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28 years 6 month regular meeting, the mayor proposed reason description

Published 2016 years 05 month 01 Date

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Rice planting of paddy is also almost completed, the mountains of the green also we have become more deeply. There in the season soon greet the rainy season. When is the average year, 6 month 8 daily, last year a little early, it is that it was a 6 month 3 daily rainy season.
This year, if there also the year of "counting," "your pillar of Suwa Taisha" a piece of the 7 year, among the alternating current from the previous and shimosuwa, 4 month, the 5 month, tree down and village stringing etc. we were allowed to the tour. As usual, that's a grand festival, there where was again impressed and Inspiration.
Well, when we convened the 6 month regular Congress here today, but two of the lawmakers who will be a thing of the absence, in the very busy, each look forward to attending your legislators Dear, thick that you can Opening I would like to thank.

[Kumamoto earthquake]
First, midnight or later leave 4 month 14 date, the Japan Meteorological Agency of the largest earthquake of "seismic intensity 7" is twice as seismic intensity stage of, "intensity 6 upper" even twice, "seismic intensity 6 lower" three times, then also has recorded a number of aftershocks, Kumamoto and Oita "Kumamoto earthquake" with a focus on rural areas, birth to many of the victims, you have a lot of you are forced to evacuate life have now. With express condolences to again deceased people, I would like to deeply sympathy to those who have been forced to evacuate life.
Toshimashite also town, from an early stage, while cooperation in goods support prefecture was compiled, was also working on recruitment of donations. 6 is scheduled to be a remittance in several times to the moon 30 date as the period, but the first 1 time is, in that if even cooperation, such as your town, we were able to repatriate yen 50. I would like to thank. In addition, there is a request of "towns and villages meeting", as public funds donations, the understanding of everyone in the Parliament, and in the yen 55 was separately remittance. The elimination of the earliest possible recovery and evacuation life one day, it is proposed that hope sincerely.

[Domestic movement]
Well, as you already know, at the 5 moon 26, 27 days, the main seven countries (G7) summit and summit were held at Ise · Shima in Mie prefecture. At the 27 day, Prime Minister Abe made a press conference as Chairman of the Summit, adopting the "Declaration of Leaders", which states "to cooperate and strengthen the response by economic policy" in order to support the world economy, It was. Then, President Obama of the United States visited Hiroshima for the first time as an incumbent President of the United States, dedicated it to the memorial monument, and announced a statement such as realization of "the world without nuclear weapons". In the summit, "We are now submitting analysis data that the world economy is very similar to the situation immediately before the Lehman shock." While receiving these things, it is scheduled for next year's 4 month in Japan There seems to be a growing view that the raising to the consumption tax 10% will be postponed again.
In addition, consumption along with the tax increase issue of interest is leaning, in the House of Councilors election of 7 month, for the "Diet double election that enforcement on the same day also the House of Representatives election, so that there is a situation where the potential is lower but the final conclusion is, will it comes to 6 month 1 date.

[Stone of Nagano Prefecture]
Story will change, but this month 5 10 day, we were able to hear very good news. "Geological Society of Japan" is, distinctive rock that produced in 47 prefectures, mineral, fossil and select one by one, were each certified as a "province of stone". In this, In our Nagano Prefecture, "black 耀石", "Garnet" as the mineral as a rock, "naumanni" was chosen as the fossil. Of these, for the "black 耀石" and "garnet" is, Wadatoge-Hoshikusotoge whole area is that the production area, two of the "province of the stone," but you are those related to my NAGAWA. Capture this opportunity, on various occasions, we believe that if Ikere utilized as the blurb.
[New building]
Office new building also, since open agency of 2 month 15 date, 3 months or so has passed. Nursery and children of elementary schools in town, the prefecture of the ward office of everyone, county, we have come to visit to many of you, such as the country of the relevant organizations. Use plenty town production of wood, the building feel the history of Nakasendo, to everyone Everyone, bright, "warmth" is felt of the tree, you please say and I great. Has been produced from the plant in NAGAWA "larch Glulam" is also used in abundance. Related to this laminated wood, but in the spring of honors, Satoshi Saito Chairman's Saito Wood Industry of NAGAWA has been awarded the "Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette". Auspicious thing is overlap, we are very pleased.
Also, with regard to the "town hall" in the new building, as a venue for a variety of meetings, or tours, briefings of black 耀石 ambassador, "hanging ornament" everyone works exhibition of the classroom, such as the place of the practice of music, townsmen among the concept I would like you to use freely to everyone, we are beginning to use to many of you. We also want to continue working to further its use in subsequent years.

