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Reiwa December 4rd Regular Assembly Mayor Proposal Reason Explanation


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

The seasons have changed, and it has become a refreshing season from fresh green to early summer.

Rice planting has been completed, and preparations for summer are finally underway at Nagawa Village.

We have convened the June regular meeting of the Nagawa Town Assembly today, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members of the Diet (all members) for their attendance.

In the last few years, the progress of the seasons has been felt to be fast, and there are concerns about abnormal weather due to unseasonable weather. Even if it is the administration, we will pay more attention to the rainfall situation than usual.

I would like the townspeople to pay attention to the weather and how it rains, to evacuate as soon as possible, and to take actions to save their lives.

In addition, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has been declining recently, but while it is still on the rise, evacuation methods and evacuation shelter operations that take into consideration infection prevention measures are also used at evacuation shelters. We will continue to take appropriate measures.


[Social and economic situation]

Regarding the new coronavirus infection, the epidemic, which is said to be the 6th wave, is still continuing, and the situation is changing every day such as information on the occurrence of new mutant strains, but the bright news is this 23rd. The medical warning issued by Nagano Prefecture was lifted, and the infection alert level was also reviewed, and the level XNUMX was switched to level XNUMX and the Ueda area was switched to level XNUMX from yesterday. There a place.

As the mayor of Nagawa, and even as the chairman of the town and village of Nagano prefecture, I am working with the governor at meetings such as the mayor's association and the town and village association.

In Nagawa Town, the third mass vaccination has been completed, but the cumulative number of infected people exceeded 3 on the 18th of this month, and five months have passed since the third vaccination from the end of June. We are currently preparing for the fourth vaccination for townspeople aged 70 and over and those with underlying illnesses aged 6 and over.

Even though the town is in charge of responding by sharing information with related organizations, we will continue to cooperate with all of you in taking thorough infection control measures and considering human rights. I am asking for.

Also, the sudden invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which seemed to be in the era of Reiwa, was a foolish act that had a great impact on the world and threatened peace, and many Ukrainian people and soldiers of both sides were killed or injured. Incredible information and scenes are reported every day, but I sincerely hope that the battle situation will end as soon as possible.


[Organizational reform]

By the way, from this April, we have changed some of the staffing systems of the government office.

Regarding the Industrial Promotion Division, the Agricultural Policy Section and the Special Product Development Section have been integrated and started as a new Agricultural Policy Section.Since the work of the agricultural administration staff and the work of the special product development staff are closely related, it is a measure to strengthen the agricultural promotion and special product development related measures of the town.

In addition, in the Townspeople Welfare Division, there is an increasing concern that the landscape will be damaged due to the increase in the construction of solar power generation facilities in the town in order to protect the good landscape and promote more independent landscape creation. Therefore, we have set up a landscape manager in the Living Environment Section for the purpose of transitioning to a landscape administration organization.


[Proposal explanation]

Now, I would like to explain the nine approval proposals, one ordinance proposal, and one supplementary budget proposal that we have just proposed to the parliament.

First of all, regarding the approval of Approval No. 31 "Ordinance to partially revise the Nagawa Town Tax Ordinance that was dismissed exclusively", this book is about the ones that need to be revised due to the partial revision of the Local Tax Law etc. It was revised on March XNUMX, XNUMX.


Next, regarding the approval of Approval No. 4 "Ordinance to partially revise the Nagawa-cho National Health Insurance Tax Ordinance that was dismissed exclusively", the National Health Insurance Law Enforcement Ordinance was issued on February 18, 31th year of the Ordinance. Due to the revision, the ones that require revision of the National Health Insurance Tax Ordinance have been revised as of March XNUMX, this year.


Next, I would like to explain the relationship with the supplementary budget for the 31rd year of Reiwa, which was also dismissed exclusively on March XNUMX, XNUMXth year of Reiwa.

First of all, regarding the approval of Approval No. 14 "Decisive Disposition of Reiwa XNUMXrd Year Nagawa Town General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)", in terms of revenue, including town tax, local transfer tax, and local consumption tax. The main items are amendments to each grant, local allocation tax, amendments associated with the determination of contributions and subsidies from the national and prefectural governments, transfers to funds and other accounts, and amendments to local bonds.

