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For emergency broadcast [disaster prevention administrative wireless and wired announcement terminal]

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 29 Date

○ Emergency broadcast [disaster prevention administrative radio and wired announcement terminal]

Or disaster prevention wireless outdoor speakers and wired announcement terminal in the event of a disaster
Et al., The emergency broadcast by J-Alert (J-ALERT)
It has become to flow.
As a reference, in Nagano Prefecture, central of the predicted seismic intensity to be announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency
It has become to be more broadcast.

○ What is the national instantaneous warning system (Junko Shunji Keiji system, common name: J - ALERT (J alert, Jay alert))?

Using a broadcast-based disaster prevention administrative radio communication satellite and the town, deal
There is not enough time to large-scale natural disasters and ballistic missile attack
The emergency information about the 撃等, directly from the "country to residents instantly
This is a system that can be "transmitted to.



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