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Children's house

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How to use JiDokan

Undersecretary who serve

  • After school is over, until 5 pm

Off day

  • Sunday, public holiday, year-end and New Year holidays, the Bon Festival (August 13 to 16 days)


  • At the entrance, please refer to the Acceptance.
  • Sewing's shoes, try to put to the shoe box.
  • Plaything is something of everyone. Yuzuria' and, let's errand important.
  • Kabeya, you do not hit the ball to the ceiling.
  • In JiDokan, that you do not eat or drink a thing. It is useless even if brought.
  • Is after soaked, it will end figuring to the original location.
  • When you broke something, you immediately Tell the teacher.
  • Do not enter the room to have a meeting.
  • When I came, when the frog, trying to firm greeting.
  • Beware to injury
  • To the teacher, trying to protect.

What is Auto Club?

Auto Club The

  •  The Jido Club is open to people from grades XNUMX to XNUMX who are working with their fathers and mothers and have no one to return to their homes.From Monday to Friday, from the end of school until XNUMX pm and XNUMX pm on Saturday, we will do our homework and play with our friends.Even on school holidays such as summer vacation, winter vacation, and spring vacation, there is a Jido club.If you would like to join the Jido Club, please do not hesitate to ask your family to join you.

To Parents

  •  The Children's Club is mainly aimed at children who are away from home, and teaches how to live through play between school and home, and ensures the safety of children during that time.In other words, based on both the role of the school and the function of the family, we will provide a lively playground and a place of practice, and aim to foster creative and physically and mentally sound children through our peers.Target children are children from the first grade to the sixth grade of elementary school who are away from home and other children who need guidance.Please check this out for details.

Auto Club of bookmark

For operation of a child club (The aim of the Children's Club)

  • Social through interaction of children, autonomy, cooperation of, sense of solidarity, foster a caring heart.
  • Through a homely atmosphere and a warm environment creation, work on developing emotional rich children.
  • It strives to ensure the children of health management and safety.
  • Through the club's activities, we strive to creativity rich children of nurturing.
  • To respect the rules of the group, put the promotion of social adaptability, a regular life habit.
  • Through exchanges with different grade children, deepen their understanding of each other, promote the development of individuality rich children.
  • Take the in-depth communication with the home and school, etc., efforts to the healthy development of children.

Target children of the Children's Club

  • Absence home children from the elementary school grade 1 to grade 6
  • Other, children in need of guidance
  • For enrollment and withdrawal of children club
  • Please submit a "subscription application form," the children of parents who wish to join the children's club. Submitted review the subscription application form, we will send you a "subscription approval notice" on which were examined.

The guardian of the burden

  • Development costs of children club is free. However, the snack fee that individual children need you to protect the burden.

For Dates and time

  • Dates 
    1. From Monday to Saturday, but the next day is excluded.
    2. A national holiday the New Year's holiday break
  • open time
    1. Weekdays (Friday Mon - excluding public holidays) from the time after school until 7:00 pm
    2. Official Holidays (Saturday and summer and winter, spring break and transfer Official Holidays) to 6 pm from 8 am
  • Daily children's club
    1. Visitors (greeting) --- homework (freedom) --- free play ---- Kikan (greeting)

About belongings

  • Shoes, bags, handkerchief, helmet in the other belongings, please give it a name all. Umbrella, because the boots, such as easy in particular mistake, please write big clearly so that it does not disappear.

About the disease

  • If there is a chronic disease in children, in advance please let us know (attracted, dislocation, hernia, allergies, heart disease, etc.).
  • If you suddenly get a fever or your stomach hurts, contact the parent's emergency contact and respond.
  • When applied to the contagious disease, please let rest until the complete recovery.
  • Please have children to rest of the class that became the class closed with, such as flu.
  • If you like in urgent injuries of children, the emergency treatment at emergency designated hospitals, will contact the parents.

About disposal treatment

  • The event of a disaster, so we are waiting to evacuate the children to a safe place, parents please come to pick up as soon as possible children.

  • Typhoon, because of the child's safety in the heavy snow, if the school has taken the treatment of school closures, children's club also with the rest.

Accident insurance

  • In the children's club, it will not subscribe to the accident insurance in preparation for the unlikely event of an accident (insurance premiums paid by the town). This insurance applies to accidents during activities in the children's house.

Ask to Parents

  • Children absent, for leaving early, please contact us in advance from the sure guardian. Address, place of employment (contacts), if there is a change in the telephone number, etc., please be sure notification.
  • In case of absenteeing or withdrawing from a child club, please make a notification promptly.
  • When the physical condition is poor in children is sick, etc., please care so as not to come to the children's club and impossible to. There is no break room of the children in the children's house
  • Life in study and children's house of the school is very tiring as for children. In particular, since the first grade is strong sense of anxiety to adapt to school life, pick-up of parents, please come as soon as possible. Holding time is up to 7 pm. Please be punctual is.
  • The children's club, a snack and valuables, please do not have the money or the like.
  • Children are going to school and lessons, etc., day of the week, please contact the children's house about the time, and the like. It should be noted, and back will give me the responsibility of the parents. In addition, please refer to the well in advance contact when you go to play in the house of a friend.
  • To prevent accidents of children, please be in close contact with the children's house at home. Handkerchief, please tissue is to have every day.
  • The belongings, please entered the name as can be seen in permanent marker. If you come to the children's club, please follow the guidance of the school until the children's house from school. From the children's house to home, ask the responsibility of the parents.
  • The day to use the children's club throughout the day in the long-term absence from work, etc., rather than a drop off and pick up of parents, please care to be able to visitors on foot children.
  • For the children's house of events and meetings, etc., please join with the convenience.


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