Reiwa XNUMX March regular assembly Mayor proposal reason explanation


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
March has come, and the day is getting longer and darker, and it's time to feel the spring. This winter has been a warm winter following last year, and I was grateful for everyday life, but I felt that seasonal climate is desirable for the economy. One of the reasons for the proposal of the regular meeting in December was "I pray that ski resorts have a reasonable amount of snowfall." But unfortunately, there is no snowfall at this season, including the year-end and New Year holidays. That said, extremely unusual conditions continued, and I think it was a very difficult winter for ski resort management.
We convened the regular meeting of the March of Nagawa-cho assembly here today, and we are very busy, and we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the members of Parliament for their opening.

[Social and economic situation]
It has been two years since Reiwa, and the first adult ceremony was held on January XNUMX in this town. The graduation ceremony for elementary and junior high schools this month and the entrance ceremony next month. We thought that the first event of Wa was going to be held brightly. However, I am very regrettable that the spread of the new coronavirus infection has been concerned here.
Regarding this matter, it is an emergency situation nationwide, and I would like to take this opportunity to explain the measures of the town.
In response to the confirmation of a prefectural infected person on February XNUMX, our town established the “Nagawa-cho New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters” on the following day, and examined countermeasures. The headquarters meeting was also held on the XNUMXth.
As a specific countermeasure, for the time being, meetings and events until March XNUMX will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with a postponement or cancellation as a basis. Therefore, we have postponed the round-table conference of Nagakubo and Wada district that we had planned yesterday as yesterday.
Regarding future information such as conferences, gatherings, and events, we would like to disseminate information in all media such as cable television telecasts, data broadcasts, town homepages, and FM Tomi.
In addition, concerning schools, a temporary Board of Education was held on February XNUMX, and we considered the correspondence and decided to temporarily close elementary and junior high school until spring break. The graduation ceremony will be held, but will be simplified.
In the meantime, the children's house will be opened for children club members after school in the lower grades, but as a general rule, we would like to ask each family to respond. Please note that we will distribute notices to parents regarding such school-related responses.
In addition, for townsmans, we distribute handbill to public information March issue to distribute tomorrow. The townspeople will be working on preventive measures against infectious diseases, and if you have any symptoms that might be suspected, contact the Ueda Public Health Center or the consultation desk of the prefectural office in the flyer. I think.
In town, we want to continue to provide easy-to-understand and accurate information in order to remove any anxiety of townspeople while cooperating with Yodakubo Hospital with the Child Health Promotion Section as a contact point.
At present, it is said that it is a crucial moment whether it can stop the widespread rapid spread of infection. I would like to ask the townspeople for a calm response without fear. Elderly people who are particularly worried about becoming ill, and those who have a chronic illness, should try to prevent infection by frequent washing their hands and refraining from unnecessary and urgent outings.
We will continue to work on providing information and necessary measures to the townspeople while watching the changes in the situation, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation in various aspects.
In addition, economic trends related to measures against the new coronavirus have become a concern. In addition to concerns about the recession since last year's consumption tax hike, the impact of the decline in tourists on the tourism industry, the difficulty of parts procurement on the manufacturing industry, and concerns over the economic outlook We think that companies in town including influence of coming down of stock price come out. The government is hoping that the government will not only respond to the new coronavirus, but also take appropriate economic measures, such as executing the supplementary budget for the first fiscal year and the early budget for the new fiscal year so as not to cause a recession.

[Approval / Ordinance Items]
Then, I will explain the proposals proposed to this assembly sequentially. First of all, it is about the approval No. 6 "Religion-resolved XNUMX Nagawa-cho General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)".
Last year's Typhoon No. XNUMX was named "East Japan Typhoon" and will be unified to this name in the future. Just received. The assessment of the national and prefectural governments for this restoration has been completed, so we have determined that it is necessary to place an order for construction work for an early disaster restoration, and have decided to make a full-time disposal of disaster recovery expenses.
Regarding disaster recovery expenses for agricultural facilities, forestry facilities, and civil engineering facilities, survey design commissions and restoration work expenses were the main factors, and a total of 14 yen was recorded. The main source of funding is the national treasury subsidy and issuance.
Next, I will explain the ordinances from Bill No. 10 to Bill No. XNUMX.
As for the contents, in addition to the seven partial amendments to the ordinances related to each ordinance, such as the revision of the Local Autonomy Law and the Local Public Service Act, etc. We will revise the gold, revise the experience fee at the Black Yoseki Exhibition and Experience Center, and partially revise the National Health Insurance Tax Ordinance.

