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Welcomed the merger 10 anniversary

Published 2015 years 10 month 01 Date

Last updated 2016 years 07 month 26 Date

NAGAWA is, fiscal 17 years 10 month 1 day, underwent Adjust the merger is Nagato-cho, and Wada village, was born as a new town. I for your help from a lot of everyone, including everyone in the town, regarding. That was greeted the inauguration 10 anniversary, First you respectfully I would like to thank and appreciation.
Looking back on Japan in this 10 year, it started with a major merger of Heisei, a worldwide major depression triggered by subprime mortgage in the United States, regime change, the East Nippon Earthquake and other unprecedented unprecedented 10 years Was not it? Within such age background, "a town that is healthy! Nagato Town "aiming at town development as a pillar of administrative administrative management, emphasizing the dialogue with the residents, fostering a sense of unity in the birth town. We are working on improving administrative and financial efficiency by collecting garbage separately in the town, unification of traveling bus operations, integration of sewerage treatment facilities and cable television, improvement work of the Nagakubo Aoi line road improvement projects, etc. In addition, construction of nursery schools and town houses Planned construction of childcare facilities, free childcare support by freeing medical expenses under 18 years of age, population increase measures, enhancement of local disaster prevention system by utilizing disaster prevention radio, enhancement of welfare and regional medical care centering on Yoda Kuboku Hospital, townspeople Thinking with everyone, we have worked on the town's challenges.
Also, now, we have this year with the aim of completion of 12 month, promoting the construction of a new building that integrates Nagato government buildings and Wada Building. The next year of February 5, in conjunction with the completion of the new building was held a commemorative ceremony of anew merger 10 anniversary, we would like to place a cheerful NAGAWA outside the town.
Pick a full-scale decentralization era, by the "town, people, work Creation Act", which was established last year, currently, also promoted the development of the "NAGAWA population vision," "NAGAWA comprehensive strategy" in NAGAWA There is where is. There is in still severe social conditions, but developed a plan laid out in front of the NAGAWA likelihood, continue to "uplifting town! Toward the realization of NAGAWA ", we would like to continue to expand the urban development along with everyone townsmen.

Nagawa mayor Kenichiro Hata

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