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About the election

Last updated 2017 years 10 month 02 Date


Each of the election, it will ship the tickets by postcard. Since the polling place it is mentioned in the admission ticket, please check. Voting hours are from morning 7 until the time of the afternoon 8. (Some voting districts until the afternoon 7)


Early voting and absentee voting

If you do not go to the polling place on election day the day, during the period from the day after the public (tell) 示日 until the day before the election day, you can do early vote and absentee vote. Early vote can be performed location is Nagato government buildings and Wada government buildings. Voting time is until the afternoon 8 know 30 during the morning 8.

Absentee vote invoice / oath [PDF: 176KB]

Polling place

In NAGAWA, vote-ku, from fiscal 28 year has been changed.Please for more information and check here.

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