【International exchange】
Heisei 24 started from year, but will be in the international exchange of the United Kingdom of Thetford, I was recognized it as a business even in the initial budget for the current year with regard to the "black 耀石 ambassador", for the first time NAGAWA in the fifth year we feel a great pleasure to be able to send their children to the United Kingdom. Initially, in this small town, how much of, but seekers had been that the one with the worry there, we received the application to junior high and high school students also 14 name. Feelings and thought all of you were very firm, combines the ability to take action, we are confident to be a bunch of very good black 耀石 ambassador. Regarding this supplementary budget, but we will ask you your deliberations the increase of the budget according to the dispatch, I want by all means give grant the wishes of children of all.
In addition, in to explore the promotion of international exchanges in various forms in other, currently, the story of exchanges with due to "Dattan buckwheat", "Mongolia" has also emerged, exchanges such as through Dattan buckwheat cultivation in Mongolia toward, June, available to you in the plan to dispatch the personnel involved.

[Local creation, community building Cooperation Volunteers]
With regard to the "local creation" is, last year, was formulated in line with actual situation of the town as "NAGAWA town, people, job creation comprehensive strategy" and "NAGAWA population vision". In digging the local resources on the basis of it, "work" to create a "flow of people", aiming to NAGAWA go walking steadily in the future, .... even fiscal 28 year budget, local creation business a variety of business as positioning, we're working.
This is with regard to and also closely related to the "local creation," "economic development projects in the area Cooperation Volunteers" system, an attempt to introduce for the first time last year, the people of two of members to welcome to town, put a force on the development of specialty etc. we gotten to. With regard to this fiscal year, plans to members of the budget on the three people, while setting each of the mission, in the second order of recruitment, there are applicants of 11 name, other day, finished the final interview, three of the members There is in place which is advanced in the fact that we want to adopt a.

So Senketsu draft report 12 matter that we have a proposal to the parliament now, ordinance amendment 2 matter, with regard to all 3 projects supplementary budget 17 matter, we will be sequentially explained.

【Exclusive decision ordinance case】
First, although there in Senketsu disposal projects related to the regulations,
Report No. 11 No. With regard to the "part of the NAGAWA tax regulations ordinance to amend the" is promulgated, respectively law to amend the part of such as local tax is the fiscal 28 years 3 month 31 date, effective April 1 from the relationship, about what amendment is required of tax regulations of the town, all Junsoku as expected, we were allowed to amended by Senketsu disposed of in this year 3 month 31 date with. It also includes what you want to change from the limited tax rate to the standard tax rate for per capita rate of corporation tax.
Next, with regard to No. Report No. 12 "ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA fixed assets evaluation screening committee regulations", due to the fact that the Administrative Appeal Act is enforced in this year 4 month 1 date, the required order to carry out the maintenance of the provisions, we were allowed to amended by Senketsu disposal in 3 month 31 date with.
Then, even with regard to No. Report No. 13 "regulations to revise a part of the NAGAWA National Health Insurance tax regulations", due to the fact that the ordinance to amend the part of such as Local Tax Law was issued to 3 month 31 date, we were allowed to amended by Senketsu disposal on the same date.

[Senketsu supplementary budget projects]
Then, I would like your explanation about the same fiscal year 28 3 month 31 date supplementary budget of the relationship that I was allowed to Senketsu disposed of in with.
First, you are reporting the first 14 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA general account revised budget (No. 6), in revenue, local transfer tax, contributions, assistance from each grant, the local allocation tax, national and prefectural correction due to the determination of gold, the correction of municipal bonds has become the main thing. Of these, in the relationship of the local allocation tax, I was from the fact that the amount of 3 month issue worth of special local allocation tax has been determined, then corrected to match the grant amount.
With regard to expenditures, it will be a correction relating to what has brought about the change after the compilation of the supplementary budget of March regular parliament submitted. Such as country and prefecture of auxiliary business and correction of business related to municipal bonds, correction due to the liquidation of various office work business it is becoming the main thing.
In this, as a fund funded, 1 billion 7000 yen to the financial adjustment fund, we were able to make the funding of 515 ten thousand 1 thousand yen to the wired broadcasting facility fund. In addition, from the fact that medical treatment payment costs in the national health insurance special accounts grew significantly, in consumer costs, we have recorded a supplementary budget to give provision for the operational support min.
In addition, although there in relation to the carry-over Akiramoto costs, "new building construction project," "strengthen information security countermeasure work", "wine industry project deployment business", Chiisagata your Shinshu village of "Sanada round of local creation-related businesses local buckwheat event business ", I was new to add" Venus line wide area cooperation business. " In addition, with regard to we received recognized it as a carry-over Akiramoto expenses in 3 month parliament "North Furuya Fujimi-cho Road Improvement Project" and the "four nights 7 Line Road Improvement Project", it is intended to give me the change of the carryforwards.
In the general account as a whole, there was an additional increase of 1 billion 7186 million 6 thousand yen, and the total budget after adjustment is 68 billion 823 million 2 thousand yen.

