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For long-term care insurance services

Last updated 2018 years 10 month 09 Date

Subscribers subject

· The 1 No. people over insured ··· 65 years old
- From the first 2 insured person ··· 40-year-old in the way of up to 64 years of age who are enrolled in medical insurance

Procedures for receiving a long-term care insurance services

In order to receive long-term care services, will file an application, you need to care is recognized as necessary. Please consult in advance primary care doctor.

Available long-term care services

Home service

- Visit nursing care (home help service), visit bathing care, visiting nursing, visit rehabilitation
- Day care (day service), Outpatient Rehabilitation (Day Care)
And short-term entrance life care (short stay of welfare facilities)
And short-term entrance medical treatment care (short stay of the elderly health care facility)
· Lending of assistive devices (such as a special bed, wheelchair, walker)
- The payment of specific welfare equipment purchase costs (portable toilets, special urinal, bathing aids, etc.)
* 1 yen in 10 annual limit
- Payment of house repair costs (such as the handrail of mounting and floor of the stepped eliminate Dzu Honeri prevention)
* The extent 20 million yen of the target amount of renovation costs, payments 18 million yen limit

Facility Services

And nursing the elderly welfare facility (nursing home), Long-Term Care Health Facility (health center for the elderly)
And long-term care medical treatment medical facility

Community-based services

With dementia day care, with dementia cohabitation care (dementia elderly group home)
Small-scale multi-functional home care
* If the main support state, you can use only home-based services.
* If you use the service, and self-pay of 1 percentage of the cost as a general rule, and meals in the case of facility use, housing costs, you will also need the self-burden of daily living expenses.
* Heisei XNUM XF Year 2 User's burden of income earners exceeding a certain amount from month is 8 divided.

Welfare enterprise center

Name of facility NAGAWA welfare enterprise center
Zip Code 386-0602
Location NAGAWA Nagakubo 497
Contact TEL 0268-68-2614
FAX 0268-68-0039

Welfare enterprise center is a social business vocational facility.
Capacity is the 30 name, those who are used, everyone and with limited places to work by, etc. with disabilities, while there is a desire to work, we use everyone with limited income due to circumstances, the user of everyone, aims to improve life by obtaining labor, will be asked to learn the skills by the work training, also carried out support for the work.

We are making public on the website of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare about the business situation such as the number of nursing-care qualified persons in Nagato cho nursing care insurance business, the number of beneficiaries, insurance benefits etc.

Long-Term Care Insurance Business Report Monthly Report (Preliminary Version) - Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare -

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Townsman Welfare Division insurance engagement
PHONE: 0268-75-2046
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