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December 12 Nagawa Town Council XNUMXth regular meeting Reasons for Mayor's Proposal


December 12 Nagawa Town Council XNUMXth regular meeting Reasons for Mayor's Proposal



December 12, XNUMX




 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

 It's December, and the days are somewhat hectic.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all members of the Diet for their attendance.


 Well, one year has passed in my fifth term, but everyone in the town continues to feel "happiness".
I will continue to work on the management of the town administration with all my strength more than ever so that I can feel it.

 Intensifying weather disasters, response to new coronavirus infections, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and this
The situation in Japan and the world is entering a period of major change by the moment, such as rising prices and the rapid depreciation of the yen.

 In our town, we will firmly confirm the situation and take appropriate measures.
We appreciate your understanding, cooperation and support.



[New coronavirus-related]

 By the way, regarding the new coronavirus infection that has been raging since the year before last,
Thanks to everyone's cooperation, vaccination progressed, and it seemed that things had calmed down for a while.
Especially in the prefecture, the number of infections has been increasing rapidly since November, surpassing the 11th wave.  

 Also, from September 26th, the announcement of the number of infected people by municipality, which had been done until then, ended.
Currently, the number of infected people in the Ueda area has been announced, and it is difficult for the town to respond.
We will continue to cooperate with Nagano Prefecture and take all possible measures to deal with the situation.

 The residents of the town and the local community have cooperated in infection prevention measures, and vaccination against the Omicron strain has progressed.
The emergence of new mutations is also expected, and we would like to constantly collect the latest information and respond while checking the infection status.

 Going forward, we will work together with the prefecture to strengthen our call to prevent infection, while supporting the lives of everyone in the town and working to revitalize the economy.



[Proposal explanation]

 Now, about the 17 approval, XNUMX ordinance proposals, XNUMX supplementary budget proposals, and changes to the Nagawa Town Depopulated Area Sustainable Development Plan that we have proposed to the current assembly.
I will also explain the changes to the Ueda Regional Union Agreement and one personnel matter in order.


 First of all, I would like to talk about the approval of the supplementary budget for FY11, which was decided on November 11, XNUMX.

 Approval No. 11 "Regarding the XNUMX Nagawa Town General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)"・The main items are corrections related to the emergency support project for soaring gas and food prices, the new coronavirus vaccination-related project, and the emergency support project for needy households in Nagano Prefecture.

 It becomes revision increase of 9,350 yen in the whole general account, and the budget total sum after revision is 66 yen.


 Continuing on with the ordinance, Proposal No. 70, "Regarding the Ordinance for Partial Revision of the Ordinance Concerning the Salary of General Staff in Nagawa Town,"
In response to the recommendation of the National Personnel Authority and the Nagano Prefectural Personnel Commission, the prefecture plans to revise the ordinance at its regular meeting in November.
I would like to ask you to revise it because it is based on the prefecture.


 Next, we talk about bill 71st "the regulations to revise a part of the regulations about salaries such as full-time things in the staff of Nagawa-cho special position".

 Special positions are not subject to the recommendations of the National Personnel Authority, but with the passage of the "Law for Partial Revision of the Law Concerning Salaries for Special Positions",
The prefecture plans to revise the ordinance at its regular meeting in November, and the town's salary ordinance will be revised in the same way.


 Next, Proposal No. 72 "Regarding the Enforcement Ordinance of the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information in Nawa-cho" and Proposal No. 73 "Regarding the Establishment of the Ordinance of the Nagawa-cho Personal Information Protection Review Board" dealt with the protection of personal information. Due to the partial revision of the law, it was decided that each local government would operate a personal information protection system under the nationwide unified rule, so this town also enacted a new ordinance. It is something to do.

 Next, Bill No. 74 "Ordinance to partially revise the Nagawa Town Resident Autonomy Basic Ordinance" concerns the protection of personal information of Bill No. 72 and Bill No. 73.
With the enactment of the ordinance, we will partially revise it to be based on the personal information protection law of the country after the revision, and to stipulate the personal information protection law of the new town as a necessary ordinance separately.


 Next, from Proposal No. 75 "Ordinance to partially revise the ordinance concerning the retirement age of employees of Nagawa Town",
Regarding the 85 cases up to Proposal No. 11 "Ordinance for Partial Revision of the Ordinance Concerning Disciplinary Actions for Employees of Nagawa Town", due to the enactment of the law to partially revise the Local Public Service Law, etc. The retirement age has been raised in stages until the age of 65 by one year each year. It is intended to revise the ordinance.


 About bill 86 "regulation to revise a part of the regulations about registration of Nagawa-cho seal and proof",
Along with the start of convenience store issuance services for certificates using individual number cards, we have revised the wording in response to the addition of regulations for issuance applications and the revision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' "Administrative Procedures for Seal Registration."



[Supplementary budget]

 Next, I would like to talk about the revised budget.

 First, regarding Bill No. 87, “FYXNUMX Nagawa Town General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX),” each budget item includes corrections due to soaring prices of utilities.

