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March 29 year March regular parliament mayor proposed description

Published 2017 years 06 month 07 Date

Last updated 2017 years 06 month 09 Date

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Also beyond most of pass the winter of severe cold, I went into last March. There is also the word "Sankanshion," but, when you compared to the old days repetition of the cold and warmth as well, rather than gradually, we feel that I wish will change the season in a very extreme change. Anyway as early as one day, flower bloom fray around the edges, exactly there where we can not wait time that it can be said that the spring.
Since we started the business in the new building, it has passed since just one year.
Where we convened the March regular parliament here today, something in the busy, each look forward to your attendance of lawmakers Dear, I would like to thank that you can opening.

[Situation at home and abroad]
Now, when you try turning to domestic and international situation, last June, in the United Kingdom, won breakaway faction is from the result of the referendum, "EU", finally Trump regime in the United States in this year 1 month 20 Date There was established. In addition, the 4 month, the French presidential election and the South Korean presidential election will be a thing of the plan to be carried out parliamentary elections in Germany in 9 month. In addition, the incident, which is reported as "murder by the state terrorism" North Korea in Malaysia has brought a simmering specific tense situation. These Japanese diplomacy and economy in large involved overseas movement, as it is, living in Japan believed no small impact on our lives, we think that there is a need to continue to watch.
On the other hand, it is the domestic situation, but we still continued in Tokyo "Toyosu market" issue, with a strong research authority based on the law the establishment of "Article 100 Committee" are determined, officials also in the middle of this 3 month it is that of a witness summoned of is planned. In addition, recently has been reported on a daily basis in the state-owned land sale issue to "Moritomo school" is, becomes a situation such as embark also the General Accounting Office, in the future transition Ikan, for such as the Ministry of Finance started the Abe administration of the country It has been showing signs that becomes a very big problem. Since the overseas situation similar to the big issues have also piled up in the country, here we also think that it is necessary to go to see a transition.
It changes the story, after this also, in the budget of the description, but you came out with, such as national and local is we're working together in the promotion of "local creation" is, "population reduction measures." Although you are not being deployed a variety of initiatives that it, even if we heard the recent situation of the population movement, after all is not tied to the situation, which is to stop the large influx of population into the Tokyo metropolitan area from a local . In order to accelerate the further efforts towards the realization of the local creation, through the county towns and villages meeting nationwide village meetings, etc., to the country, we would like to also encourage the future to be fulfilled its role fully.
Or more, let me describe the various situation.

Well, in the fiscal year 29, which had been deep-fried in the first of my pledge, "resident autonomy basics regulations" of the town is finally enforced. While along with the spirit of this ordinance, the trend of the times to grasp accurately, all employees work together, we need to go promote the town government.
For everyone of the residents, along with the town government is gradually committed to helping you feel the most familiar presence, shows the way to the hope of the residents, we believe that it is above all important that we play a role for to be able to live in peace .
By doing so, we are confident that leads to go further to advance the implementation of the "uplifting town !! NAGAWA".
My third term in office was also cut one year where you leave. Among the remaining period of time, while checking the items one by one of each of the commitments, while further progress, but we would like to be made reliable as a result, even in the course of a proposal description, conviction of one end we would like let me mention.
So, we have a proposal to the parliament now, ordinance projects 11 matter, fiscal 29 year budget 11 matter, Heisei 28 year of the supplementary budget 10 matter, other, etc. concerning town road certification relationship, it will be sequentially explained you.

[Proposals and regulations relationship]
First, we are in for the enactment of Proposal No. 1 "ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA staff constant regulations". With regard to this amendment, by a mechanism reform of the fiscal 28 year 4 month 1 date with, in relation to the "Children's Health Promotion Division", there is a constant change of the Board of Education departments and the mayor departments, it should be revised last year and it is the native was it was in, but, sorry I delayed revision procedure.

