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Storm and flood damage and flood

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 29 Date

In preparation for the typhoon

Rain and wind caused by typhoons, depending on the course will be to bring the damage of more than imagination. 
Listen carefully to weather information, let's take the adequate measures. 

■ Pay attention to things like the following is the typhoon season

  • Or propane gas cylinder is fixed.
  • It is not wobble of signage, such as shopping.
  • Note the potted garden.
  • How the installation state of the TV antenna.
  • Check around the house, whether all is skipped those likely to take in the room, the scattering prevention measures such as fixing.
  • It is not cracked or damaged part to block fence.
  • Do not wobble or rot on the plate fence.

With heavy rain, the torrential rains

Since the torrential rain is often unpredictable, it requires the preparation of early After listening to the heavy rain information. 
In particular, it keeps people who live with a weak ground is established a refuge system, let's be able to evacuate safely at any time.

  • Let's prepare for the flashlight and portable radio in preparation for the power failure.
  • Listen to the weather information carefully, let's strive to not go out blindly.
  • In preparation for, such as a power outage or water outage, let's think of than a regular basis the way of securing such as drinking water and food.

Secondary takeout goods

  • Evacuation (safe) place, let's examine always.
  • Barefoot, boots is taboo. Athletic shoes to be strangled with a string would be good.
  • Depth walk is about men 70cm, about 50cm in women. So if the water depth is up to the waist, impossible is taboo, let's wait for the relief in a high place.
  • The under water, lurking manhole, the risk of such gutter. It is important to walk while confirming the safety by, for example, a long stick to the stick instead of the usual.