomed the end of the year to the townspeople everyone, it is proposed that something that you busy.
This time, it was Kenichiro Haneda who was supposed to serve as the first mayor of "Nagato cho" town governor. During the election, we apologize for the inconvenience or many inconveniences, we will deeply carve out the warm support and encouragement we have received in the mind and make it available to future townmen Because we are in the future, we ask you for a patronage of the old.
Well, due to the consensus of the residents and the parliament, Shinsei Changwa Town was born on 10 month 1 day. Former Nagato town and former Wada villa have common values ​​such as abundant natural environment, Nakasendo, Kuroya stone and have been developing together as a neighboring area from long ago.
This from that became one, and further emphasis on dialogue, residents individual becomes a protagonist, formed a government and scrum, in the wisdom and ingenuity that have inherited from our ancestors, "Genki is accustomed to out-healthy" full of vitality the town Nagawa town is united, shall Myra proceed
We intentionally wanted.
In such circumstances, the needs of every residents are diversifying, first of all "harmony and unity of the new town", "Declaration of making towns of medical, welfare, health," measures to cope with declining birthrate and child rearing, "strengthening collaboration of tourism resources Activation of industries "," Reform of administrative organization and promotion of efficient management "are piled up. Since we can cooperate with each and every one from the point of being able to work together, we will strive to create the foundation of Chiwa-cho, which glows at least as shiningly as possible, and will devote our whole body to accomplish the purpose, so everyone We appreciate your kind understanding, guidance and cooperation.

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