Then, we are in for the enactment of the bill No. 2 "ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance related to child-care leave, etc. of the regulations and NAGAWA staff regarding working hours and vacation, etc. of NAGAWA staff", child care while working because of and long-term care is likely to environmental improvement, the provisions related to the national civil servant is due to that it has been amended, it is proposed to amend the provisions of the relevant part of the town ordinance.

Then, you are in for the enactment of the bill No. 3 "ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance relating to fees and expense reimbursement of part-time thing in special positions of staff NAGAWA", a review of staff travel expenses that you as the next of proposals related, it is intended for ask the amendment also special positions of part-time.

Although the bill will be in the enactment of the No. 4 "ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance relating to travel expenses of NAGAWA staff", the merger from those days, but there is a course that has been frozen the part of the travel expenses per diem, this time this frozen stop the repetition of measures, it is proposed to ask by the same content that the ordinance amendment.

Then, you are in for the enactment of the bill No. 5 "ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA tax regulations", by the tax hike of the consumption tax, it has been postponed until March 31 years 10 month 1 date, required There is a review, revision of townsman tax and light motor vehicle tax will be the main. In addition, it is proposed to develop the provisions of the application procedure, etc. Along with the review of the grace system of national taxes.

Then, we are in for the enactment of the bill. No. 7, "ordinance to amend the whole of NAGAWA National Health Insurance tax regulations", received a report from the "National Health Insurance management council" of the town, the tax rate in the ordinance , is intended to change the amount of money, etc., because the revised range is a wide range, and is intended for hope in the fact that "all amendment".

Then, we are in for the enactment of the bill No. 8, "ordinance to abolish the NAGAWA secondary prevention business use ordinance", separately, enacted "care prevention business and community support business operations summary" of the town, the guidelines - since it became a business scope that can be implemented by, it is proposed to ask the abolition of this ordinance.

Then, "ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA stand for Small-junior high school regulations" bill No. 9, "ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA Educational Support Committee Ordinance" bill the first 10 issue, Proposal No. 11 we are in for the enactment of the "ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance related to the opening of the NAGAWA stand for small-junior high school facility." Regarding the revision of the three ordinances, both, there in what you want to amend the relevant provisions associated with the closed down of Wada Junior High School.

Then, the bill will be in the enactment of the No. 12 "NAGAWA mountain village regeneration project based facility regulations", but there in the ordinance development for the effective use of old Daimon nursery school as a base facility of the mountain village regeneration project.

[Budget policy]
Then we go to the description of the budget relationship, but at the beginning, I will describe the fiscal 29 year budgeting of the basic policy.
With regard to the country for the fiscal 29 annual budget, top priority and positioned the regeneration of the economy, in order to aim the realization of "one hundred million total active society", was to strengthen the "three arrows", "arrows of the new-three." by promoting, we are with the basic idea of ​​the budget that the aim of the realization of the growth and distribution of the virtuous cycle.
Regarding promotion of economic and financial integration reform, we are aiming to realize both the achievement of the 600 trillion yen economy and the achievement of fiscal consolidation goals for Heisei 32 year, further strengthening efforts of expenditure reform so far I will do it. Regarding local finance measures, we will also work to raise the "total 100 million active society", to create local creatures, to properly manage public facilities, etc. and to ensure that the total amount of local general funding will be the same level as Heisei 28 year Fiscal measures are being taken. Regarding local creation related matters, we are planning to record 1 trillion yen, the same amount as the previous fiscal year, for the "town, people, and work-related creation cost". It is decided to promote thorough review without sanctuary throughout expenditure, and even in rural areas, it is supposed to be thoroughly reviewed with the efforts and tone of the country. As for the local allocation tax, it is expected to be reduced by 2.2% as compared with the previous year, and in the Heisei 29 year it is expected to be pressed for rigid fiscal management in rural areas.
In such circumstances, the Heisei 29 fiscal year budget of the town will be the year of the total finishing of various administrative projects related to the priority measures of the 10 items listed in "My Nagawa Next Vision [Machine Dependent Characters]" which is my commitment . Regarding regional creation-related projects, among the contents listed in "Nagato-machi Town, People, and Shogo Creative Comprehensive Strategy", projects that can be budgeted are budgeted and concreteized did. We intend to promptly and appropriately respond to related businesses while proceeding.