[Budget policy]
Next, concerning the budget, I will first describe the basic policy of the budget for the Reiwa XNUMX fiscal year.
The national budget for the fiscal year of Reiwa 2019 is based on the “Basic Policy on Economic and Fiscal Management and Reforms 2020”, which aims at the basic recognition of economic and fiscal management in the future, working on economic revitalization and fiscal consolidation, and a nominal GDP of 600 trillion in 2025. Aiming at achieving fiscal consolidation targets such as a surplus in the basic fiscal balance of the yen economy and the national and local governments in XNUMX, and a stable reduction of the debt-to-GDP ratio, the impact of the consumption tax hike on demand fluctuations The government will take appropriate and extraordinary measures based on the extent of the situation and the latest economic situation.
In addition, in order to respond to the future population decline, we will actively promote the transition to convenient administrative services through the improvement of local government operations and the use of new technologies, and promote expenditure reforms and regional revitalization. The company is committed to improving operational efficiency, setting KPIs, and further strengthening support for local governments working to achieve concrete results.
Even in our town, we are working on regional revitalization based on the trend of local financial measures in the country, and while major social changes such as declining birthrate and aging and population decline are progressing, the basic goal of the Nagawa town long-term comprehensive plan Based on the three pillars of a certain "town of collaboration between residents and the administration", "a town that protects rich nature, history and culture, and is gentle and moist," "a town full of vitality and charm that makes use of local characteristics, By carrying out various office work projects in "Nagawa Next Vision XNUMX" and implementing a business based on the "Nagawa Town, People, Work Creation Comprehensive Strategy", we will continue to live by creating a town that wants to raise children and ensuring a safe and secure environment. The promotion of measures centered on the development of a welcoming town has been adopted as a basic budgeting policy.

[Overview of Reiwa XNUMX Budget]
Regarding the initial budget amount in the fiscal year of Reiwa 67, the total amount of the general account is 9,500 million yen, the largest in the general account, and the total of the 21 special accounts is 6,550 million yen, for a total of 89 million yen. .
Regarding general accounts, compared with the initial budget amount in the first year of Reiwa, it increased by 7 million yen, or 7,500%. Special accounts increased by 12.9 yen, or 1%, compared to the initial budget amount in the Reiwa 8,390st fiscal year.
Then, at first we explain main contents about bill eleventh Reiwa 11 Nagawacho general account budget.
As mentioned in the explanation of the Supplementary Supplementary Budget earlier, we are promoting the restoration of the area damaged by the typhoon disaster in the first year of Reiwa, We prioritized connecting to peace of mind, and decided to make the budget content for a town full of vitality that allowed townspeople to live safely and safely, and to respond to social changes, and for the purpose of developing a town that aims to be the best in Japan for child care.
Regarding "City development aiming to be the best in child care in Japan" listed in "Nagawa Next Vision 18", XNUMX years to XNUMX years old child class in nursing school free side meal fee, elementary and junior high school lunch fee free, elementary school and junior high school entrance Improve child-rearing support by continuing to budget for child-rearing support benefits, free medical care for children under XNUMX years of age, subsidies for high school attendance, etc. to reduce the burden on child-raising households. I will proceed.
In regard to "Creating a healthy community for the elderly", we will continue to implement fine-tuned business in cooperation with local social welfare corporations, etc. so that we can enhance our own purpose of life and continue to live with peace of mind with good health and longevity. I will continue.
About "town development that anyone can live in peace and security", town planning resisting disaster while requesting local residents to form voluntary disaster prevention organization to improve local disaster prevention power and raise awareness of disaster prevention We promote security and install security camera mainly on attending school roads and aim at town development that inhabitants can live in peace and security for reinforcement of further security system.
In addition, contributions related to the operation of the Yodakubo Hospital and the Yodakubo Elderly Health Care Facility, etc. We will cover expenses for late-night on-duty doctors and pediatric emergency centers, etc., and will continue to work to enhance the medical system.
Next, "Machizu Kuroyao, a roadside large-scale agricultural and livestock product direct sales office, which is currently scheduled to open on June 13, XNUMX, is called" Town development to rejuvenate local industries. " In addition to conducting initiatives for the development of local agriculture and industry, we will implement projects utilizing local revitalization promotion grants, etc., and will promote industrial promotion of the town and revitalization of the area .
As "town development utilizing various tourism resources", we will assist the town tourism association, which is the main subject of various events such as trail run and whiskey & beer camp, which are the two major events of staying customers, concerning the holding. Furthermore, we will promote sightseeing utilizing Blanche Takayama ski resorts and hot springs.
In addition, we are aiming to complete the project for the maintenance of the historic site of Hoshi-toge Pass, the place of origin of the Kuroshioishi, which has been promoted as a Japanese heritage-certified Kuroshio hometown preservation maintenance project.
About "town development that children entrusting the future of Nagawa-cho shine," as maintenance of education environment, we perform detailed support for child student by mind counselor who approaches each child and school counselor to child student and about ALT business We will also enhance and implement.
Regarding the dispatch of Goodwill Ambassador Kuroyoishi, which is conducted every other year, the fiscal year of Reiwa XNUMX will be the year of implementation, so seven Ambassadors Kuroyoishi will be sent to the United Kingdom to carry out international exchange projects that make use of historical heritage. We will improve the environment for children to grow up globally.
In the context of "town development to create a new spirit", we will use community subsidy projects and special grants for mergers to purchase wagon cars that go around the town, and we will work to make full use.
Regarding the enhancement of other administrative services and the promotion of administrative reform, we would like to provide high quality and stable administrative services to townspeople.
In the above, in the expenditure of the initial budget of the General Account for the Reiwa XNUMX fiscal year, I have described the main projects of the items that I have promised.
Regarding the budget related to other office work, we would like to aim for its realization so that we can maintain a vibrant community in the future without lowering the inhabitants' services. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Next, I will explain the main items of general account revenue.
About town tax, we anticipated increase in depreciable assets pertaining to photovoltaic power generation facility in property tax, and anticipated 7.1 million yen, a 7% increase from the previous fiscal year.
Local allocation tax is projected to increase 5.8% from the previous fiscal year to 27 million yen. The next fiscal year will be the fifth year of the transition to single-counter calculation, and will be completely single-counter calculation from Reiwa 1,800rd year. In that respect, the amount of grant will decrease, but due to factors such as the calculation method of the national financial plan and the revision of the correction coefficient, etc., the total amount was increased by 1 million yen.
About fund transfer, it is budget to transfer more than 9 million yen in total from financial adjustment fund. In the reiwa 2,100 fiscal year, disaster recovery operating expenses were recorded at the initial budget stage, and there were parts that could not be allocated by government treasury assistance and bond issuance, and due to the shift to temporary staff appointment system for fiscal year appointment and administrative affairs comprehensive business outsourcing As a financial source, we allocated the Financial Adjustment Fund.
Regarding the borrowing of town bonds, we anticipate more than 6 million yen, mainly for depopulated business bonds.

