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28 years 9 month regular meeting, the mayor proposed reason description

Published 2016 years 09 month 02 Date


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Rice paddy fields has also been started to considerably yellow color change, it will greet the time of harvest soon.
Where we convened the September regular Congress here today, in a very busy, each look forward to your attendance of lawmakers Dear, I would like to thank that you can opening.

[8 month 18 Date torrential rain disaster]
First of all, in the beginning, with regard to the heavy rain disaster that occurred in the afternoon of leave 8 month 18 date, it has resulted in damage to the town each place. To everyone that has been affected housing, etc., we would like to sincerely sympathy.
This time will be issued the "evacuation" for 3 district, those who have been displaced, 3 households in total 25 places, was everyone of 64 name. In the context of a house, where currently known, the floor flooded 3, under the floor flooded that the 11 matter, we were able to spared Fortunately human damage. In addition, the road relationship 18 places, 7 places in rivers relationship, 14 places in arable land relations, in addition to the disaster of 19 places in the forest road relationship, there was slightly damage of agricultural crops. Voluntarily received your response and your Dero is to everyone in the region, we received a very your support and cooperation. I would like to thank. Thank you very much.
Upon actual time of the disaster, by the severity of the sudden weather change and the amount of rainfall per hour, points that must be addressed from the initial stage has been chased so many correspondence. Soredakeni we think that there are also many things to reflect on. Disaster prevention plans, etc. the contents and emergency response personnel system to verify again, it is then we hope will proceed one by one so Ikaseru even a little.

[Sanada round]
Well, I respect NHK Taiga Drama "Sanada Maru", aired every Sunday, we look at the TV fun every time.
Other day happy contact has entered. The more of it is "Sanadamaru Journey" 1 minutes flowing to the end of every broadcast, but is not, such as a variety of "your local" Yukari places have been introduced, in the context of "Mr. Osue" to around May 10, state of NAGAWA town is now to be broadcast. We understand that and has a plan to shoot in September, but since the broadcast date will be will be. When also inform finalized, I would like We take a look.

【International exchange】
Then we have also handled a number of times in the newspaper report, but there in the international exchange of the United Kingdom of Thetford, this year, that the "youth black 耀石 ambassador", a child for the first time NAGAWA in the fifth year us we were able to dispatch to the United Kingdom. Initially in this small town, but there was also worry that how much are you hope people really, whats the applicants to junior high and high school students also 14 name. Feelings and thought all of you were very firm, while having the ability to take action, we think that those who have achieved a brilliantly original purpose.

[Rio Olympics]
In addition, Toshimashite events abroad, "Rio Olympics", which was the closing in 8 month 22 day, waging a number of exciting games over 17 days, Japanese players also showed a great success, it has given the impression to many people It was. 3 players born in particular, Nagano Prefecture Among them is, badminton, land of race walking, synchronized swimming, is that it has won a medal in each of the competition, there was a very happy result. Prefecture also seems to give the "Sports Special Honor Award," but, towards the Tokyo Olympic Games four years later, there where still expect that the sports promotion can be achieved.

[For fiscal management and financial indicators of the town]
So, in March 27 year financial results, we will describe the financial indicators of the town.
First, it is the "current account balance ratio", next to 27% in 79.0 year, because last year was the 80.8%, will be decreased 1.8 point.
Then, out of the index for judging the soundness of the financial, we are in for a "real debt service ratio," "future burden ratio".
It is the first "real debt service ratio", but this time next to 9.0%, was 9.3 point decrease from 0.3% of the previous year. In addition, it is "the future burden ratio", next to 21.1%, was 8.1 point rise from 13.0% of the previous year.
Both the "real public debt cost ratio" and the "future burden ratio" are lower than the standards, and it can be said that the situation of fiscal consolidation in the Heisei 27 fiscal year settlement is all healthy. The soundness judgment ratio and the fund shortage ratio are submitted to the Congress as a report case. Let me explain later from the charge manager.

[Heisei 27 year business track record, etc.]
Following this, the Congress now, but is also the Congress get the certification for the fiscal 27 year financial results, based on the performance of each business of 27 year, We would like let me describe the once of belief.
First of all, it is the part related to the General Affairs Division,
Introduction is a personnel system, but Heisei 28 year in local civil service salary survey 4 month 1 date the current number of staff is a 93 name. It decreased 97 people from last year's 4 name, we will continue working on the suppression of staff personnel expenses.
In terms of securing public transportation, tour bus, school bus, over a period of about 100 million yen to the service, such as nursery school bus, we are particularly committed to ensuring everyone in the movement means of children and the elderly.
In the context of crisis management, we have started organizing an organization of "voluntary disaster prevention organization" from 26 year and now in 5 district. In addition, regarding the "resident-led warning and evacuation system", we also promote mainly the districts where "voluntary disaster prevention organization" was made. Either way, although it is a business that you must understand from everyone in each region, I would like to actively promote it in the future.
There is in the relationship of the town tax, but the tax revenue of 27 year is about 700 million 500 million and we become just 1 percentage of the composition ratio of the general accounting revenue. In addition, in terms of the collection rate is, overall 96.6% and 0.5 point from the previous fiscal year, we are up.

