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Message from Mayor Haneda

To all the townspeople

We would like to thank all the residents of the town for their continued support in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus.

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, with the goal of "no one infected from the town," we closed the elementary and junior high schools and stopped and reduced various events, as well as returning students and refraining from coming to town. We have asked the townspeople to restrict various actions. During this time, on April XNUMXth, an emergency declaration was issued to the prefecture as well, and they cooperated with further refraining from action. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and gratitude for the fact that the announcement of the state of emergency was canceled on these XNUMX days, thanks to the awareness and cooperation of all the people involved, including the townspeople.

However, the cancellation of the declaration does not mean that the battle with the virus has ended. If you relax, there is concern about re-expansion, and it is said that long-term measures are necessary for measures against new coronavirus infections. As a town, we will continue to strive to prevent infection in line with national and prefectural approaches, while moving little by little toward everyday life, such as reopening due to decentralized school attendance. We would like to ask the townspeople to continue to cooperate with us regarding the basic measures against infection, such as securing a physical distance and wearing a mask, as shown in the "new lifestyle", and refraining from traffic to and from specified vigilance prefectures such as Tokyo. To do.

In addition, the measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases have had a major impact on school life and the local economy. In addition to the early payment of special fixed amount benefits, the town has a XNUMX yen per child per household for households with children up to the third year of high school as an independent business, and an additional XNUMX yen for a single-parent household. In addition, we will provide support items for university students living outside the prefecture who refused to go home. For those who are doing business, we will tackle economic measures with a sense of speed, such as benefits for business continuity according to the rate of decrease in sales. We will distribute the information on these measures to each household in the near future, so please check it.

Again, please do not loosen your mind by releasing the emergency declaration. We will ask the townspeople to take precautions against new types of coronavirus infections, be careful of special fraud, and act calmly based on accurate information, and strive to revitalize the local community and economy.

To everyone outside the town

We would like to thank those who have visited Nagawa-cho, those who have been considering it, and those who are planning to visit it, and thank you for your cooperation in preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we asked those who stayed with refrain from visiting towns to refrain from activities other than those necessary for daily life such as shopping and going to the hospital. Many people have understood and cooperated with these requests. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and gratitude to all of you for your understanding and cooperation that Nagano Prefecture was lifted from the area of ​​the emergency declaration on these XNUMX days.

However, even though the declaration has been lifted, it is said that long-term measures must be taken to prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases. The situation that does not happen continues.

Therefore, since the risk of infection with the new coronavirus has not yet ended nationwide, and it is necessary to continue measures to prevent infection, the town, in line with the efforts called for by the national government, We will continue to strive to prevent infection. We would like to ask all of you to cooperate with the basic lifestyle shown in the "new lifestyle", such as securing physical distance and wearing a mask, and the practice of infection control related to movement, as well as specific cautions such as Tokyo. We ask for your continued cooperation regarding the self-restraint with the prefectures.

Even if you come to a town, the measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases will have a big impact on the local economy, so we hope that everyone will come to the town as soon as possible to enjoy Nagawa town and become a place of exchange. I hope that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible, and I would appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.

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May 15, XNUMXnd yearDay

Mayor of NagatoKenichiro Haneda