Regarding expenditures, which was approved by the regular assembly in March, it is an amendment related to those that have changed after the compilation of the 13th supplementary budget, such as amendments to subsidized projects of the national and prefectural governments and projects related to local bonds. , Amendments associated with the liquidation of various office work businesses are the main ones.

Regarding general affairs expenses, personnel expenses, oldness and tax payment fund reserves, contributions related to My Number, reduction of cable TV broadcasting related businesses and increase of financial adjustment fund expenses, and for civil welfare expenses, service expenses related to facilities for people with disabilities, nursing care Reduction of payments to the insurance special account, reduction of new coronavirus vaccination-related business for hygiene expenses, reduction of new coronavirus infectious disease emergency economic measures business for commercial and industrial expenses, snow removal for civil engineering expenses Regarding the increase in related expenses and education expenses, we have included a budget such as a reduction in junior high school union contributions due to a decrease in union employment instructors due to a decrease in the number of classes.

The general account as a whole has a correction reduction of 4,995 yen, and the total budget after correction is 65 million yen.


Next, from the approval No. XNUMX "Revenue XNUMXrd year Nagawacho National Health Insurance Special Account (Business Account) Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)", which was dismissed exclusively in the same way as the general account. Regarding the supplementary budget of each special account of Approval No. XNUMX "Special Account Supplementary Budget for Nagawacho Tourist Facility Business Special Account (No. XNUMX)" The main items are finalization of money, correction of revenue associated with the settlement of transfer money, and correction of expenditure associated with the settlement of various office work businesses.


Next, the approval No. 10 "Decisive Disposition of the XNUMXth Year of the Nagawa General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)" is related to the national "Temporary Grant for Regional Creation for Coronavirus Infectious Diseases". We have decided to dispose of the supplementary budget for various projects, projects related to landscape planning, and projects related to the production of symbols by tile art of Furumachi community facilities.


Next, I will explain the draft ordinance.

Regarding the enactment of bill 38 "Community facility establishment ordinance for the realization of a community symbiotic society in Nagawa-cho", it is to enact the community facility installation ordinance scheduled to open in the Furumachi district in August. ..

Regarding the construction of the Furumachi community facility, which had been extended due to the excavation of the buried cultural property, the construction started in earnest this year, and now the exterior wall construction is almost finished and the interior construction is about to begin.

The facility is expected to be completed by the end of July as scheduled, and the construction period has been set to August XNUMX in consideration of the schedule for various inspections.

Furumachi community facilities will be developed to function as a facility that can be used by everyone, including local residents, and as a quick and appropriate evacuation center in the event of an emergency, toward the realization of a symbiotic society. Thank you for your understanding.


Finally, I would like to explain the main contents of the bill 39, "Reiwa XNUMXth Year Nagawa General Account Supplementary Budget (No. XNUMX)".

Regarding expenditures, in terms of hygiene expenses, the budget will be rearranged for the fourth intake in the project to secure the new coronavirus vaccination system.In terms of commercial and industrial expenses, in addition to the fund reserve and purchase-related budget related to the asset purchase of Nagawa Town Promotion Corporation associated with the establishment of Mount Nagawa Co., Ltd., the supplementary budget for the fund reserve related to the dismantling cost of Himekidaira Nature Was recorded.

Regarding educational expenses, we have added supplementary budgets for expenses related to ceremonies related to community facility development projects for the realization of a community-based society, as well as expenses related to the reorganization of special merger grant projects.

Regarding revenue, in addition to the supplementary budget for repayment of loans to the Nagawa Town Promotion Corporation and the fund transfer for the purchase of assets of the Nagawa Town Promotion Corporation, the correction of the house dismantling cost of Himekidaira Nature is due to the revision of the expenditure budget. It has become a thing.The amended amount is 4 yen, and the total budget after amendment is 1,974 yen.


 As mentioned above, we have explained the outline of the approved cases and proposals proposed to this regular meeting, but the person in charge will explain the details at the time of deliberation, so please approve the original proposal. We would appreciate it if you could explain the reason for the proposal.




Reiwa 4June XNUMXstDay

Mayor of Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda


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