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Business, which was intended for those who are receiving long-term care certification

Last updated 2016 years 03 month 18 Date

Friendly housing improvement promotion business to the elderly


Room which always used in long-term care insurance covered construction, bathroom, will be subsidized within the scope of the budget for expenses to improve the toilet or the like.
Subsidized expenses limit -63 yen (with income restrictions)


Elderly housing repair Aid


For construction of the town was determined by the long-term care insurance system of housing repair and elderly-friendly housing improvement promoting business outside the scope of construction work will be subsidized within the scope of the budget.
Subsidized expenses limit the amount -33 ten thousand yen (income restrictions Ari)


Low-income people use fee auxiliary


To assist in the part of the user fees of long-term care insurance services (except food, etc.). (Income Restricted)


Visit nursing care premium worth grant


In the service of long-term care insurance, a person who is using the early morning, at night, late-night service of home care services within the scope of the credit line, it supports the premium content of the user contributions.

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