[Overview of the entire budget]
The initial budget for the fiscal 29 year, general accounting 60 billion 2 million yen, the sum is 8 billion 25 yen of special accounting 4508 accounting, in the total amount becoming 85 billion 6508 million. In compares and general accounting and fiscal 28 year, increase of 2 billion 9000 million and became the increase in 5.1% in the rate. In addition, the sum of the special account, a reduction of 4 billion 123 yen, making it a reduction of 13.6% in the rate. With regard to why the special account budget has become a major reduction is due to the fact that water special account has shifted to the water supply business.
[General account budget]
So first, we will explain the main contents for Proposal No. 13 "Heisei 29 year NAGAWA general account budget.

First, town Toshimashite budget in accordance with the listed matters to my commitment, is now first in regard to the "establishment of the residents basic autonomy ordinance", but will be enforced from this 4 month 1 date, In our fiscal 29 year, the residents autonomy basics regulations everyone to further penetrate into the fold is going measures in plans to implement.
In addition, with regard to the "measures to halt the decline of the population", as the local creation-related businesses, the budget and the like according to the promotion of in order to make effective use of the vacant house "vacant house utilizing immigration promote business" and "marriage hunting" activities we were allowed to recorded.

In the context of "child care support", child care support center in addition to continue to go in order to enhance respect to the operation of, recorded a budget to develop the official residence site of JR bus Kanto, which was purchased in fiscal 28 year as child care support center open space, child care support It aims to environmental improvement.

In addition, associated with the local creation business, to benefit the financial assistance at the time of elementary school and junior high school enrollment will be newly recorded a budget related to "child care support benefits", by promoting the burden of child-rearing generation, more of the child care support we will proceed to enhance. In addition, we have carried out from conventional 18 under the age of medical expenses charge-free, we will implement continue for the high school school expenses subsidies.

Regarding the surface of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry tourism, as "town development that utilize tourism resources", trail running and whiskey festival, to time plus, held like navigation cafe, town tourism association that becomes the implementing body of the various events, it performs the auxiliary according to the held you.
In addition, we recorded a Blanche alpine ski-related budget, we will strive to "the promotion of tourism by taking advantage of the natural hot springs, ski resort".
In addition, as "measures to perk the town of Industry", "creation business of agriculture by taking advantage of local resources", for the "wine industry project business", "expand business of" make agriculture "", "local creation promotion issue to take advantage of the money ", and the like will continue to implement.
In addition to this, Toshimashite local creation-related, fiscal continue recorded a budget according to the 28 was established in the year "campaign team" and "specialty products development team", will continue to promote the promotion measures in accordance with the town of specialty products . In addition, the same as a local creation-related business, "Tokyo specialty products development projects in collaboration with Aggie", "specialty products satellite booth business", we have budget also is recorded in accordance with the "foreign visitors 誘客 business", and the like.

Promotion In the context of black 耀石, from March 28 year, but we have embarked on a "historic sites Hoshikusotoge black 耀石 Origin ruins maintenance business, fiscal 29 year also conducted a related business continued, also town development by black 耀石we will continue to.

In terms of "making the city friendly to life underdog", we will continue to implement measures that everyone of the elderly can live with peace of mind. Continue to implement Council of Social Welfare to be implemented in cooperation "mutual support support business", "friendly home improvement promotion business to the elderly" to improve the living environment of the elderly, the "meal delivery service business," etc. we will continue to. In addition, newly implemented do the people discount the town of hot springs admission of a "hot spring admission discount business" than fiscal 29 year with disabilities, we will strive to enhance welfare.

