Welcomed the guests from the UK Burekkurando

Published 2017 years 01 month 04 Date

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Welcomed the guests from the UK Burekkurando
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to NAGAWA! Or excavation site of Hoshikusotoge obsidian mine was how?
We also, many times, but also visited the gray Mus Graves of Thetford, in five years is expected to be open-air pavilion, which can be observed the underground mine also Hoshikusotoge.
To interact as an international sister city ruins, in the world I have heard that for the first time of the attempt, but it raised expectations of voice that I wonder if both are aiming for world heritage. Why?
Well, in July the children learned the history and Jomon culture of Japan of mine of obsidian is, as "NAGAWA youth obsidian ambassador", will visit Burekkurando.
In response to the stimulus to Teenage history club of everyone of Ancient House, it is loaded with day-to-day study.
English is not yet accustomed I want to hear the message of obsidian and Jomon culture where children are feeling.
In addition, we also practice the guidance of the stone building. I think that I want you to have to make a lot of friends through the experience.
We also are looking forward to the report after returning home. This project led to the realization of the future of the homestay, and a greeting of welcome and hope that the wheel of the international exchange of the two regions is spread.
Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Hata

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