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Welfare of the children and mother-to-child

Last updated 2019 years 01 month 28 Date

Mother and child widow welfare fund loan

In order to promote the welfare of self-reliance assistance and Ko殞 towards single mothers and widows, it is lending money at interest-free or low interest.
※ on the type of funds are different loan limits.

Contact Chiisagata welfare office 0268-25-7123

"Child allowance" (24 years 4 month ~)

Children's allowance is, from the viewpoint of support by society as a whole to grow children 1 who alone responsible for the next generation of society, targeting children up to junior high school completion, the following amount of money will be paid per person.
※ will be paid from the affiliated Agency for civil servants.

  • There are income restrictions.
  • Payment month 6 month, 10 month, will be paid up to each of the previous month in 2 month.

A person who falls for the payment requirements of the child allowance, make an application to the mayor Nagawa, you need to get certified. In addition, people who have move in, even if you had been receiving child allowance in the previous domicile, you'll be asked to perform a new application.
Every year 6 month If you are receiving a child allowance, will be asked to submit a current state notification of the order to confirm the qualifying conditions.
Children's Health Promotion Division child care support engagement 0268-75-2045

Payment amount
Classification Payments of children 1 people (Monthly)
Less than 3 age 15,000 yen
3 old ~ elementary school graduation The 1, 2 child 10,000 yen
After 3 child 15,000 yen
Middle school students 10,000 yen
Income limit amount or more households of child 5,000 yen

Child-rearing allowance

Subject Payments (Monthly) Payment period

Due to divorce, custody of the children or the father that is nurturing, mother, until the caregiver first of March after the date of reaching the 18 age in (= person who on behalf of the parents live with their children's upbringing) 31 Date It is of children.

However, when you have a disability of more than moderate in mind and body, it will be extended to less than 20 age.

○ when the children 1 people
Who will be paid 42,910 yen
Those who paid part
10,120 circle ~42,900 circle
4 month, 8 month, 12 month (each month is 11 day), 3 times, up to the month before the payment month will be paid.

○ when the children 2 people
Depending on the income (per capita)

5,070 circle ~10,130 circle

○ children 3 who later
Depending on the income (per capita)

3,040 circle ~6,070 circle

※ In order to be beneficiaries is required claims. There are, however, such as income restrictions.
※ If annihilation events of entitlement (marriage, etc.) occurs, please immediately your offer. Please note that refunds will not occur.
※ If you are receiving the child-rearing allowance is subject to the review of the qualifying conditions in August every year. This notice does not emit when in August after allowance does not receive. It should be noted, it will not have to do and qualify the report for two years.

Special child-rearing allowance

Please see the column of "allowances for people with disabilities."

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Children's Health Promotion Division child care support engagement
PHONE: 0268-75-2069
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