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NAGAWA disabilities basic plan, the disabled welfare plan (life first 4)

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 29 Date

For the "shining" continue gentle warmth of the township over realized as over people

In NAGAWA, "first-order NAGAWA long-term comprehensive plan (late basic plan)" in March 2012 as over people is the future of health, medical care and welfare of the "shining" continue gentle warmth of the Township for the realization of the over, comprehensive support and review of the fundamental plan of welfare measures with disabilities of NAGAWA based on disability basic Law "NAGAWA person with a disability basic plan", the daily life and social life of people with disabilities legislation to ※ created at that time for persons with disabilities (hereinafter referred to as "persons with disabilities comprehensive support Act" that.) are shown to provide system of disabled welfare service or the like based on "impaired the third phase NAGAWA stomach welfare plan" drawn up, we have to promote people with disabilities welfare measures.
Between the "third term NAGAWA challenged welfare plan" 2014 from 2012 is a period of, Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities Act was amended to people with disabilities General Support Law (2013 April enforcement), such as "the creation of a basic philosophy," "expanding the range of people with disabilities", "creation of the disabled assistance category", towards the realization of harmony in the community, overall daily life and social life of people with disabilities enhancement such as the disabled welfare service for help, it was taken a new disabled health and welfare measures.
This time, when expiring of showed the provision system, such as the disabled welfare service, "the third phase NAGAWA challenged welfare plan", and the actual situation of the area surrounding the stomach and others with disabilities of guidelines and NAGAWA of national and prefectural while based on the evaluation and the performance of the third term plan, we formulated the "failure 4th NAGAWA stomach welfare plan".
But I think the environment for the health and welfare have also disabled in the future going to change, NAGAWA is, aims to realize a "shining" continue gentle warmth of the township over as over people, "NAGAWA disabilities basic plan" and along the "4th NAGAWA challenged welfare plan", so we will continue to promote the disabled welfare measures, even if it is placed in everyone of the townspeople, and so thank you look forward to your understanding and cooperation.

1_ disabled welfare plan first 4 period [PDF: 859KB]

2_ disabled welfare plan first 4 period [PDF: 951KB]

3_ disabled welfare plan first 4 period [PDF: 886KB]

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