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National Health Insurance

Last updated 2021 years 01 month 22 Date

Notification of national health insurance When joining · When to quit

Nagawa If you have not subscribed, such as the workplace of the health insurance in your in the town is a subscriber of NAGAWA National Health Insurance. Such as when you quit the health insurance and work when you move in to NAGAWA will need to join the proceedings of the National Health Insurance. In addition, the health insurance and work when you move out to the outside of town, is like when you entered requires loss procedure of national health insurance.Because there are filings in office with subscription loss, please do nephew until the engagement of the window.


The main report

When joining or withdrawing from National Health Insurance, please make a notification within 14 days.
The main report are as follows.
◇ mark is the notification at the same time on the resident registration.

Times like this Things necessary
When you join the National Health Insurance ◇ When you've been moving in from other cities, towns and villages
  • seal
  • Moving out certificate
 When you quit your workplace health insurance, or when you are no longer a dependent of your workplace health insurance
  • seal
  • Health insurance a quit date is seen social insurance loss of qualification certificate (to be completed in front of the workplace, things proved) or turnover vote
  • Pension certificate (for those under 65-year-old has been receiving a pension)
  • Pension book (person from 20-year-old to 60 years)
◇ When a child is born
  • seal
  • National health insurance card
 When you no longer receive welfare
  • seal
  • Welfare abolition decision letter of advice
When you leave the National Health Insurance ◇ When you move out
  • seal
  • National health insurance card
 When you take out workplace health insurance or become a dependent of workplace health insurance
  • seal
  • National Health Insurance Card (those of all those who withdraw)
  • Certificate (to be completed in the new workplace, what proved) or workplace of the social insurance card (the one of all those who withdraw)
 When you get welfare
  • seal
  • National health insurance card
  • Protection start decision letter of advice
◇ when death
  • seal
  • National health insurance card
At other times ◇ When the address has changed in the town
  • seal
  • National health insurance card
Or divide the household ◇, when taken together
  • seal
  • National health insurance card
 When you lose your National Health Insurance Card
  • seal
  • Identity verification (My Number Card, driver's license, etc.)
When you move out for scholastic
(Even if you move to another city municipality for the purpose of school, you will continue to be an insured person in Nagato Town.)
  • seal
  • National health insurance card, student registration certificate, etc.

※ If identification of coming in contact (driver's license, etc.) it might be necessary. Towards the agency, or if the person of another household on the resident card to the procedures will need a "power of attorney".


The main benefits

The main benefits are as follows.

Item Message
Lump-sum birth allowance When the person who gave birth that are enrolled in the National Health Insurance, yen 42 will be paid.
Funeral expenses When it died who are enrolled in the National Health Insurance, and paid a thousand yen 5 to the person who conducted the funeral.
Medical expenses And treatment for prosthetic corset, etc., will not submit a re-massage, or sudden illness such as insurance card in unavoidable circumstances, when the self-pay for medical expenses in full, will be the insurance benefits the target amount divided friend fed by the applicant .
High medical expenses When the medical expenses of 1 months has become expensive, the amount that exceeds the self-pay amount will be paid as high medical expenses. In the town, I will send the application form towards the householder that fall after about 2 months, to check the contents, please submit a copy with the application form of the receipt to the office.


National Health Insurance tax

National Health Insurance tax, the amount calculated by the household unit by the following method, the householder will pay will be paid obliged.

Household annual insurance tax

(1) income percent amount (calculated according to income)
(2) assets allocated amount (calculated according to the asset)
(3) Equal share (calculated according to subscribers of National Health Insurance)
(4) equality Warigaku (calculated in one household per Li straight-line)

Tax rate of national health insurance tax

For tax rates, so you may want to change, please contact the General Affairs Division tax engagement.

Contact Us

Townsman Welfare Division insurance engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2046