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About town development plan of NAGAWA

Last updated 2022 years 03 month 03 Date

For NAGAWA town development plan

Long-term plan cover Following the merger of towns and villages in October 17, Nagawa Town formulated the first "First Nagawa Town Long-term Comprehensive Plan" in 10 as a new town.This plan was formulated with 1 as the target year, "18. Town development that can be proud of coexistence with nature", "28. Town development that is full of vitality with wisdom and ingenuity", and "1. Utilizing people, people, and hearts" We have set the four basic goals of "bright town development" and "4. town development created by residents and the government as one", and have been promoting attractive town development together with the townspeople.

 However, in the last 10 years, the social situation surrounding our town has changed drastically, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and the low growth of companies due to the economic downturn.
Also, is carried out a review of national and local relationship by full-scale flow toward decentralization, more than ever and while the independence and responsibility of local governments is a strong demand, the financial situation of this town to support it has become increasingly severe, in the conventional sense of values ​​and methods have become many issues that can not be handled. For this reason, along with the efforts to enhance the financial and administrative infrastructure, residents more than ever, organizations, and business and government cooperate to address the challenges of the region, it will be that it is necessary and important to promote individuality certain town planning. Furthermore, welcomed 10 year from the merger, town development by taking advantage of local resources and characteristics in a more broad-based perspective is required.
Under these circumstances, anticipation of the new era, to develop a "comprehensive plan of a new 10 year" in which all the townspeople living in NAGAWA becomes the guideline for town development to be able to live in cheerful.

Residents autonomy basics regulations

In NAGAWA, clearly defined the principles and basic principles of self-government, in order to promote the town development of the collaboration by the townspeople autonomy, established the self-government basics regulations as "the best of Conduct (law)" of NAGAWA.

Residents autonomy basics regulations [PDF: 125KB]

NAGAWA town development plan (Shinmachi construction plan)

Established the Nagato-cho, and Wada village merger was born to Shinmachi of town development of basic policy, developed a plan that is based on this, by the realization, along with the improvement of the establishment and the residents welfare of rapid integrity of both towns and villages, Shinmachi It aims to the balanced development.

Nagawa Town Town Development Plan (New Town Construction Plan) [PDF: 3MB]

NAGAWA long-term comprehensive plan

Second NAGAWA long-term comprehensive plan is, "basic concept", consists of the "Basic Plan" and the "implementation plan".

[Basic design]

In order to comprehensively and systematically manage the town administration, and fiscal 38 year (2026 years) the target year, and to clarify the goals and measures to realize the future of the town over 10 years.

Town that might want to work in the promotion of local industry

Town to attract the flow of people in the construction of tourism and cultural exchange

It established a seamless support environment the marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and child care, child care, want to child-rearing town

In ensuring the safe and secure environment, the city will want to continue living

Basic objective
"Work" is called the "people", in order to continue to establish a virtuous cycle in which "people" is attract the "work", and re-check the "strengths of shining and sparkling" not only to NAGAWA, take advantage of it to the fullest that is, creation and high employment in the quality of employment, to proceed with the policy that aims to create an environment in which entrepreneurship come true. In the future, we aim to come and go active is "people" more and more "people", in the construction of tourism and exchanges that take advantage of the "gleaming and shining local resources", we will work to increase the alternating current population. And, to proceed with the measures that taking advantage of the resources that has been cultivated in the culture in which the "people" and "people" was Ikika' from time immemorial, attract migrants to NAGAWA. In order to fulfill the hope of the young generation, to be brought up birth to a child with confidence in NAGAWA, to build a system to carry out a detailed support at each stage of pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing from marriage, to proceed with the town development that want to child-rearing . Satisfied with the life of people in the area who live there, it is important to go to "town" as live safely and with peace of mind, for that, of living foundation for advancing the town development full of vitality that matches the era do the maintenance. In addition, to proceed with the "cooperative town development of the work" of the residents is the leading role of town development.

【basic plan】

In order to achieve the basic objectives defined in the basic concept, the individual plan of development and maintenance policy of the major measures in each field, and to systematically reveal the specific measures related.

NAGAWA long-term comprehensive plan [PDF: 6MB]

[Implementation plan]

On measures shown in the basic plan, intended to clarify the contents and financial resources of each business to specifically implemented, is 3-year plan set forth on the basis of financial planning.
For this implementation plan, revised annually by the degree of rolling method, it will be the specific guidelines of the budget and office business executive.

01 Implementation plan (H29-H31) [PDF: 299KB]
02 Implementation plan (H30-H32) [PDF: 352KB]
03 Implementation plan (H31-H33) [PDF: 318KB]
04 Implementation plan (R 2 to R 4) [PDF: 330KB]
05 Implementation plan (R 3 to R 5) [PDF: 332KB]
06 Implementation plan (R 4 to R 6) [PDF: 342KB]

07 Implementation plan (R5-R7) [PDF: 335KB]

Nagawa Town Depopulated Area Sustainable Development Plan

The entire area of ​​Nagawa Town was designated as a depopulated area by the "Special Measures Law Concerning Support for Sustainable Development of Depopulated Areas" that came into effect on April XNUMX, XNUMX.

In response to this, we have formulated the "Nagawa Town Depopulated Area Sustainable Development Plan" with a planning period of 31 years from April XNUMX, XNUMXrd year of Reiwa to March XNUMXst, XNUMXth year of Reiwa.

In the future, based on this plan, we will utilize various resources in Nagawa Town and promote various efforts toward the realization of sustainable Nagawa Town.

Nagawa Town Depopulated Area Sustainable Development Plan [PDF: 1MB]

Remote area comprehensive maintenance plan

In order to promote public works projects in remote areas, we have been proceeding with the formulation of a comprehensive remote area development plan based on the Act on Special Financial Measures for the Comprehensive Development of Public Facilities in Remote Areas.

This time, the formulation of the remote area comprehensive maintenance plan was approved at the regular assembly meeting in March, XNUMXth year of Reiwa, and we will announce it as attached.

In the future, based on the newly formulated remote area comprehensive maintenance plan, we will proceed with efforts in the relevant remote area.

Remote area comprehensive maintenance plan (Takayama remote area) [PDF: 167KB]

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