Next, although is the part related to the Strategy and Finance Division,
Settlement amount for the fiscal year 27 the general accounting of the town has become a financial scale of about approximately 70 billion yen. Toshimashite situation of the fund, while set aside about billion 27 as a whole, including the "financial adjustment fund" in the 4 year, reversal of about 6 billion from the fund in the new building construction relationships and ski resort management-related was a large business, in the net, it was a decrease of about 1 billion 6500 yen from the previous year. Fund total amount of general accounting amount is ordered and about 51 billion yen.
In addition, in the Strategy and Finance Division relationship, we are working to continue in such business promotion for "resident autonomy basics regulations" enacted and local creation "town, people, job creation comprehensive strategy" of. These business is business that we must proceed while received the opinions and participation from everyone in town. Also leading to brake to the activation and declining population of the town, also the town and residents and Congress, etc. I would like to strive to be advanced together in the future.

Next, although is the part related to information Public Relations Division,
In the information society, in recent years, but also in the institutions of the country is "targeted attack e-mail" by information leakage (leakage) events have been occurring frequently, we welcome a situation in which we must put in place is also a new security system.
Also, set up a tourist for a Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) station 7 places which also serves as a disaster prevention for, to ensure a state in which the exchange of information on the Internet can also in the event of a power failure in the disaster, a system of prompt and appropriate disaster response It was developed.
With regard to the cable television business, from March 28 year, we began the consignment to the partially NAGAWA Development Corporation. In considering the stable operation of the future, including full outsourcing to private businesses, etc., we believe that you're approaching a time when going to ascertaining the direction.

Next, although is the part related to the townsman Welfare Division,
With the enforcement of the personal number method, issue of "My number card" has been started, issue the status of in this town, in 8 end of the month, we are beyond the matter 210. At the same time pay close attention towards also a secure delivery future, we also need to continue to well-known to have no such user or that the information, including such as the loss of the card is leaked (leakage).

Next, although it is the part related to children and health promotion section,
With regard to this Division, accompanied the consolidation of office work business, in order to go promote the child care support more than strongly in a stable manner, and unified contact system combined with the face of health promotion, unbroken support, further town of child-rearing environment to enhance, was established as a new division from this year of 4 month.
With regard to the integration was "Nagato nursery" is welcomed 2 th year from the building as a nursery that warmth of tree is felt, in 27 year, kindergarten children of 119 names have spent the garden life cheerfully. This year, after the old Nagato Government building demolition, the Garden of the garden, pool, parking, has become a plan to continue to develop and play equipment.
In addition, with respect to child care support center, I mean that on-site to Nagato nursery school, the actual extension 165 matter of the number of consultations, the average daily of users, parents 12.8 people, children 16.6 people, the previous year comparison even if it has become a big growth.

Next, although it is the part related to the Industry Promotion Division,
With regard to the buckwheat Dattan that we have put the force as a town of specialty products, to expand the Shinano kiriyama Dattan There buckwheat also your effort of everyone how the union steadily steadily its production scale, the planting to 27 hectares in 37 year much less is that with was a harvest of about 40 tons. Union corporation as "processing direct sales facility" by the town has been development in 6 following industrialization comprehensive business together with the "restaurant business", it was able to develop as a center of Tartary Buckwheat business.
In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry tourism relationship, in the "Utsukushigahara trail run" was finished the first 7 time in this 6 month, there was a participant of about 1,400 name. In addition, "whiskey and via Camp" was held at the end of last week, also welcomed the 6 times in this year, received a participation of approximately 1000 people, we were able to grandly held. We will continue with mutual cooperation and cooperation with the various quarters, we would like to liven up the event business.

Next, although it is the part related to the construction of water service section,
Town road NAGAWA There 693 routes in total. In 27 year, by involving auxiliary grant the country "social capital development General Business", including the carry-over business, road improvements and bridge repair work, in addition to implementing the 8 one of the businesses, such as snowplow purchase, also in the town alone construction, we sequentially advance the road pavement repair and waterways renovation, and the like. However, including the part that was affected by the other day of the disaster, still, the road there is a need to develop, bridges, because there are many canals, rivers, etc., we have example thinking and want to strive to sequentially planned maintenance.

Next, although it is the part related to the Education Division,
Regarding the integration of junior high school, determined to 29 years 4 month, in the meantime, towards the integration, it is intended to make the development of a variety of business and the environment, we have proceeded currently planned. We would like every effort so that the smooth integration can be.
In the cultural property relations, in black 耀石 relationship, in this year of youth black 耀石 ambassador dispatched, and came to the conclusion of a "sister ruins agreement". We would like to advance the business based on the "historic site maintenance basic plan" of further black 耀石 relationship in the future. In addition, even doing the relationship of saving the post station and highway of Nakasendo, we would like to promote a business on the basis of such as "Nakasendo conservation and management plan."

Or more, based on the track record of implementation business of each section in the fiscal 27 year, we have let it said.
So then, ordinance amendment 1 that we have a proposal to Congress now, with regard to supplementary budget 10 matter, we will be sequentially explained.

