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Revision of NAGAWA precinct and early voting locations

Last updated 2016 years 09 month 01 Date

The precinct, which was established or can vote anywhere in the polling stations during the election, has become a precinct of 18 place in the town throughout. The current voting districts have been established taking over the precinct of the old towns and villages, but the situation can be seen is an imbalance in the distance between the relatively located at a short distance the polling place many polling stations. In addition, the town has decreased the number of employees every year by the efficiency of office work business by the merger, making it a difficult situation to maintain the pre-merger and the same number of polling stations. For even early voting stations, carried out for the entire period it will be difficult from the fact that by the transfer to the new building is the resident staff of Wada government buildings to decrease.
In NAGAWA Election Commission, in order to maintain the proper enforcement of the election, we will review the precinct, and Wada district of date implementation period of the previous vote.

The contents of the review

- Within a radius of 1km to the targeted review of the plurality of locations some polling stations, we can ensure the breadth and parking lot of the polling place, a place of friendly facility.
※ You runs for the time being the courtesy car connecting until the old polling place and the new polling place.
Wada for the district of early voting, and the implementation of election day before four days that allows early voting of the mayor-Chogi election is full-time.

The effect of the review

- The distance between the polling stations, generally ensure voters of fairness due to be tailored to the radius of 1km.
- Reduce the burden of voting witnessed people like that I am engaged in the mayor or the like.
And office workers allowance, witnessed people such as compensation, cost-cutting, such as posters field installation costs.
- Some of the staff reduction, elimination of staffing which has been difficult to maintain the same number of polling stations and prior to the merger.

Polling Place List
Precinct Polling place name
Furumachi first Furumachi Central Public Hall
Furumachi second Tateiwa structure improvement center
Nagakubo 1st Nagato welfare center for the old
Daimon first Xinwu meeting facilities
Daimon second NAGAWA old man meeting facilities
Daimon third ON Daimon Center
Daimon fourth ShoShigeruketani community center
Daimon fifth Takayama meeting facilities
Daimon sixth Himeki community center
Wada No. 1 Kamigumi community center
Wada second Wada Government Buildings
Wada third Karasawa community center
Wada fourth

Men and women hold public hall