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Childcare class (baby food workshops)

Last updated 2016 years 07 month 11 Date

Your child begins baby food from now on, do the training sessions to your child that you are currently promoting baby food.


2 to 5-month-olds (child care classes the previous fiscal year)

7-8-month-olds (child care classes mid-term)


The previous fiscal year: Body measurement and self-introduction and living rhythm of the story, baby food of the story (including a demonstration) and the tasting-hip medical examinations and individual consultations

Mid-term: talk of concrete how to proceed with body measurement and medium-term (firmness of the way, baby food of the protein source cooking, etc.)

    ☆ Present of second book to mom ☆

"Implementation location"

Health and Welfare Research Center


For more information upon individuals in the notification, and also posted on the public relations paper.

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