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Internal medicine, pediatrics initial emergency center

Last updated 2016 years 07 month 01 Date

When suddenly the degree at night has become worse, make the emergency clinical practice.
In internal medicine initial treatment of the target, you can visit better of all ages. Ueda City Medical Association, Chiisagata Medical Association, Ueda Pharmaceutical Association, Shinshu Ueda Medical Center, has operated with the cooperation of Shinshu University Hospital.

When sudden symptoms not wait until the night of tomorrow, do the emergency specific medical practice. (Sudden fever, severe vomiting and diarrhea, sudden abdominal pain)

"If up to 15-year-old"

"Over 16-year-old"

"Practice day"
From Monday to Sunday

"Nonconsultation Date"
8 / 14 ~ 16,12 / 30 ~ 1 / 3

"Office hours"
Until the afternoon 8 when ~ 11 (those who call accepted until 10 when 30 minutes)
* Insurance card, welfare medical care beneficiary certificate (towards the target), please bring the cash.

Ueda internal medicine early childhood care center
Ueda Midorigaoka 1-27-21 (Tadashishu Ueda within the medical center)


Children's Health Promotion Division health promotion engagement
Address: Health and Welfare Research Center
PHONE: 0268-68-3494
FAX: 0268-68-3798
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