[Special account]
Then, we explain special accounts from bill 12th Reiwa 18 Nagawacho National Health Insurance special accounts budget to bill XNUMXth Reiwa XNUMX Nagawacho Wada property ward special accounts budget.
At first, it is National Health Insurance special account, but the amount of the original budget is 928 yen of 7 yen reduction compared with the previous year.
Of annual revenue, prefecture expenditure increases, insurance tax and transfer money decrease, and, in annual expenditure, insurance payment expenses such as medical treatment payment expenses of general insured person increase.
Regarding the National Health Insurance Dental Clinic Business Special Account, this is the accounting for medical fees, but the budget amount was 1,500 million yen, the same amount as the previous year.
With regard to the Special Account for the Elderly Care for the Elderly, the budget amounted to 9,000 million yen, which was 600 million yen more than the previous year.
About long-term care insurance special account, we should be budget of 1 million yen of 8,500 million yen increase from last year. As for revenues, premiums were expected to decrease, increase national treasury expenditures, payment fund grants, and prefecture expenditures.
With regard to expenditures, insurance payment expenses such as home care service payment expenses and facility care service payment expenses have increased significantly.
The special account for the Loan for Dowa Housing New Housing, etc. was ¥ 465, an increase of ¥ 536 from the previous year.
Special account for the tourist facility business was reduced by 246 million yen from the previous year to 1 million yen. This is a business accounting for the management and operation of directly managed villas, and the main expenses are maintenance and management of each villa. The budget for formulating the master plan has been included in the budget since the first year of Reiwa.
About the bill 18th Wada property ward special account, it is budget of 28 yen of 373 yen decrease from last year.

[Corporate accounting: Water supply business, public sewer business budget]
Next, we will explain about the accounting for the bill No. 19 Reiwa 20 Nagawa-cho waterworks business accounting budget and the bill No. XNUMX Reiwa XNUMX Nagawa-cho public sewerage business and wastewater treatment facility business accounting budget. You.
About Nagawa-cho water supply business accounts budget, repair by aging increases mainly in villa district, Takayama district as main approach and repairs the district sequentially in Reiwa XNUMX year.
In addition, in order to prevent leaks due to aging water supply facilities, the rate was revised on April 31, XNUMX for the purpose of sound management, but we will work on the repair business in earnest from next fiscal year. We will extend the life of the equipment.
About Nagawa-cho public sewer business and drainage treatment facility business accounting budget, we shifted to corporate accounting that applied the Public Enterprise Law from this year. Since the first year of the transition, no financial results have been issued, so the budget was almost the same as last year.
The sewerage business has a large initial investment and is difficult to manage nationwide. The business situation will be clarified at the stage when the first year's financial results come out during the next fiscal year. Based on that, we will consider management soundness and determine the future policy.
This is an overview of the Reiwa XNUMX fiscal budget from the general account to the corporate account.
It is speculated that the financial situation of the town will be more severe in the future. While accurately grasping the trends of the times, we intend to secure a system to provide effective and efficient services while improving the quality of services required by townspeople.

