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Heisei 29 June Constant explanation of regular mayor's mayor mayor

Published 2017 years 11 month 22 Date

Last updated 2017 years 11 month 22 Date

 Good morning.

 The greenery of the trees is getting deeper day by day.You can hear a big chorus of frogs from the rice fields.We would like to express our gratitude to all the members of the Diet for attending the meeting when we convened the regular assembly in June in the midst of the spring ranman, such as the cry of cuckoos echoing in the mountains.

 Nagawa Town has been around for 12 yearsThrough(It was)I am doing it. As a first town mayor of Shinmachi "Changwa-machi", I am aiming for "Nagatacho, a city that keeps keeping small" I have been steering the administration.

 Looking back on these three terms and twelve years, the first term is the coordination of administrative content in the Nagato and Wada districts and the interaction between people.Pastern(tuna)While pursuing deepening, we promoted business with the aim of harmonizing Shinmachi and fostering sense of unity.

 In the second term, the theme of administrative management is "building the foundation of the living area of ​​shining Nagawa Town", aiming for a lively Nagawa Town, in collaboration with the townspeople.Stubbornness(Takuma)Positioning the project as a period for establishing basic physical strength to survive tomorrow.

 In the third term, Nagawa Town continues to grow as Nagawa Town, and the smiles of the townspeople come and go, creating a living area where people can feel good to live, through the "power of collaboration" with the residents. With the desire to come, we have developed our business under the theme of administrative management, "Creation of Nagawa Town, which inherits rich nature, history, and culture and continues to shine."

 Summarizing these three terms and XNUMX years,Daring(A)If we divide it into results and tasks, I would like to mention that in the outcome, we completed the new government building, which can be said as a symbol of the merger. The new government office building that is expected as a base facility transmitting the health of the town sticks to the wooden structure, from the desire to make it a distinctive government building that expresses Nagatari's likeness,Warmth(To snow)We used locally produced wood abundantly to feel the fungus. Appearance of NakasendoA basket of lizards(Hatago)Imagining the "Nagatacho" likeness by imagining, it blends into the rich countryside scenery, and in the eyes of people travelingDistillate()Mari is shining as a landmark of the town.

 We also put effort into child-rearing support. Free medical expenses up to the age of XNUMX will be implemented earlier than anywhere else, such as the creation of childbirth gifts, reduction of childcare fees, construction of municipal housing for young couples and cheap rent, establishment of child-rearing support center, child health promotion section, etc. We have been developing our business.

 Regarding industrial promotion, in addition to supporting the Shinano Kiriyama Dattan Soba Production Association, which has grown to the point where it can be said to be a special product of Nagawa Town, from the production to sales of Dattan Soba products, Nagawa Town encouragement products aiming for special products The system was established.There are XNUMX certified incentives from XNUMX companies, and we have also opened a satellite booth "Tobizo" that promotes and sells them.

 The issues are the declining birthrate and aging population and the declining population, as shown in the figures of the national census conducted in 27.The population, which was 7,302 at the time of the merger, has decreased to 6,170.The rapid decline in population has a serious impact on the local economy and the lives of residents, and even the collapse of local communities.Pastern(tuna)It is an extremely serious problem.

 We have positioned measures to reduce the population as the most important issue for the town, listened to the opinions of many people, formulated the "Comprehensive Strategy for Towns, People, and Work" and "Population Vision", and indicated our future policies.In the future, based on this comprehensive strategy and long-term comprehensive plan, based on the idea that regional revitalization is the best population measure, we will dig up local resources, disseminate the charm of the town inside and outside, and "work". We would like to create "flow of people" and promote various projects so that the richness and energy of rural areas can be passed on to the future.

 The "local allocation tax", which is a large financial resource of the town and is a subsidy from the government, was calculated by a favorable method for XNUMX years due to the special case of the merger, but after XNUMX years it will be gradually reduced and XNUMX after the merger There will be no special measures in the year.

from now onMore(more and more)While we will strive to secure financial resources in a tough financial situation, we must also consider how to create a town that is energetic, with limited financial resources.

