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Phone, calmly, without panic◆ phone, calmly, without panic

◆ Do not forget the address, name, target

Correct 119 report

  1. If you try to report also digested myself, would hurry to extra, it will either result in delay. Also important to appeal to the "119 to over" in a loud voice.
  2. "Fire Is, first aid What?" "The location and your name", "what the goal is?" In response to the fire of the question, is calmly snappy answer to the best of the good way.



Fire-emergency 119
Yoda recess south fire station 2713934-4
Maruko fire department 2713934-4
Urgent message to the police number 110
Ueda police station 2713934-4
Ueda police station Maruko inspector alternating 2713934-4
Nagakubo representative office 2713934-4
Furumachi representative office 2713934-4
Wada Representative Office 2713934-4
Administrative agency
NAGAWA office (disaster headquarters: 75-2040) 2713934-4
Health and Welfare Research Center 2713934-4
Ueda construction office 2713934-4
Ueda construction office (road, river management relationship) 2713934-4
Medical institution
Yoda recess hospital 2713934-4
Yoda Kubo hospital Wada clinic 2713934-4
Marukochuosogobyoin 2713934-4
Life infrastructure
Chubu Electric Power (Emergency: 0120-984-520 / 23-8200) 2713934-4
NTT East (Emergency: 113 / 026-225-4409) 2713934-4
LP Gas Association (Nakahara resin Industry) 2713934-4
NAGAWA office construction Water Division 2713934-4
NAGAWA Cable TV 2713934-4


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Administration Division
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FAX: 0268-68-4139
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