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Pray for good luck in the Yuka Fujimori athletes of the Olympic Games

Published 2014 years 02 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 07 month 26 Date

 Yuka Fujimori from our town will participate in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. On January XNUMXth, we held a send-off party hosted by Nagawa Town.We were able to hold a grand event with a large number of people, including elementary and junior high school students.

 Yuka Fujimori has achieved the great achievement of participating in the Olympic Games for the third consecutive time following the Turin Olympics and the Vancouver XNUMX Olympic Winter Games.This is a great thing, and it's hard to do.I would like to express my sincere respect and congratulations.

 Yuka Fujimori is from the Himeki district of Nagawa-cho, and I heard that she had been practicing snowboarding with her sister at the local Echo Valley ski area since she was in elementary school.He has achieved excellent results in numerous competitions since his junior high school and high school days, and achieved the feat of winning XNUMXth place at the Turin Olympics eight years ago.At that time, I was cheering with the townspeople in front of the TV at this townsman center, and I was very impressed.

 At the last Vancouver Olympics, I smashed my head in the official practice in advance, and I was abstained due to a doctor stop.The person himself may have felt regrettable.
Olympic Games, because it is a competition in the long span that once in four years, by Mr. Yuka, which continue to have a really strong feelings and passion for snowboard cross, I think that you have fulfilled a certain glory of this time played.
And went into this year, it plays a prize in the 4-position, 5-position and the quick succession in the World Cup, so we left a 4-place finish and great performance even in X-games that were recently conducted in the United States. I thought that it would be be greeted the Olympic Games in good condition. In the spring the chagrin of Vancouver, hope and want all means Noboritsume to the highest place of the podium.

 I think that we will practice and make adjustments for the Games from now on, but as a representative of Japan and as a representative of Nagawa Town, please be careful about your health and be careful not to get injured. We pray that you will be able to maximize your potential during the actual performance.We believe that the results will come naturally.

 Yuka Fujimori, who gives us "dreams," "hopes," and "impressions," is the "pride" and "pride" of Nagawa Town.We wish you good luck at the Olympics.

Hang in there. Yuka Fujimori players!

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