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About the election

Last updated 2022 years 06 month 14 Date


Voting time is all polling stations 7:7 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm ToChangeIt will be.

The polling place is listed on the admission ticket, so please check it.


Early voting and absentee voting

Those who cannot go to the polling place on the day of the polling can vote before the deadline and absentee ballot from the day after the public (notification) announcement to the day before the polling day.

The places where you can vote before the deadline are Nagato Government Building and Wada Government Building.Voting time is from 8:30 am to 8:XNUMX pm.

Early Voting Oath [PDF: 114KB]

[Entry example] Early voting oath [PDF: 119KB]


Absentee ballot request (and oath) [PDF: 120KB]

[Entry example] Absentee ballot request form (and oath) [PDF: 125KB]


Polling place

Furumachi No. XNUMX Office
Furumachi No. XNUMX Tateiwa Structure Improvement Center

Nagakubo No. XNUMX Nagato Elderly Welfare Center

Daimon Daiichi Shinya Assembly Facility
Daimon No. XNUMX Nagawa-cho old people meeting facility
Daimon XNUMXrd Entrance Daimon Center
Daimon XNUMXth Exchange Promotion Center (former Soba Making Experience Dojo)
Daimon No. XNUMX Takayama Rally Facility
Daimon No. XNUMX Himeki Community Center

Wada Daiichi Kamigumi Public Hall
Wada No. XNUMX Wada Government Building
Wada No. XNUMX Karasawa Community Center
Wada No. XNUMX Men's and Women's Warehouse Public Hall



Information on candidates, list notification political parties, etc. in the 26th House of Councilors election
Click here for the Nagano Prefecture homepage


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