National pension

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Those who join

Japan If you are under 20 or older 60-year-old that there is an address in the country, you must join the national pension as a general rule.

  • National pension of subscribers (insured) is divided into the following 3 kind.
    Such as the first 1 insured person ... self-employed and students (If you do not subscribe to the Employees' Pension and Mutual Aid Association)
    Insured ... company employee No. 2, civil servants, etc.
    Spouse, which is dependent on the insured ... company employees and civil servants No. 3 (No. 2 insured)
  • The following of such a person, you can join the national pension by hope. (Voluntary insured)
    ① towards 60 under the age more than 65-year-old with an address in Japan
    ② Japanese of less than 20 years of age or older 65 old with address abroad

The main report

The main report are as follows.

Times like this What you need, etc.
When it becomes 20 age (welfare pension, a subscriber of the Mutual Aid Association is excluded.)

Nagato government buildings townsman Welfare Division teller
68 - 3111

Wada Government building general counter
88 - 2345

  • seal
  • Student ID card (if you are applying for a student payment exception)
* The students paid special if you take the approval to the report, it is a system in which insurance premiums during the period of enrollment can be deferred payment.
When you became a company employee and civil servants (when you join the Employees' Pension and Mutual Aid Association)
  • seal
  • pension book
  • Health insurance card (document date is understood that joined the Employees' Pension and Mutual Aid Association)
When I retired from the employer (when you quit the Employees' Pension and Mutual Aid Association)
  • seal
  • pension book
  • Documents you know the retired date
When that is no longer dependent on the spouse that has subscribed to the Employees' Pension and Mutual Aid Association (divorce, bereavement, such as when the income is increased)
  • seal
  • Documents you know the date that are no longer pension book dependents
When any subscription, when to stop
  • seal
  • pension book
When the payment of the insurance premium is difficult (when the payment exemption)
When it came to be dependent on the spouse who subscribe to the employees' pension and mutual aid association (when you get married, such as when the income has decreased) Place of employment of spouse Employers will do together with the support application.
When the spouse of the employer of the 3 insured person has changed (Ministry of Health, Labour and Mutual Aid Association pension, such as when you change from welfare pension to Mutual Aid Association)
When I lost my pension book No. 1 insured until townspeople Welfare Division teller
The 3 insured persons until the pension office Komoro
  • seal

Insurance fee

Insurance premiums are supposed to pay 20 year from 60 years old to 40 years old.
Flat-rate premium ... monthly 15,590 yen (FY 27 year)
Additional insurance premiums ... monthly 400 yen (No. 1 If you are interested in the way of the insured)

Method and the like of payment

Please be paid at a financial institution or the like by the sent payment book from the 1 insured person ... Japan pension mechanism.
* Payment is convenient if you use the account transfer.
No. 2 will be paid by deduction from the insured ... salary.
For No. 3 insured ... the employees' pension insurance, the Mutual Aid Association to bear the entire system, you do not need to pay their national pension premiums.


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