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Sediment disaster

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 29 Date

A prelude of landslides

In the case of landslides, cliff collapse

  • The amount of spring water has been increasing rapidly.
  • Spring water that has not withered until now has stopped.
  • It has been cloudy spring water that is clear usual.
  • The slope of the mountain water has started running.
  • The sound of rumbling has been heard.
  • Crack ran on the slopes of the mountain.
  • Mountain of tree is inclined.
  • The stone has been rolled down.

In the case of landslides

  • I was able to crack into the ground.
  • Of wells and swamp water has been cloudy.
  • Water was blowing from a cliff or slope.

In the case of debris flow

  • Yamanari began to.
  • Though rain has lasted dropped the water level of the river.
  • Or turbid river, driftwood was flowing out.