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Town designated evacuation facilities and location, etc. list

Last updated 2016 years 08 month 18 Date

Town designated evacuation facilities and location, etc. list

Ask me about the town designated evacuation facilities and location, etc..
※ NAGAWA Excerpts from the regional disaster prevention plan

Temporary shelter list by district

地区 Name of facility Location Phone Number
Furumachi Tateiwa District Auditorium Furumachi 1247  
Tateiwa structure improvement center Furumachi 1353-1  
Oki public hall Furumachi 365-1  
Above Tateiwa community facility Furumachi 1048-12  
Arisaka community center Furumachi 659  
Takinosawa village center Furumachi 2070-1  
Gotanda community center Furumachi 2899-3  
Sakuramachi public hall (Furumachi life improvement center) Furumachi 2772-1  
Furumachi indoor gate ball field Furumachi 2803  
North Furuya community center Furumachi 3770  
Downtown rally facility Furumachi 3871-3  
Two lower village facilities Furumachi 3846  
Nakamachi Collection venue Furumachi 4123-1  
Furumachi crop rotation promote training center Furumachi 3902-1  
Uemachi meeting facilities Furumachi 4063-5  
Scholar village first 3-life management office Furumachi 2961-73 68-3729
Nagakubo Nagato elementary school gymnasium Nagakubo 410 68-2004
Nagato soft kendo field Nagakubo 455  
Nagakubo indoor gate ball field Nagakubo 455  
Nagakubo life improvement center Nagakubo 708-1  
Nagakubo 7 District Collection venue Nagakubo 530-2  
Nagakubo 10 District Meeting Facilities Nagakubo 1646-2  
Nagakubo 11 District Meeting Facilities Nagakubo 1718-1  
Nagakubo 12 District agriculture living facilities Nagakubo 2072-2  
Nagakubo 13 District Collection venue Nagakubo 2223-65  
Nagakubo 14.15 District Meeting Facilities Nagakubo 150-128  
Scholar village comprehensive management center Nagakubo 885-3 68-2906
Daimon Four nights Ochiai community center Daimon 36-2  
Xinwu community center Daimon 453  
Iwai community center Daimon 622-1  
Kubojo multipurpose meeting facility Daimon 1465-1  
Daimon indoor gate ball field Daimon 1519-1  
Kowashimizu meeting facilities Daimon 3393-56  
Small haze public hall Daimon 3495  
Beauty pine Highland management office Daimon 3527-6 69-2732
Nagato green areas such as management center center Daimon 3527-6 60-2733
Takayama meeting facilities Daimon 3592-4  
Petting of township administrative office Daimon 69-2541
Wada Aobara community center Wada 256-1  
Nakagumi community center Wada 555-6  
Kamigumi community center Wada 922-2  
Original community center Wada 1627  
Nitta community center Wada 1499-1  
Hashiba community center Wada 1525-8  
Kariyado community center Wada 2555-6  
Kubo community center Wada 2505-1 88-3381
Nonomichi public hall Wada 5638-4  
Downtown community center Wada 2657  
Nakamachi community center Wada 2850-3  
Uemachi community center Wada 2803  
Blacksmith foot community center Wada 3172-1  
Dayde community center Wada 3288  
Karasawa community center Wada 3461-3  
Men and women hold public hall Wada 5309-143  
Asahigaoka community center Wada 1672-11  
Wada Junior High School (gymnasium) Wada 1655 88-2040
Yuyu Park indoor gate ball field Wada 4295-1 88-0003
Black 耀石 Stone Museum Wada 2629-1 88-2791
Wada, women and young people such as activities promoting facility Wada 2884-1 88-0111
Utsukushigahara Plateau township villa Administration Building Wada 88-2167

Wide area evacuation facilities list

Name of facility Location Phone Number
Furumachi community center Furumachi 2803 68-2101
Nagato Fureai Hall Nagakubo 457-1 68-4400
Nagato townsman gymnasium Nagakubo 455 68-2127
Nagato welfare center for the old Nagakubo 1699 68-3105
Town center assembly hall Nagakubo 1699 68-3105
Daimon backbone village center Daimon 1164-1 68-2151
ON Daimon Center Daimon 2651  
Himeki community center Daimon Himekidaira 3518-1146 69-2911
Wada community center Wada 4253-1 41-6123
Wada elementary school (gymnasium) Wada 1664 88-2004
Wada welfare center for the old Wada 1482-3 88-3069
NAGAWA office Wada Government building Wada 2872 88-2345
Yuyu Park gymnasium Wada 4300-1 88-0002

Wide area haven list

Name of facility Location Phone Number
Furumachi ground Furumachi 2803 68-3111
Station of Queen (Road Station) Parking lot Furumachi 2642-3 other 68-0281
Nagakubo ground Nagakubo 544 68-2127
Nagato elementary school schoolyard Nagakubo 410 68-2127
Daimon ground Daimon 1551 68-2127
Alpine ski resort parking lot Daimon 3652 41-2068
Echo Valley Ski Parking Daimon 3518-2787 60-2001
Wada inn station parking Wada 2884-1 other 88-0008
Wada government office building parking lot Wada 2872 88-2345
Wada welfare center for the old parking lot Wada 1482-3 88-3069

※ the emergency fire-fighting assistance Corps gathered location, and Wada inn station parking lot. If Wada inn station parking is not available, the station of quince Nagato (Road Station).

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