"Enhancement of the medical system to be able to live in peace", "I want to live, charming town development you want to continue to live" in the relationship, in the fiscal 29 year, by recorded a budget to transfer the Wada clinics and dental clinics in the old Wada Government Office Building we, we would like to continue to promote the development of health care facilities.
In addition, Yoda recess hospitals and Yoda recess the elderly health contribution related to the operation or the like in order to achieve the improvement of facilities, Ueda holiday-night of the medical system be implemented as a business involved in the area interjurisdictional and Ueda regional autonomous settlement zones concept, on weekdays at midnight home on-duty doctor, the contributions and the like of the expenses related to the pediatric emergency centers, etc. budgeted, we will strive to further enhance the medical system.

In the "promotion of enhancement and administrative reform of administrative services", but new building is passed about 1 year to open agency, we hope will continue to provide a more substantial administrative services to your residents you.
In addition, with regard to the personnel evaluation system, introduced a personnel evaluation system from fiscal 28 year, we started the operation. Heisei 29 year also recorded a system-related budget, personnel evaluation system is we would like to strive to lead to the improvement of quality of staff.

With regard to surface that the promotion of strong town development for disaster, but we started the full-scale voluntary disaster prevention organization development than fiscal 26 year, Heisei 29 year also continued, while continue to give me the formation of voluntary disaster prevention organization to local residents, for the necessary supplies such as voluntary disaster prevention organization, we will perform the purchase and subsidies.
In addition, flood control measures supplies of sandbags bags, etc., will budget is accounted for to purchase a disaster prevention equipment such as an electrical generator in the town of shelter, we would like every effort to disaster preparedness.
In addition to this, with regard to we established in fiscal 25 year "NAGAWA disaster prevention plan", in that after planning the number of years has passed, because the correction of the large-scale plan content became necessary, the budget in accordance with the revision of the disaster prevention plan we were allowed to recorded.

With regard to surface that the development of the educational environment, lecturer by the town costs to elementary and junior high schools, by placing the hearts of counselors and school counselors, etc., in addition to carry out a detailed education to students, the toilet automatic washing renovation of elementary school It will be conducted.
In addition, the fiscal Upon from 29 year and Wada Junior High School and Yoda recess southern junior high school to integrate, newly started the operation of the school bus in accordance with the school of Wada district of students, such as promote the convenience of school students, is a regional treasure we will put in place to create an environment for children to go healthily growing up.

Or more, in the expenditure for the fiscal 29 year general account original budget, but I was let me describe the main business and local creation-related businesses of the items listed in the pledge, also with regard to the budget in accordance with the other office business , so are those that can not be essential to the improvement of services to residents, so thank you best regards for your understanding and cooperation.

Then, we will describe the main items of the revenue of the general accounting.
With regard to the town tax, it was expected to 0.6 billion 7 ten thousand 1169 thousand yen, an increase of 4% from the previous year. Although we expected the same amount as the previous fiscal year for this one townsman tax, expected to reduced by change of tax rate for corporation tax and light vehicle tax, it is expected to increase from the relationship between the assessed value for property tax.
With regard to the local allocation tax, it was expected to 1.3 billion yen, down 25% from the previous year. Of these, with regard to the normal allocation tax, reduction of 2000 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year, it was made to 0.9% decrease in the rate. Since the exchange merger calculation migration is beginning from last year to a single calculation, calculation amount is also is not going to be reduced year by year, In our fiscal 29 year, one of the reduction, review and local creation related business of the calculation method is to target to become some other factors increase, such as, we were allowed to the reduction of 2000 thousand yen in total. Also, with regard to special local allocation tax, measures of cost and the like according to formulate "public facilities such as comprehensive management plan" is eliminated, a reduction of 1200 million and has decided decrease in 6.1% in the rate.

With regard to the fund money transferred is, 6 billion 5000 yen from "financial adjustment fund", 1 billion 1400 yen from "public facility development fund", we have recorded such as 6000 yen from "Hometown creation Fund". With regard to financial adjustment fund, than the previous year 9000 yen rose, with regard to public facility development fund money transferred, in order to be appropriated as financial resources of garbage treatment facilities renovation, etc., increase of 6500 thousand yen from the previous year, hometown creation Fund Money Transferred with regard to is, it has become the same amount as the previous fiscal year.

