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Primary takeout goods list

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 29 Date

The primary equity exhibition

The primary equity exhibition when the disaster to evacuate occurs, it should bring out first of all.

Emergency food But also to eat without going through the fire, such as biscuits, canned. Mineral water. Can opener, bottle opener, paper plates, paper cups, water bottle
Medical kit Bandages, wound medicine, bandages, cold medicine, gastrointestinal drugs, such as analgesics.
Valuables Cash (convenient to use when there is a 10 yen coin public telephone), savings passbook, seal, driver's license, such as a title deed.
Portable radio Spare battery is generous to prepare.
懐 中 电灯 One 1 to 1 people if possible. Do not forget the spare battery.
Others Clothing such as underwear, outerwear, towels, sanitary napkins, baby formula, diapers, wet wipes, raincoat, helmet, writer, (use covered in dirty dishes) wrap, etc.

☆ When you evacuate in such attire
○ to protect the head ... a helmet and disaster prevention hood.
○ clothes ... long-sleeved, long pants. Fireproof cotton products from chemical fiber.
○ to wear a hand ... work gloves (gloves).
○ in the foot ... the bottom of the thick wear comfortable shoes.
○ luggage ... belongings to Rick Sack (very takeout products to a minimum)

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