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Hoei random thought "hospitality"

Published 2012 years 11 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 07 month 26 Date

I went to this October to conclude an academic research agreement between Kuroya Stone Museum "Kuroya Stone Experience Museum" in our town and "Sainsbury Institute of Japanese Arts" in Norwich, Eastern United Kingdom .

In addition, this agreement to foothold, also a candidate site of international sister city tie-up children of the town can interact, such as by homestay visited.

Step up to the United Kingdom, the Narita Airport and departure in the early morning of 10 month two days, it was that switching to flight towards the Norwich Airport with the Institute in the Netherlands in Amsterdam Airport. By about the time difference of the flight and seven hours of up to half a day, length of their stay in the UK as much as the real three days, in the early morning of finishing the public service 7 days in this short period of time but it was very hectic schedule of returning to Narita Airport, despite the first time of Hoei, it was fruitful, which was welcomed by quite a lot of people Hoei.

Sainsbury Japan Arts Institute, is well-known as a core institution of Japanese culture research in Europe. The contents of the academic agreement, but Museum and Institute was aims to cooperation of research and education, as a major feature of the agreement, the Institute has become a window for international sister city tie-up, the overall towards its realization There is a point that is incorporate it to the support.

Town that has become a candidate of international sister city relationship is a quiet town of about two million people of Thetford adjacent to Norwich City. In ancient times, there is a Grimes Graves mine that had been mined stone that Flint became the material of stone tools from black 耀石 mine the same era of the Jomon period of Hoshikusotoge NAGAWA, mining of traces of O and depression of crater-like become state of the ruins continuing and shows a very similar landscape in the world. Also, in this region, it is also possible to have saved establish the historic buildings and old road from the Middle Ages as urban development, has in common with those of the town, which is working on the development of Nakasendo and the post town.

In considering the homestay, performs international exchange children through each other's history and traditional culture, the fact that the review of the home in a global perspective, that's very important initiative in order to develop human resources responsible for the future of the region I am thinking. Then, in the land of far away United Kingdom, that there is research institutions to support the children of exchanges, we believe that it is essential create systems to the realization of the project, backed the trust and peace of mind.

It goes without saying that international exchange is an exchange between countries and organizations, and the relationship between people participating in it is important. At the Sainsbury Institute of Arts Research and signing an agreement, at the Sainsbury Visual Arts Center which is the exhibition facility of the subsequent laboratory visited, many Japanese students studying at the University of East Anglia next to the laboratory staff and center The faculty organized a welcome reception with a snack served. Even at the Government Building of Setford that I visited on the last day, it seemed that advance information was already reported from Mr. Simon Keiner of the Sainsbury Institute of Arts in Japan who visited Changwa Town in May. Many people such as mayor, administrative staff, representatives of parliamentarians, local museums and school teachers greet us, actively express their opinions towards children's homestay and international sister city tie-ups After that, after all, we got a worry such as providing lunch by snacks on the spot.

Spectacle that get a sandwich and cookies with a cup of tea, perhaps a very common thing in the UK. However, your own to participate in the seat, is jealousy that deepen exchanges and set its place, not formal and poppy, once, full of us was also to cherish "hospitality" It was what was.

Again the tea cup in one hand, "children as well, let's an alternating current in the whole area." To the suggestion of a smile that, we were able to see the path of the new bonds beyond the words and lifestyle I could. Come, to realize the international sister city of Ryocho, it is what I hope and want to riot great dream by region of you touch the distant exotic culture.

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