With regard to the borrowing of town bonds, we expect 4 billion 4170 yen the "depopulation measures industrial bonds" according to the medical facilities, road improvements and cultural heritage facilities and human waste processing facilities and software businesses. In addition, "Special Mergers bonds" is, parenting expected to support center plaza maintenance business and yen 1870 in the town gymnasium maintenance business, as borrowing in accordance with the fire loading car purchase and fire protection water tank update, "Emergency Disaster Prevention and Mitigation corporate bonds" 1350 ten thousand we were allowed to recorded a circle. In addition, we expect 1 billion 5900 yen the "extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds" to be issued as a transfer worth of local allocation tax.

[Special accounting and waterworks business budget]
Next, the special account of the bill No. 14 from "Heisei 29 year NAGAWA National Health Insurance special accounts budget" to the bill. No. 22 "Heisei 29 year NAGAWA Wada financial ward special accounts budget", it will be explained .

It is the first in the "National Health Insurance special accounts," but, initially budget has become a 4400 billion 9 yen of 900 thousand yen increase compared with the previous fiscal year.
Of the revenue, medical benefits expenses claims and the previous fiscal year the elderly grants and insurance finance joint Stabilization Project grant becomes increase, medical benefits subsidies and fiscal adjustment grant, etc. becoming reduced.
In the expenditure, the general becomes a medical benefit costs of the insured and high medical expenses and joint venture contributions, etc. is increased, the late elderly support payments, etc. is becoming reduced.

With regard to the "National Health Insurance dental clinic business special accounts" includes, but is there in the accounting according to the medical fee, we were allowed to the budget of 500 thousand yen to be a reduction of 1500 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.

With regard to the "late elderly medical care special accounts", the budget is we have recorded almost the same amount of budget 7950 ten thousand next, the previous year.

With regard to the "long-term care insurance special accounts" is, I was allowed to the 1600 billion 9 yen budget of 8800 thousand yen increase from the previous year. In revenue, expected to increase, such as insurance premiums and adjustment grant, making it a reduction for the fund money transferred. In the expenditure, area support business expenses, etc. visit type, outpatient service business has become a big increase.

With regard to the "Dowa district residential new construction funds loan special account" is, it was allowed to the 43 yen of 58 thousand yen reduction from the previous year. Reduction of the loan principal and interest income has become a major factor.

With regard to "specific environmental protection public sewer business accounting" is, it was allowed to the 300 billion 4 yen of 3200 thousand yen increase from the previous year. Factor of the increase is, it is proposed in accordance with the fixed asset ledger maintenance. Although the current sewer business is public company method is not applicable business, from March 31 year, it is scheduled to migrate to the corporate accounting of the "law applied", has been promoting the "fixed assets ledger maintenance" than 28 year.

With regard to the "simple drainage facilities special account" is a 30 yen of 1100 thousand yen reduction from the previous year, we have almost the same amount of budget and the previous year.

With regard to the "tourist facilities business special accounts" it is becoming 3200 billion 1 yen of 1000 thousand yen reduction from the previous year. Along with the water special account has been migrated to the water supply business, had recorded a budget in tourism facilities special accounts until now, budget water use fee revenue, feeding gold and the like according to the water supply business bond issuance principal and interest repayment of expenditure in the water supply business it was supposed to be recorded will be the main factor of reduction.
It should be noted that in this special account as a "fund money transferred," "villa land management income", the need of changing the contents after the budget document printing occurred, we have today, to distribute the correction table. I am sorry now to Congress opening day, but thank you.

With regard to the "Wada financial ward special accounts" it is, making it a budget of ten thousand 179 6 thousand yen 459 ten thousand 6 thousand yen increase from the previous year. Fiscal adjustment money transferred from the fund, in the annual expenditure has become a major increase factor forest reclamation business contributions that was recorded within general affairs expenses in revenue.