 Based on this situation, I think that the many business achievements and experiences that I have accumulated in the XNUMXrd term and XNUMX years will be the power to open up the next generation, so I will prepare for the XNUMXth term of Nagawa Town Administration. When I consulted with my supporters' association about the advancement and retreat of the city, he said, "Because of the difficult times, we should make use of the experience and personal connections we have cultivated so far, and sweat more and more for the townspeople." I was asked to run for the mayor of Nagawa.

 Based on these circumstances, I ran for the next election for the mayor of Nagawa for the fourth term, and I have decided to do my best to make Nagawa more energetic, so I will report it. ..

 Regarding the aspirations for town development for the fourth term, we have listed eight items as the main promises.I would like to give you an overview.

■ The first is "town planning through sound fiscal management".

 The advantageous allocation tax measures due to the special merger will end in XNUMX.Until now, the financial situation has been favorable, but in the future, we will be forced to carry out severe financial management.

 Strict financial management will be forced due to an increase in bond issuance redemption, which is a burden of past projects in the latter year, an increase in the burden of sending out from the general account to other accounts, an increase in public welfare expenses due to aging, and a decrease in revenue due to population decline. Is expected, and the question is how to secure a balance between revenue and expenditure.We will make the best use of the experience, knowledge, and personal connections that we have cultivated in the administrative management so far to plan and efficiently manage our finances.

■ The second is town planning that aims for child rearing Japan.

 Children are the hope of the town and are irreplaceable to connect generations.In order to be able to give birth and raise children with peace of mind, we will enhance detailed support according to the stage of marriage, childbirth, child care, school attendance, and improve the environment and make it economical so that you can realize that "If you want to raise children, in Nagawa Town". We will try to reduce the burden.

■ The third is "Elderly people are healthy town planning".

It is a matter of time that the aging rate in Changwa Town exceeds 40%. One 2.5 person will be 65 years old or older. We will provide flexible services by creative ingenuity and improve welfare measures based on regional needs so that elderly people will be able to continue living in the area safely and vigorously.

■ The fourth is "town planning where everyone can live with peace of mind".

The importance of initiatives for disaster prevention and reduction is always felt. Although this area had been recognized as a disaster-free area up to now, is it the influence of global warming, large-scale disasters that may cause huge damage like last year's guerilla heavy rain, It is said that it is a situation that can happen anytime, anywhere. For the sake of emergency, we will reorganize and strengthen our voluntary disaster prevention organization under the philosophy of self-help, cooperation and public aid, and will further enhance regional disaster prevention capability.

■ The fifth is "town development where local industries become healthy".

 In order for the region to be healthy, the local industry must be healthy.We will strive to expand employment and develop the local economy by enhancing support measures to revitalize local industries and creating new industries.

■ The sixth is "town planning making full use of diverse tourism resources".

 In addition to the historical heritage of Nagawa Town, such as the ruins of Kuroyaishi and the restored townscape of Nakasendo, Blanche Takayama Ski Resort, Nagato Ranch, Fureai no Yu, Yasuragi no Yu, Tateiwa Washi, Furusato Center, etc. We will organically combine tourism resources, lead to an increase in the exchange population, and create a lively, moist and vibrant city.

■ The seventh is "Children entrusting the future of Changwa Town is a fantastic city plan."

 It is the children who entrust the future that will open up the future of Nagawa Town and support community development.We must develop a large number of human resources who have pride and attachment to their hometown and who will do their best for regional development.To that end, we will take on the role of the next generation, such as learning about the history, culture, and nature of the region, fostering compassionate hearts and emotions, strengthening the body, and actively promoting international exchange projects in order to acquire a global perspective. We will strive to develop human resources.

■ The eighth is "town planning to restore the connection of the local people lost by integration, creating new energy".

 For the merged Nagawa Town, the integration of the government building and junior high school was an unavoidable decision when considering the future.Public institutions such as clinics and dentists will enter the vacant public facilities, but we will also invite new businesses and create new energy so that we can become more places for the local people.

Although it is above, details will be announced as a promise at a later date. Even if all members of the Diet are made to realize the pledge, I would like to ask for your understanding, support and cooperation.

 Next, I would like to explain the agenda that was submitted to the June regular meeting.

