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Disaster prevention

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 29 Date

Currently, disasters can not be fully predicted or avoided. However, from day to day, in case of emergency, you can talk about the next thing so that your family can act without disgrace, prepare to prepare for disasters by family, and prepare to respond at any time, you can prevent damage .

Roles of family 1 people alone

And the role of the preventive measures of day-to-day, decide for both the role in the event of a disaster. Bedridden elderly, the sick, if you have small children, discuss well as who is responsible for the protection.

Dangerous place check of the house

Each other to confirm the dangerous place to check the inside and the outside of the house. For can not leave the hazard, perform the repair and reinforcement.

Safe placement and fall prevention measures of house

By rearrangement of the furniture to devise or not make a safe space in the house.
Also, it is fixed in order to prevent tipping or dropping of furniture.

Confirmation of contact methods and shelter and evacuation route in the event of a disaster

Decide where to how to contact and finally meet location between the disaster of the family. Along with it, to make sure the evacuation site and evacuation route and the like. (See 48 page for evacuation location.)

Check and replace / replenish emergency carry-out items

While thinking the family structure, and checks have all the necessary goods. Regularly with a new one replaced. (Emergency food with a use-by date, water, batteries, etc.)

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