[Supplementary budget]
Following, we explain bill 21st Reiwa first year Nagawacho general account revised budget (the seventh).
First of all, regarding the main expenditures of this supplementary budget, we have included an amendment to reduce operating expenses due to the fact that the hometown tax donation could not reach the original expectation in general affairs expenses.
In consumer expenses, the supplementary budget for the reduction was recorded in the budget related to the gift certificate with premium. In addition, an increase in the amount paid out to the Long-Term Care Insurance Special Account was recorded due to the settlement.
For sanitary expenses, an increase was added due to the settlement of the water charges for use as dilution water for sludge reclaiming facilities and the sewerage charges for effluent.
In the agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses, we have added an increase in the amount of forestry expenses to implement the prefecture's forest tax utilization business and pine stake insect control business.
Regarding civil engineering expenses, regarding the related expenses required for snow removal, it was a year when snowfall was small, but since the initial budget was foreseeing the minimum, we will add a supplementary budget that will increase due to the purchase of snow melting agents etc. Was. In addition, for road construction costs for subsidized projects and non-consolidated projects, an increase and a decrease in the amount were recorded, respectively.
In the education expenses, the budget related to the renovation expenses to install the air-conditioning equipment in the special classrooms of Nagato Elementary School and Wada Elementary School and to prepare the WiFi environment for the Gigas School concept in response to the strengthening of ICT education, etc. Has been accounted for. This business will be carried over to the next fiscal year, as indicated in the cost of carrying forward.
In the disaster recovery expenses, the design management commission for civil engineering facilities disaster recovery expenses for the sole business was increased and an additional correction was recorded.
Other supplementary budgets for expenditures mainly consist of the adjustment of figures in the settlement of businesses that have already been completed, and the revisions in accordance with the forecast for reconciliation of ordinary expenses.
We request a reduction of ¥ 3,193 in the general account as a whole, and the total amount after the correction is ¥ 2.
In addition, we assumed that we carried over business to Reiwa XNUMX and listed in Table XNUMX of supplementary budget book, carrying forward permission costs. In addition to requesting XNUMX projects for agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses, disaster recovery expenses, etc., including those accompanying the supplementary national budget for education expenses mentioned earlier, Table XNUMX of the supplementary budget document shows the historical site Hoshifutoge Kuroyo With regard to the continuation cost pertaining to the Ishihara production site archeological site maintenance project, we request a correction accompanying a change in the operating cost.
Regarding the special account and the supplementary budget for corporate accounting from Proposal No. 22 to Proposal No. 30, the main contents are the settlement due to the completion of the project and the revision due to the expected results.

[Other projects]
Then, about designation of designated manager of bill 31st, 32nd.
About bill 31st, we utilized local revitalization base maintenance grant and constructed by roadside station area activation promotion business and, about management of large agricultural and livestock products direct sale place and lower house which is incidental facility, We assume that quince is a designated manager. About bill 32nd, about management about footbath facility that we maintained facilities in the same way, we intend to assume Nagawacho Promotion Corporation as designated manager.
Then, about the decrease of the number of local public entities co-establishing bill No. 33 Nagano municipalities fairness committee and change of agreement, we request change of agreement with decrease of constituent groups.
Subsequently, it is about abandoning a part of the right pertaining to the bill No. 34 Ueda area wide area union hometown fund.
The funds will be used for the Shinshu-Ueda Medical Center Medical Staff Securing Business and the emergency transport and accommodation business for hospitals such as the hospital group wheeled hospitals as community healthcare measures to be implemented in Reiwa XNUMXnd fiscal year.
Finally, it is "About seeking opinion on the recommendation of the Commissioner for Human Rights."
With regard to one human rights defender, whose three-year term expires on June 30, this year, the Board of Directors seeks the opinion of Congress in recommending the candidate to be replaced to the Minister of Justice.

The outline of the project proposed to this regular meeting has been described above. For details, each person in charge will give an explanation at the time of deliberation, so we ask for your approval of the draft and explain the reasons for the proposal.

Mayor of NagatoKenichiro Haneda

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