Next, with regard to supplementary budget of each special account of Report No. 15 No. Heisei 27 year National Health Insurance special accounts supplementary budget No. Report No. 4 from (No. 22) fiscal 27 year Wada financial ward special accounts supplementary budget (No. 2) is, just, general accounting was let me mention in the supplementary budget of the description, the national health insurance operational support general accounting addition to let me recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the money transferred in accordance with, generally accepted accounting as well as various types of office work business correction due to the liquidation of becoming the main thing.

[Ordinance projects]
Then, we would like your explanation regarding the enactment of the bill No. 58 "NAGAWA long-term comprehensive planning regulations."
Due to the revision of the Local Autonomy Law for the fiscal 23 years, but no longer formulate obligations had been mandated "basic concept" to it, in the continuing of the individual municipal decision from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications of the same date, through the vote of the local council , has been issued a notice to the effect that it is the development of the basic concept, there are the contents that you want to newly established "NAGAWA long-term comprehensive planning ordinance" on the basis of this notification.

Next, the bill regarding the first 59 issue enactment of the "Installation of NAGAWA electric vehicles for the charger and regulations to revise a part of the regulations related to the operation", I mean who recognized it as ordinances in this 3 month, The it is proposed to ask the further on to promote the use, some revision of the regulations for many of you of the electric vehicle owner to so as to enable the use of tie-up card that you are using.

[Supplementary budget]
Then, with regard to the bill the first 60 No. Heisei 28 year NAGAWA general account revised budget (No. 1), I would like to briefly describes the main content.
In general affairs costs involved, in a so-called "My Number" method, as leakage of personal numbers and personal information is not, because it is a must take security measures, by recorded budget for dealing with this whats.
In the consumer cost relationship, we have recorded a budget in accordance with the temporary welfare benefits and low-income disability, survivor's pension beneficiaries for benefits.
The health cost relationship, we have recorded a budget to increase the pay-out money to the water special account. Nagato Along with the reduction of state subsidies of small water-supply improvement projects, due to be dealt with by issuing bonds the amount of the write-down, in the revenue, we have recorded a budget to increase the depopulation measures industrial bonds.
In the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry costs relationship, we have recorded a supplementary budget to reduce the local creation-related businesses. This is due to the fact that the corresponding thing in "local creation accelerated grant" for the fiscal year 27 the wine industry project deployment business.
In education, with regard to international exchange programs that take advantage of the historical heritage, in the initial budget, the project cost that had been budgeted for each subject, subject to budget recorded as a subsidy to the international exchange business executive committee along with the conduct of recombination, we have recorded a supplementary budget to increase the budget in accordance with the dispatch of young black 耀石 ambassador from 10 justification to 14 justification.
On the other hand, In our revenue, supplementary budget of the national treasury disbursements and town bonds due to the correction of the expenditure budget has become the main content. Correction amount is 2488 ten thousand 6 thousand yen, total budget after the correction will be 57 billion 5488 ten thousand 6 thousand yen.
Then, with regard to the bill the first 61 No. Heisei 28 year NAGAWA tap special supplementary budget (No. 1) and bill the 62 No. Heisei 28 year NAGAWA specific environmental protection public sewer business special accounts supplementary budget (No. 1),
For a supplementary budget of tap special accounts, but is the correction of revenue related to "Nagato small water-supply improvement works", but unofficial amount of state subsidies according to the present project has been shown, that has become a reduction from the original budget , and budget in accordance with the reduction of the grant, we have recorded a budget in accordance with the increase of the general account money Transferred financed by small water-supply business debt and depopulation measures industrial bonds corresponding to the amount of the write-down.
Supplementary budget of specific environmental protection public sewer business special accounts are located in the correction of the sewer business plan change business. With regard to this business, but I am allowed to recorded in fiscal 27 year budget, in accordance with the amendment of the human waste treatment facilities and sewer method to begin construction this year, has become difficult to project implementation in the fiscal 27 year was for, the budget that had been recorded in the fiscal 27 year was reduced in full, is intended to again recorded in the fiscal 28 annual budget, financial resources is believed to be allowed to correspond by the increase of the balance carried forward.

Although the report projects and proposals that we have proposed in this regular meeting, but I was allowed to an overview, when is your deliberation For details, so I would like an explanation from each person in charge, the continued approval of the draft and now I would like, I do as a description of the proposed reasons.