[Ordinance projects]
First, there in the projects related to the ordinance,
With respect to Proposal No. 75 "ordinance to amend the part of the Ordinance on NAGAWA welfare medical benefits" and I would like your explanation.
With regard to this ordinance amendment, and now due to the partial revision of the "child-rearing allowance Enforcement Order" in the country, we request an amendment for the relevant portion of the "NAGAWA welfare regulations related to medical benefits."

[Supplementary budget]
Then, I would like to turn will explain the proposals of the supplementary budget relationship.
First, it is a bill No. 76 "Heisei 28 year general account revised budget (No. 2),
In our general affairs expenses of the annual expenditure subjects, we have recorded a correction according to the Japan Foundation funded. This is, but there is also the correction of revenue, for the purpose of promoting international exchange, it is proposed to fund the donation that had you donated to the fund. In addition, the information and administrative expenses relationship, we have recorded the expenses and the like according to the safety management correspondence related expenses related to system maintenance, to my number.
In the health costs, the amendment of the Preventive Vaccination Law, B hepatitis vaccine of less than 10-year-old children from this 1 month because it has been routine vaccination of, we have recognized the cost of this.
In the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry costs, we have recorded the expenses and the like according to the food dryer that expenses related to intentions survey of usage and idle farmland owner of idle agricultural land, to take advantage of the rural vitality creation support project of the province to purchase . In addition, we have also corrected is recorded in accordance with the pine weevil control and hazardous wildlife extermination measures.
In the Chamber of costs, expenses and the like according to the bathtub lighting exchange of peace of hot water, in the civil engineering costs, expenses and the like according to the bridge inspection, with the fire fighting costs, fireman's standard (clothed) in the branch office of the fire brigade expenses and the like according to the purchase, education the costs, we have been recorded expenses and the like according to the historical landscape formation auxiliary. In addition, we have the correction of labor costs also was recorded due to the personnel changes of this 4 month.
I was allowed to account for disaster recovery costs in this supplementary budget, but this is, it will be a correction in accordance with the disaster recovery location that was damaged by the heavy rains of 8 month 2 date. With regard to heavy rain disaster-related 8 month 18 date, it has become a plan where I am allowed to be submitted as an additional supplementary budget to parliament last day so thank you.
Then I will explain the main contents of the revenue.
Correction according to the financial resources of each business that we have recorded in the supplementary budget of expenditures has become the main thing. In addition, in the state subsidies, we have a local creation grant that we have recorded in the original budget to account for the full amount reduced to compensate. At the time of the initial budget by local creation grants were many unconfirmed part, entered the new year, in the summary becomes apparent, that the grant object business a business that was appropriated the grant in the initial budget because it has become more difficult, we have deducted in the current correction.
In addition, although there in organic waste recycling facility, from the fact that government subsidies became the reduction for the human waste treatment facility construction, we have recorded a correction relating to this. For the reduction of state subsidies, because it is a plan to support the increase of the town debt, we have town bonds of correction also is recorded in accordance with this.
Nagato regard to fire protection water tank construction work is a part of the nursery environment maintenance work, and emergency disaster prevention and Mitigation - since it became a plan to implement the project and appropriated corporate bonds, then recorded a correction of town bonds to which they relate we gotten to.
In addition, it has also corrected is recorded in accordance with the balance brought forward due to the fiscal 27 year financial results.
Or more, in the whole general accounting, is intended to give me the increase correction of 1 billion 4,478 ten thousand 4 thousand yen.

And continued, bill No. 77 "Heisei 28 year NAGAWA National Health Insurance special accounts (business accounts) supplementary budget (the first 1 issue)" from the Proposal No. 85 "Heisei 28 year NAGAWA Wada financial ward special accounts supplementary budget we would like your explanation about the special accounts supplementary budget of up to (No. 1) ".
With regard to the supplementary budget of these special accounts, the correction of the balance carried forward and labor costs associated with the March 27 year financial results we have become a main.
The Toshimashite other main thing is, in the National Health Insurance special accounts, we have recorded a correction according to the preparation of a wide area of ​​the national health insurance starting from the fiscal year 30.
Long-term care insurance in the special account, we have recorded a correction and the like to increase the money transferred from the long-term care insurance reserve fund due to the reduction of the balance carried forward.
In certain environmental protection public sewer business special accounts, correction according to the money transferred from the general account in accordance with the bond issuance principal and interest redemption money, also, we have recorded a correction to reduce the capital cost leveling bonds. This is because due to the fact that the calculation method of the value of the issue of capital cost leveling bonds from the current fiscal year has been changed.
In the tourist facilities business special accounts, correction according to a committee of the villa ground-related, occurred this year 1 month, we have been recorded a correction according to the fallen tree processing, and the like of the glaze harm the beauty of pine.
In Wada financial ward special accounts, the correction of the forest reclamation business contributions in expenditure, the revenue we have recorded a correction according to the reversal financial adjustment fund.
Or more, we were allowed to an overview of the bill that we have proposed in this regular meeting. When the details are concerning your deliberations, so I would like an explanation from each person in charge, and we thank you for the continued approval of the draft, we do as a description of the proposed reasons.

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