【Exclusive decision ordinance case】

 First of all, regarding the case of exclusive disposal related to the ordinance, regarding the report No. 28 "Ordinance to partially revise the Nagawa Town Tax Ordinance", the law to partially revise the Local Tax Law etc. is March 31 Due to the relationship that was promulgated on the 4st and came into effect on April 1, all the things that require revision of the town tax regulations will be revised by the exclusive disposition on April XNUMX, this year, according to the rules. It was.

 Next, Report No. 10 "Ordinance to revise a part of the ordinance regarding the establishment of the Nagawa Town Waterworks Ordinance" is a correction due to the confirmation of the change in water supply approval, and it will be revised by an exclusive disposition on April 1. Thank you.

[Senketsu supplementary budget projects]

 Next, I would like to explain the relationship with the supplementary budget, which was also decided on March 29, 31.

 First, report No. 11 28 Nagawa-cho general account supplementary budget (No. XNUMX), but in terms of revenue, local transfer tax, each grant, local allocation tax, contributions and subsidies from the national and prefectural governments The main items are amendments associated with the settlement of gold and amendments to local bonds.Of these, regarding the local allocation tax, the amount of the special allocation tax for March was fixed, so we have adjusted it according to the amount of the allocation.

 With regard to expenditures, it will be a correction relating to what has brought about the change after the compilation of the supplementary budget of March regular parliament submitted. Such as country and prefecture of auxiliary business and correction of business related to municipal bonds, correction due to the liquidation of various office work business it is becoming the main thing.

 Among them, we were able to fund 4,219 XX XX XX 1000 thousand yen to the fiscal coordination fund and XNUM X million X NUMX thousand yen to the wired broadcasting facilities fund as funds accumulation.

 In the general account as a whole, the amendment was reduced by 1,980 yen, and the total budget after amendment was 1 yen.

 Next, from Report No. 12 28 National Health Insurance Special Account Supplementary Budget (No. 20) to Report No. 28 XNUMX Nagawa Town Tourist Facility Business Special Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX) Regarding the supplementary budget, the main supplementary budget will be the revision associated with the liquidation of various office work projects.

[Supplementary budget]

 Next, I would like to explain the main contents of the bill 38th 29 Nagawa-cho General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX).

 Regarding general affairs expenses, the so-called "My Number Law" requires that safety management measures be taken to prevent leakage of personal numbers and personal information, so the amount of money to deal with this has been fixed. So I have included the budget.

 Regarding public welfare expenses, we have posted a budget for the work preparation project related to the National Health Insurance system.

 Regarding agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses, we have budgeted for the increase in changes related to the farmland usage survey, the reorganization of the Tokyo University of Agriculture Yamamura Revitalization Project, and the reprinting of cards.

 In the area of ​​education, we have posted a supplementary budget to increase personnel expenses associated with personnel changes.

 On the other hand, regarding revenue, the main contents are the supplementary budget for national treasury disbursements and prefectural disbursements due to the revision of expenditure budgets.The amended amount is 628 yen, and the total budget after amendment is 8 yen.

 Next, regarding bill 39th 29 Nagawa-cho National Health Insurance special account (business account) supplementary budget (No. 1), we will respond to the widening of the operation of the municipal national health insurance business from 30. As a preparation for this, we will carry out "repair related to cooperation with the National Health Insurance information aggregation system" and "repair of our own agency system due to system revision", and we request an increase correction of 533 yen.In addition, we plan to provide full subsidy as a subsidy for work preparation projects related to the National Health Insurance system.

 Next, regarding the bill 40th 29 Nagawa-cho water supply business accounting supplementary budget (No. 1,500), as expenses associated with "relocation of fire hydrants in the Iwai area", revenue and expenditure of 1,080 yen each and a water meter will be purchased. We request an increase correction of 28 yen as the cost of.In addition, we have recorded a reduction amendment for corporate bonds and cultural property survey contributions of 8,100 yen, which we were able to handle in FYXNUMX.

 Although the report projects and proposals that we have proposed in this regular meeting, but I was allowed to an overview, when is your deliberation For details, so I would like an explanation from each person in charge, the continued approval of the draft and now I would like, I do as a description of the proposed reasons.

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