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For Goods and Services Procurement Policy from NAGAWA disabilities working facilities, etc.

Last updated 2020 years 07 month 01 Date

Articles such as articles from working facilities etc.

The purpose of the 1 policy

This policy, by ensuring the work of people with disabilities working facility with disabilities to work in the underlying disabilities and home and work in the persons, for the purpose to be able to live life to people with disabilities has been self-supporting, by country, etc. disability employment law concerning the Promotion of procurement of goods and the like from the facilities, etc. (commonly known as: people with disabilities priority procurement Promotion law) goods and services (hereinafter referred to as "articles from article 9 on the basis of, with disabilities of NAGAWA's employment facilities, etc. that etc. ".) is intended to promote define the procurement policy of.

Adaptation range of 2 policy                  

Application range of this policy is directed to all office departments of our town.

3 the target people with disabilities of the procurement work facilities, etc.

Subject to disabilities employment facilities of Procurement is a separate table 1, and facilities capable of procurement of goods and the like.

4 procurement goods, and the like, and procurement goals

  The items to be procured preferentially and the procurement goals that we should achieve are as shown in the table below.


Another seed

Target amount (Thousands of yen)

Role Tsutomu (service)

Mowing, cleaning, bagging shipping etc.


Thing goods

Food and small miscellaneous goods, etc.


total amount


5 Procurement Promotion method of

  1. Tomachi, for the procurement can be purchasing goods and services provided by people with disabilities employment facilities to gather information (Appendix 2), on the basis of these information, request a priority procurement to failure for each office departments persons working facility to.
  2. In the procurement of persons with disabilities working facility, to examine fully raised can order goods, etc. in each office departments.

6 publication of procurement policy and procurement record

  • When challenged in Tomachi has created a procurement policy of goods and the like from the persons working facility is issued by the website and of the town.
  • For the procurement record of 1 year, compiled a track record by the end of the next fiscal year, and issued by the home page or the like of the town.

Consultation based on the 7 the procurement policy

Person in charge on this policy shall be as follows.

  1. Consultation from the townspeople and people with disabilities employment facilities, etc. is a townsman Welfare Division.
  2. Consultation for the contract for the procurement and planning Finance Section.

8 Other

(1) Consideration of the private purchase of personal, etc.

Other procurement of Goods and Services by the public expenditure, for the purchase of items or the like in the staff personal and friendship organizations, for the procurement of goods and the like from the people with disabilities employment facilities seeking the cooperation and understanding, to promote the efforts of the procurement.

Appendix 1

The target people with disabilities working facilities, etc.


Description of facilities, etc.


Offices and facilities on the basis of disability Comprehensive Support Law

Supported employment office

(A type, B type)

The 5 Article 14 term disability Comprehensive Support Law

Town office: Corporate center

Life care office

The 5 Article 7 term disability Comprehensive Support Law

Town office: sum Iwai

Support facilities for persons with disabilities

The 5 Article 11 term disability Comprehensive Support Law

Town offices: the mountain of child Gakuen joint village

※ employment transition assistance, - supported employment, and living care

Limited to those performed.

Community activity support center

The 5 Article 25 term disability Comprehensive Support Law


Small work stations

The 18 Article 3 term disability Basic Law


Joint orders window

Carry out the task of mediation and brokerage orders content to multiple Challenged welfare services office that can be supported.

【Nagano Prefecture】

NPO Nagano Serp Center Council

Nagano Wakasato 7-1-1

Telephone: 026-291-8280 Fax: 026-291-8290

Companies that employ a large number of people with disabilities

Special subsidiary

The consideration of the special employment of people with disabilities, is the number of persons and the proportion with disabilities is employment has certified the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as those that meet certain criteria company

※ Act on the Promotion of the Employment of People with Disabilities

Severe disabilities many employment offices

Employers continue or many hired put a severe physical disabilities such as a full-time workers and employs

※ severe disabilities many employment office requirements

1) Employment of people with disabilities is 5 or more

2) Percentage of people with disabilities is more than 20% of employees

3) Percentage of severely handicapped, mentally handicapped and mentally handicapped persons in employment handicapped persons is 30% or more

Home employment disabilities, etc.

Home employment disability

Manufacture of articles in the home, etc., person with disabilities make their own business in the provision of services


Home employment support groups

Organizations to conduct business such as assistance to at-home employment disabilities


Procurement record of goods from working facilities for people with disabilities in the 32st year of the Reiwa year [PDF: XNUMXKB]

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