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Heisei 28 years 6 month regular meeting general questions

Published 2016 years 05 month 01 Date

June 2, and the questioner of the general questions that are (Thursday) will inform the approximate time to remark the order.

(Remark order)
● 9: 00 ~ 10: 00
Harada Megumi召 lawmakers
(1) Yoda recess for additional subsidy of 2 billion of hospital
(2) the trends of world heritage registration application
(3) for the shelter in the event of a disaster

● 10: 10 ~ 10: 50
Kimio Haneda lawmakers
(1) with the aim to eliminate the lonely death
(2) the use of disaster prevention hazard map
(3) for the use of the positioning of the NAGAWA of "stone of the prefecture"

● 11: 00 ~ 12: 00
Morita New Komeito lawmakers
(1) for the promotion of activities of female employees
For (2) economic stimulus for the region Cooperation Volunteers
(3) for the use and operation after the Information Center

★ For the time, it will be changed by the length of each member of Question Time

Simply fill in the name and address, so you can sit in at any time during the meeting, by all means, please go out to Wada Government building floor.
It should be noted that the hearing can be number of people, it has become a first-come, first-served basis at 30 people.

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