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Children's facilities, etc.

Last updated 2016 years 06 month 23 Date

Children's house

Children a healthy play, operates a children's house for the purpose of achieving the development of its health promotion and sentiment rich children. There is such as playroom, child welfare employees have hit the guidance.

Children's house name NAGAWA Nagato children's house
Location NAGAWA Nagakubo 457-1 (NAGAWA petting-site)
Contact TEL 68-4400
FAX 68-4402
Scope of users Since I have opened as a place for mothers and pre-school children of the parent-child exchanges faced the anxiety and concerns of persons engaged, child care to a person, child welfare promotion business of less than 3 years of age or older 18-year-old living in the neighborhood, feel free to Please use.
Utilization time - weekday morning 10 畤 pm until 5 time
And Saturday, until the time of 9 time-afternoon school Official Holidays morning 5
Museum Holidays Sunday and national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, the Bon Festival (13 Date ~ 16 date)


Corresponding to the after-school children

As a response to after-school absence home children beard, the children can not receive the protection by reason of such employment or illness of the parents has been entrusted to us a certain period of time.
Led the way of life through the play between the school and home, it is a place to ensure the safety of the intervening Ko蜃. While Based on both the position of the school of the role and the home of the function, lively playground, giving the field of practice, we aim to enrich the mind and body both of healthy child development creativity through the fellow.

School District Nagato elementary school Wada Elementary School
Name Nagato Children's Club Wada children club
Installation location NAGAWA Nagato petting Museum Wada welfare center for the old in a dedicated room
Target children Elementary school 1 ~ 6 grade
Utilization time - school days home from school at the time - afternoon until 7 time
- Until Saturday School Official Holidays morning 8 time-afternoon 6 when (※ Wada until 6 when 30 minute afternoon)
Museum Holidays Sundays and national holidays O-Bon the New Year's holiday
usage fee Free
(However, snacking expenses and teaching materials expenses that individual children need is the protection burden.)
Management (Town) Child welfare staff

For admission

Parents of children who wish to join please submit "Application Form". After reviewing and examining the submission application form submitted, we will send you a "registration approval notice".
Please contact us, such as more details until Nagato petting Museum.


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