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About open data in Nagawa-cho

Last updated 2020 years 03 month 19 Date

What is open data

Open data is an initiative to release the vast amount of public data held by the national and local governments as a data format suitable for machine interpretation, and to promote secondary use, including for commercial purposes.

Utilizing open data can lead not only to improved services for residents, but also to greater transparency and reliability of government, promotion of public-private collaboration and participation of residents, and revitalization of the economy by creating new services and businesses. Is expected

About open data of Nagawa-cho

In Nagawa-cho, open data has been released on the integrated geographic information system "Map of Shinshu Living" operated by Nagano Prefecture.

Going forward, we will gradually open up public data we hold.

When using open data, please use it after agreeing to the terms of use.

 ・ Nagano Integrated Geographic Information System "Shinshu Living Map"

 ・ Nagano Integrated Geographic Information System "Shinshu Living Map" Terms of Use

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