Then, the bill is with regard to the first 23 No. "NAGAWA water business accounting budget", it is intended to start as a new "Water Supply Project" by the transition to the accounting of public enterprise method is applied from the fiscal 29 year. Companies that the accounting budget, such as style, presentation of budget documents, which are different greatly from the budget documents of general accounting and special accounting. Regarding fiscal 29 year, but you can make construction work such as connecting the water pipe of the district Wada to Aobara distributing reservoir, future, continue, we would like to strive to soundness of management.

Or more, general accounting, but I said the budget summary of the special accounts and water supply business, fiscal start of a single calculation of ordinary allocation tax from 28 year, such as the increase in the consumption tax rate from the fiscal 31 year, the future, of the town financial situation, but will be placed under more severe conditions, after the merger, based on the fundamental strengths that we have cultivated a dozen years, now also even more, NAGAWA is further shine continued development as NAGAWA there intends to want to strive with our best to go.

[Supplementary budget]
Then, I would like to turn will explain the proposals of the supplementary budget relationship.
First, it is a bill the first 24 No. "NAGAWA general account revised budget (No. 7)",
Toshimashite this time of the supplementary budget of the main ones, in the annual expenditure, we have recorded a budget related to "rural life experience facility renovation" as a business in accordance with the supplementary budget of the country for the fiscal year 28. This is, to repair the vacant house, immigration seekers is a business to repair the actual experience can facility life in the town, "local creation base facility development grant" of the country and "the general auxiliary facility development such as corporate bonds "appropriated as financial resources.
In addition, with regard to the budget in accordance with the economic development projects in the area Cooperation Volunteers, but in the current budget was we expect the cost of 5 of persons, the current cooperation personnel is because of the 3 name, I was allowed to reduce the relationship budget.
In our fund reserves, the donations were received by the I want to help the international exchange to the "International Foundation", also, damages related to the bronze statue of the last year Yuyu Park petting Square happened to 7 month the we have recorded a budget set aside to "Sports and culture Promotion Fund".
In addition, for removing snow removing expenses of this winter has been increasing, the budget to increase the expenses required for it, as the pay-off money to the special account, then recorded a budget like that out provision for the operational support gold content to the National Health Insurance special accounts I was.
With regard to the supplementary budget of the other expenditures, organize count already associated with the liquidation of the business have been completed, we have a correction due to the liquidation prospects such as operating expenses become the main thing.
In the entire general accounting, is intended to give me a reduction correction of 226 ten thousand 9 thousand yen, the total amount after the correction, it is 62 billion 5406 ten thousand 3 thousand yen.

In addition, Toshimashite carry-over business to the fiscal 29 year, in addition to ask the 7 one of the business, regarding ongoing expenses related to "human waste treatment facility construction project", "Hoshikusotoge black 耀石 Origin ruins Development Project", the change of the project cost we also ask correction with.

Then, the bill is with regard to 25 one of the special accounts supplementary budget of up to Proposal No. 33 from No. 9, the correction due to the liquidation and performance expected due to the completion of the project will be the main content.
Among them, Regarding National Health Insurance Special Account, we recorded a deposit from general account related to administrative support fund etc. and reserve fund in National Health Insurance Business Fund.

And continued, of Proposal No. 34 issue and the bill the first 35, there in relation to the abolition and certification of the town road line, and the abolition of the town road 1 route that was to spread state-owned forest, about 2 line certification of the ledger unrecognized it requests the approval respectively.

Finally you will, but it is a Proposal No. 36 "Ueda about to give up part of the rights pertaining to regional interjurisdictional Hometown Fund".
上田地域広域連合ふるさと基金は、上小地域の一体的発展を目指した事業を展開し、個性的で魅力ある地域づくりを目的として造成され、過去にも権利放棄を経る中で地域貢献のためにIt has been devoted to the financial support and the like. This time, it is proposed to allocate reversal of fund to be appropriated to the continuing operations of the Nagano Prefecture Kamico medical district regional medical rehabilitation plan to be implemented in fiscal year 29.

Or more, we were allowed to an overview of the bill that we have proposed in this regular meeting. When the details are concerning your deliberations, so I would like an explanation from each person in charge, and we thank you for the continued approval of the draft, we do as a description of the proposed reasons.

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