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To "Sanada round" NHK Taiga Drama

Published 2014 years 10 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 07 month 26 Date

Ueda city center and the hot demand is bearing fruit of the parties, and the NHK TV saga of 2016 years, it was decided to "Sanada circle" in which the Yukimura Sanada to hero.

Launched a meeting to pray airing realization "public Yukimura Japan soldiers Sanada" Towards the saga realization of the Sanada clan, such as to submit the signatures of 80 million people extra to NHK, we have promoted the aggressive efforts with pay tribute to your efforts of the parties concerned everyone, and sincerely I would like to congratulate.

Good news receiving Motai mayor of this time is, "for many years, I realized that the whole country of Sanada fans have been eager, very happy", "Shinano commence operation of the railway, tourist train" Mon ", Ueda cultural exchange art Center opening in, such as Kanazawa Station opening next spring of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, big event is followed also in terms of timing "," Ko Yukimura of Osaka Castle marching 400 anniversary events and nationwide Yukari Sanada land of, and in cooperation with citizens, many people gladly Moraeru as says the future I want to packed concrete efforts ".

Land related to the saga of the NHK is visited by many tourists, the economic effect is has been said that there is immeasurable. I would like to hope that Kamico district entire industry is booming.
We would like to one anecdote about Yukimura Sanada public related to NAGAWA. I also thing I learned recently, but Yukimura Sanada There were 12 children. The eldest daughter out there "to fart" Miltiorrhizae what Nagawa town Nagakubo two there Honjin field stone if the house two married decocted trout.

Yukimura Sanada is, after the Second Ueda battle, become the exiled with his father Masayuki in Koyasan, and secluded life hereafter 14 year, to Kudoyama at the foot.

However, Keicho 19 year (1614 years) to build a Toyotomi to marching the received to Osaka Castle invitation from the house "winter of Jin" in Osaka Castle Sanada round on the south side (branch castle that comes with the Osaka Castle), a major blow to the Tokugawa way give. Voluntary arrangement by the winter camp and termination, but in "summer camp", it shows the success that undermine the Ieyasu Tokugawa of Honjin, and spectacularly die in battle. 1615 has is that of the year 5 month 6 date. The 3 months letter addressed to Ishigo Juzo Michijo of Nagakubo NAGAWA is a son-in-law in front of the 2 month 10 date has been left behind. The letter, siege is because it is desperate resolution, it is proposed that if it is no longer to be interviewed in this world. Even if there is a thing which is not fulfilled various your heart "to be", you say ask you as Naki forsaken if. It has been spelled. From this letter, I cogitate the future of the daughter became the child of the enemy general, father of the love I feel enough gushing.

I think it is further Semareru of the intake Once me and of Yukimura Sanada Representations of humans beings in the drama of this story.

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