 First of all, with regard to assembly expenses, we will increase the amount due to the maintenance of the wireless LAN for the assembly hall and the purchase of office equipment.
 In planning expenses, we have recorded an increase in the commission fee to formulate an action plan in line with the declaration of a climate emergency.


 As for tax collection expenses, we have revised the local tax common tax payment system, and as election expenses, we have increased the expenses related to the Nagano Prefectural Assembly election.

 In public welfare expenses, in addition to an increase in welfare and medical expenses included in social welfare general affairs expenses, in welfare expenses for persons with disabilities, etc., we have posted corrections based on business performance and settlement of subsidized projects.

 For sanitation expenses and health promotion expenses, we recorded corrections such as refunds related to the project to secure the system for vaccination against the new coronavirus.

 DustFor processing costs, we recorded an increase correction such as disposal costs due to an increase in the amount of garbage processed.

 In agriculture, forestry and fisheries expenses, agricultural expenses will be corrected for the installation of animal damage prevention fences by introducing subsidy projects, and
For forestry expenses, we included corrections due to business results, as well as corrections for municipal contributions related to independent prefecture projects.


 Regarding commercial and industrial expenses, in the temporary subsidy for regional revitalization in response to the new coronavirus infectious disease implemented in FYXNUMX,
Since there was a refund, we recorded a correction.


 Regarding civil engineering costs,dead treeWe recorded the correction due to the processing of the above and the construction work that will be expanded.

 Regarding firefighting expenses, we included a correction to purchase stockpiles for disaster prevention by incorporating it into the self-reliant settlement area business.

 As for educational expenses, in addition to expenses associated with business results, we recorded corrections for repair work, etc. of sports facilities.

 As for disaster recovery costs, in the case of forestry facility disaster recovery, the correction due to the expected increase in construction due to the increase in the design unit price, and in the civil engineering facility disaster recovery,
Supplementary budgets have been allocated for heavy equipment usage fees for removing accumulated sediment and construction costs transferred from the national treasury to independent projects.

 About public loan costs, we included correction accompanied with decision of borrowing.

 Concerning the revenue, the contributions and contributions, and the contributions and usage charges associated with the increase in the electricity rate,
We recorded the correction of the usage fee due to the expected increase in the number of visitors to the educational facility.


 For the national treasury subsidies for national treasury disbursements, corrections based on the actual results of each project implementation, and for prefectural subsidies for prefectural disbursements,
Depending on the expected and finalized results of the project, we have made corrections to subsidies for welfare and medical expenses, as well as subsidies for the maintenance of comprehensive measures to prevent wildlife damage.


 Regarding the money transferred to the property area, the money transferred for emergency construction, etc., and the money transferred to the fund
Depending on the implementation status and finalization of the business, we have made adjustments to the financial adjustment fund transfer, the Shinmachi unity fostering fund transfer, and the forest environment transfer tax fund transfer.


 In terms of income, we recorded corrections for the late-stage elderly trustee fees and income from past years.

 About town bond, we recorded supplementary budget each by decision and prospect of business.

 As mentioned above, we ask for increase revision of 6,760 yen in the whole general account, and the budget total sum after revision is 67 yen.



 Next, from Proposal No. 88 "FYXNUMX Nagawa Town National Health Insurance Special Account (Business Account) Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)"
I would like to explain the main items of Bill No. 93 "FYXNUMX Nagawa Town Public Sewerage Business and Wastewater Treatment Facility Business Accounting Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)".


 Regarding National Health Insurance and Nursing Care Insurance Special Account Supplementary Budget, the main items are revisions according to business results and expected results.

 In tourist facility business special accounts, revision to affect property income becomes main thing.

 In the Wada Property Ward Special Account, the main item is the correction related to the cancellation of the festival.

 In the water supply business accounting, corrections related to the temporary grant for regional revitalization in response to the new coronavirus infectious disease,
In the public sewerage business and wastewater treatment facility business accounting, corrections related to personnel expenses are the main items.


 Next, I would like to explain Bill No. 94 "Changes to the Nagawa Town Depopulated Area Sustainable Development Plan."

 In September of last year, we received a resolution in response to the enforcement of the new Depopulation Law.
In order to change a part of this plan, we will ask the assembly.


 Next, I will explain Bill No. 95 "Changes to the Ueda Regional Union Agreement".

 Due to the revision of the Ueda region wide area union wide area plan that we are working on this year, it will be necessary to change the items of the wide area plan stipulated in the wide area union agreement,
Due to the abolition of the funeral hall use area, it is necessary to change the separate table stipulated in the inter-regional union agreement, so we are proposing a change to the inter-regional union agreement to this assembly.



[Election of Board of Education]

 Next, I would like to explain Bill No. 96, "Requesting Consent for Appointing Members of the Nagawa Town Board of Education."

 The term of office of the Board of Education is four years, but we ask for the consent of the Assembly regarding the appointment of the Board of Education whose term of office will expire on December 12nd.


 The above is an overview of the reasons for the proposal, but the person in charge will explain the details during deliberations.
Thank you for your consideration and approval.




Reiwa 4December XNUMXDay

Mayor of Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda


Mayor mayor banner

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