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For the river water accidents prevention

Last updated 2016 years 03 month 22 Date

Watch out for sudden flooding of the river!

In recent years, there is also a growing interest in nature, are increasingly people who enjoy leisure using the familiar and natural rich rivers. Water accidents in river Along with this is also available in multiple trend.
River or feel free to experience nature, is the water can learn and lush welcoming public space. However, on the other hand, there is also suddenly change things very scary space, such as a sudden flooding.
Originally, as long as the rivers that does not interfere with the activities of public interest and others, is a principle that can be used freely, as long as they act on the basis of such in their own intention fishing and wading, safety in that case should be carried out in self-responsibility is there any one in, but water accidents due to sudden flooding the like are also in various locations in the summer of last year frequently. Please be careful on the steep flooding of rivers.

"Steep swollen and it is"
Rivers of water level by heavy rain in the upstream part is to rapidly rise.
Even if it is sunny or there is little rain in places where you are playing in the river, you may suddenly rise if it rains heavily upstream. Please familiarize yourself with the river, pay attention to the weather and the water level of the river, and try to use safe rivers.
From July 1 to 7 days is the "river water accidents prevention week"!

Around the river water accidents prevention week and the summer vacation period, please use the following documents at the time of performing educational activities related to river water accidents prevention. In addition, case studies, which compiled a representative case studies and target point of the river water accidents prevention measures also Please refer to the measures.