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Out how to like the garbage

Last updated 2016 years 08 month 09 Date

Describes out how and garbage reduction aid of garbage.

1) garbage bags, for the seal

  • If you put out the trash, please put out to a predetermined location put a designated bag or Gomishiru of town.
  • Seal of designated bag and combustible waste, please purchase dealer or office, such as a town.


2) place to put out the trash

  • Since there is a place that has been specified for each district, please put out on the day that is determined to the nearest location.
  • You can also bring in the personal to the general waste treatment plant.
    For more information,5) NAGAWA Nagato general waste treatment plant
  • For not Deki taken up at a town waste, we will introduce the handling of skill in the art.


3) the date of taking out the trash (Click here for details

The day taking out the trash to the garbage station, etc., day of the week has been determined. Please put out on the day that always has been determined in separation.

Day of the week Kind of garbage General waste treatment plant
Month Garbage (Daimon-Furumachi district)  
Month (the first 1 · 3) Cans, bottles, batteries, fluorescent lamps and small appliances, etc.  
Tue Combustible waste Bringing possible Date
Wed Plastics (PET bottles, trays, etc.)  
Thu Garbage (Wada-Nagakubo district)  
Tree (the first 1 · 3) Paper (newspapers, magazines, cardboard, etc.)  
Fri Combustible waste  
Sat   Bringing possible Date
Day   Bringing possible Date
※ garbage ··· 6 month ~9 month is collected on Monday, Thursdays all district
  • "New Year" will be the rest.
  • The town home as a "public relations Nagawa" which is issued monthly, garbage calendar of the month(Collection date list)But because it is posted, please visit.

Time to put out the trash

  • Let's put out from the time of the morning of the determined day 6 between up to the time of 8.
  • When issued the trash after you recovered, it will be in trouble of trash put out on the next day, let's put out within a predetermined time.

The ward name and the name of the designated bag

  • Please write sure to specify a garbage bag as a "ward name" and "name".

Garbage can not be taken up at a 4) town

Following such things can not be taken up at a town.

1) consumer electronics 4 item

TV, refrigerator, washing machine, please ask the process to the shop to perform the air-conditioned shop or Kaikae bought.

2) PC

  • If you want to dispose of the products that are marked with PC recycling mark
    • When you sign up by phone or the Internet to a personal computer manufacturer, since the transportation voucher will be sent, and packing the personal computer, and sends stuck at a conspicuous place, transportation voucher.
  • If you want to dispose of the product that does not have a PC recycling mark
    • When you sign up with a manufacturer to a telephone or the Internet of the personal computer, so you have the transfer paper is sent, post office, bank, pay at convenience stores.
    • After the payment, dedicated transport slip to a few days you will receive.
    • Pack the personal computer, and sends stuck at a conspicuous place, transportation voucher.

3) Other

Classification Item, etc. Method of disposal
Dangerous goods and hazardous materials Pesticides, paints, machine oil, fuel and thinner Please contact the manufacturer or distributor and waste and recycling (recycling) of skill in the art.
Virulent ones oils Tsu to have cans of, bottles
Propane gas cylinder
Large machinery Farm equipment, commercial-sized refrigerators, vending machines, large machinery, motorcycles, automobiles, etc.
Agricultural vinyl ethers Marte House of vinyl, ridge sheet, a bag of fertilizer, such as
Other Tire, oil element, battery, fire extinguisher, block, construction waste, concrete, housing equipment, industrial waste, etc.
Incineration ash Ash briquettes and charcoal of kotatsu Please bring directly to the Maruko Clean Center.

5) NAGAWA general waste treatment plant

[Dates] every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday (week 3 times)
[Opening hours] morning 8 when 30 worth ~ afternoon 4 time
[Rokr kind of garbage]
 Items that can be picked up in towns other than combustible garbage
[Contact] 68-4120
【How to Use】
 Present your general waste disposal facility ticket and place it in the garbage booth at each designated location according to the instructions of the staff.
· Large debris does not enter designated bag, you need a separate "non-combustible garbage for garbage seal". Please purchase at the disposal site reception.


6) waste reduction equipment such as a purchase subsidy for

In NAGAWA, upon the purchase of equipment to process compost the in consideration garbage to the formation of a recycling-oriented society, and subsidies. Please use the promotion of waste reduction and recycling.


 Those who have an address in the town and others who the mayor deems appropriate. (Those who have paid the town tax, etc.)

[Auxiliary content]

Target device Subsidy

Garbage composting container

Within 2 of 1 fraction of the purchase price (less than 100 circle down)
Limit 3,000 circle

Garbage disposal
(Device incorporating a heater and stirring apparatus therein)

Within 2 of 1 fraction of the purchase price (less than 100 circle down)
Limit 30,000 circle

[Application place]

 Nagawa Town Hall (Nagawa Town Hall Townspeople Welfare Division Living Environment Section)


7) measures to prevent global warming

1) for residential solar power generation system installation subsidy

Because even at NAGAWA to build a recycling-oriented society and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions as part of the measures to prevent global warming, we are promoting solar power generation as a new energy.


 A person who has an electric power contract with an individual who intends to install a residential photovoltaic power generation system in an existing house or a new house.Or, an individual who purchases a built-for-sale house with a system installed. (Those who have paid the town tax, etc.)

[Auxiliary content]

 Subsidy amount: 1 yen per 30,000kW (rounded down to the nearest 1,000 yen)
      Limit 150,000 circle

[Application place]

 Nagawa Town Hall (Nagawa Town Hall Townspeople Welfare Division Living Environment Section)


 Applications after the start of construction are not eligible.
 Please apply immediately after the contract.


Townsman Welfare Division living environment engagement
Phone: 0268-75-2046