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NAGAWA Wada dental clinic

Last updated 2023 years 03 month 08 Date


Founding date

Showa 48/4/1


386 Wada, Nagawa-cho, Chiisagata-gun, 0701-2872





Number of staff

1 dentists, XNUMX dental hygienist

Medical equipment

X-ray diagnostic equipment, panoramic X-ray diagnostic equipment, ultrasonic scaler, apex locator, electric syringe, tooth surface cleaner

Day of the week Day Month Tue Wed(Biweekly) Thu Fri Sat
Doctor in charge Ikeuchi Komori - Ikeuchi -
Medical time AM9:00 ~ PM18:00 AM9:00 ~ PM18:00 - Open: 9:00 - 17:00 -

image02 The former Wadamura district, where the clinic is located, is located in the central part of Nagano Prefecture, in the southern part of Chiisagata District, and most of the total area is occupied by forests.

 From Utsukushigahara to Wada Pass, it is designated as Yatsugatake Chushin Kogen National Monument, and is home to outstanding panoramas and precious flora and fauna.In addition, the vast mountain forest that follows and the large elevation difference produce various vegetation such as Wada grass, skunk cabbage, and birch beauty forest, and it is a quiet area with abundant nature that nurtures many animals and plants.In October 17, the merger of Nagato Town and Wada Village created Nagato Town with a total area of ​​10 square kilometers and a population of more than 183.95, and the name of the clinic was changed to "Kokuho Nagato Town Wada Dental Clinic". became.
 In April XNUMX, the dental clinic was relocated to the former Wada Government Building and is adjacent to the Wada Branch and Shinshu Ueda Agricultural Cooperative Wada Store, improving the convenience of residents.

As a family doctor familiar to the community

 In order to deal with long-term care patients in the elderly society, we are also focusing on supporting home medical care and providing home-visit treatment.
 In addition, we have set up a liaison meeting with people involved in health, medical care, and welfare in the town to cooperate with related organizations.In particular, regarding home-visit treatment, we have begun full-scale efforts by establishing a dedicated staff system.In terms of health activities, we actively participate in infant health checkups and also work as a nursery school and elementary and junior high school doctor.We are particularly focusing on cooperation with the health and welfare of Nagawa Town, and by participating in the liaison meeting, we are also expressing our opinions on the formulation of a health plan for Nagawa Town.


Supports specialized treatment

A specialist in oral surgery is working full-time, and we are actively engaged in treatment such as specialized treatment and handling difficult cases. In addition, for patients with systemic diseases and patients with a medical history, we are trying to cooperate with neighboring hospitals.
Going forward, we will continue to play a role in promoting the region, which is becoming more and more important, and strive to be a clinic that is familiar and trusted by local residents.